Journalist Collaborators

Jennifer Ackerman

Mischa Popoff

John Stossel
His brother runs the biotech front group ACSH which pretends to be an independent group of experts

Brooke Borel

Jon Entine
A discredited journalistic fraud with full background and history of journalistic fraud published at

David Tribe

Don Hazen
Don Hazen has pursued a systematic pattern of defamating and disparaging key leaders of the anti-GMO movement.

As the new editor of AlterNet he changed the course of the publication from anti-GMO to its current position of attacking GMO labeling advocates, bashing nutritional supplements and promoting the vaccine propaganda of Dr. Paul Offit.

David Rotman

Mark Lynas

Emil Karlsson

Steven Novella

Theresa Phillips

Keith Kloor
A fraudulent blogger who invents fictional stories and plays them off as facts to entice readers.

Publisher Collaborators

Discover Magazine


National Geographic Magazine

Daily Caller

Modern Farmer

MIT Technology Review
Recently sold to the communist Chinese, now run by communists, formerly owned by the Elevation Partners VC group. Ran articles by discredited journalist Jon Entine that had to be retracted because of all the false statements.


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