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Well internet, it took a weekend, and there’s still some unpacking/organizing to be done, but at the moment we are moved (with the exception of three boxes in our storage unit), and the place basically looks like a home. I’m loving having a dining room, with an actual table, and I love way more than I thought I would that the table and chairs are the same table and chairs that I grew up with. It feels like family. We have pictures hung, which also helps to make it feel like ours. However, bebe’s room is currently full of storage, as well as a war of old toys, as we are both hoping to win the boy/girl battle, and let our old toys rule as a trophy. Also, unsure how to set up the family room, so we currently have the arm chair sitting directly in front of the futon, theater style, and my empty bookcase is just sitting in front of the fireplace. It’s hard to find a spot for it, as all remaining wall space has baseboard heaters making placement awkward.

I am my father’s daughter, and as such harbor a healthy fear of house fires.

I’ve put myself on a daily chore schedule, in addition to the regular tidying up I do nightly. It goes like this:
Mondays: washing all windows, mirrors, pictures… essentially, anything glass. Monday is Windex day.
Tuesdays: dusting knick knacks, picture frames, and furniture.
Wednesdays: sweeping and mopping (or Swiffering, in our household) all linoleum areas.
Thursdays: dusting baseboard heaters, windowsills and baseboards. This got out of control in the old apartment, as I never did this once in the almost three years I lived there.
Fridays: cleaning the bathroom. Shower, sink (and all things sitting on it), toilet. I am especially bad at cleaning the bathtub, and the amount of time/elbow grease my poor mother had to put in to get our old bathtub sparkling like new yesterday is embarrassing. Embarrassing!
Saturdays: washing all linens. This includes towels, bedding and the shower curtain. My last shower curtain was never washed, and it was kinda nasty when we moved, so I tossed it in favor of the one on my registry. I find myself washing a load of laundry nightly, and this usually includes our napkins, table cloth and dish towels, but anything that isn’t washed regularly gets washed weekly.
Sundays: vacuuming. Our dogs have long hair, and are not always immaculately groomed, and sometimes this makes them stinky. This in turn can make the apartment stinky when we don’t vacuum routinely.

I’m feeling optimistic. It seems tedious, but so far the daily chore hasn’t taken longer than five, maybe ten minutes, which is enough motivation to keep me at it.

I would like to be completely unpacked by the wedding, and I would like to have the bebe room set up by the end of the month, if only to get an idea of layout/how much extra space we will actually have in that room. Also, by then the boy/girl debate should be resolved, and so it will be exciting to start decorating. I like to get a jump on these things….

Exciting things this week: Thursday night is Bingo night with coworkers, Saturday is my wedding dress fitting, and Sunday Miss Laura is coming for dinner. I’m making Beef Guinness Pie. So yum.

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