Oh, Internet.

January 26, 2011 - 4:53 pm No Comments

What a nice day I’ve had! There have been a lot of changes at my job lately, which have prompted me to freak out more than a little bit over the last few weeks. It’s been fun. However, these changes have both lessened my work load, while allowing me to do more for the people I am in charge of. It’s awesome.

So today I went in with a full to do list, because it’s been a long week. I left with just a handful of things on the list at 2pm, because I had to come home to meet the cable guy.

I came home to a filthy house, because it’s been a long week. But I started cleaning, in my striped jammies from the Gap, received Christmas ’09, and cleaned up until the cable guy’s arrival. Than I sat at my counter and did a LOT of work on a project for work, while cable guy did his thing.

After he left, I finished cleaning, and toyed with the idea of going to the Harbor to remove these nails. Than I decided instead to cook up a pot of my FAVORITE soup, Alessi Traditional Zuppa Toscana. Love. I will watch some TV, drink my acai fruit punch, eat my soup, and instead of paying to remove these nails in a shop I plan on buying acetone, nail clippers and a buffer and doing it myself this weekend.

The only suck part of today? I left my Portia de Rossi book at work. I guess I’ll have to make due with audio books and your blogs….

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