a mini rant, followed by some dreaming….

September 3, 2011 - 9:35 am No Comments

Things I hate about my current apartment:
*Even though it’s on the first floor, I do have a great view of Commencement Bay. And the dead grass on the corner. And the concrete for miles. And the abandoned, boarded up apartment building next door. And the complete and other lack of greenery in general. And the addicts selling and buying drugs on the corner.
*I absolutely loathe doing laundry in the basement of this apartment. I hate having to fight for the machines, and time my life around when the laundry is done so that I can grab the clothes fast before other people mess with my clothes.
*I hate having to go through two locked doors, and up a staircase, just to get into my apartment. I know. I’m lazy. I’m pregnant. It’s allowed.
*I hate that the whole neighborhood smells like pee.
*I hate doing my dishes by hand!
*I hate that every couple of months I have some sort of plumbing problem: leaky kitchen faucet, leaky bathtub drain, leak under kitchen sink, leaky bathtub faucet, leaky toilet, and that one time when I was watching tv and a stream of water came out the bottom of the kitchen light fixture. They never did figure that one out.
*I hate that the screen door has been broken since I moved in, which means that I always get bugs. And while we’re on this one, the stovetop has had two broken burners for ages, one of which has never worked.
*I hate that with four living creatures in 545 sq feet, I can not walk from one end to the other without bumping into something.
*I can not stand that I can not open the blinds in the bedroom if I don’t want all my neighbors to see in as the enter and leave the building.

I could go on. But I won’t.

Today I am making laundry a project. I have three loads in the dryers of linens and towels. I have two loads of clothes in the washers. My plan is to put the towels away, and then pack up all the sheets except the ones currently on the bed and label them clearly for moving. I am then going to go through my clothing in my closet, pack up all the clothes that no longer fit and won’t for awhile, and get rid of some pieces that are too trendy to keep any longer. I would also like to get all the trash taken out. And hell, if there were an easy way to transport all my dirty dishes to my mom’s house, I would SO wait until I got there and do them all in her dishwasher.

I want to take all the boxes I have packed so far, plus any I do today, over to my mom’s for storage until we move on the 24th. I also need to take the Gremlin’s crib over there as well, because at the present moment it’s blocking the hallway, and makes it very hard for these widening hips to get down the hall.

Before I go to bed tonight I would like for the boxes to be gone, the garbage to be taken downstairs, all the laundry to be either packed and at my mom’s or put away, and I will get the patio cleaned up so that it no longer smells like dog pee, and is safe to walk on in bare feet again. I know, we’re gross here.

Also, dream list for fall:
October 1: first full weekend at the new place, and hopefully all will be unpacked by then. I am inviting Miss Laura over to cook Guinness Beef Pie for a lovely October meal and first real dinner in the new place.
October 16: wedding will be over, and life can finally settle down to a more regular speed.
Halloween: dude. Pumpkin carving. And trick-or-treaters.
November: This year I want to learn how to cook parts of Thanksgiving dinner. And hey, then I don’t have to do dishes after!

I just can’t wait to move.

Husky football starts today. Hoping I get to watch the beginning of the game at least before going to my mom’s for dinner. Hoping I can still make my Husky jersey fit. Wishing it weren’t going to be in the 80s this holiday weekend.

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