Reviews of the top LED grow light companies for 2014

Check out the reviews below of the best LED grow light companies. Articles are are brand name and model specific. Use the information to ensure you make the right choice on which LED grow light to spend your hard earned money.

TruLite LED Grow Lights

There is a new company out there in the LED grow light game – TruLite Industries, LLC. Our objective: to provide commercial growers and greenhouses with efficient grow technology to help these growers increase their bottom line. The cool part is that we also sell to individuals via our website So this means that […]


ProSource LED Grow Lights

ProSource Worldwide LED Grow Light Review. As one of the early innovators, ProSource brings integrity to an industry swimming with sharks.


Penetrator 126X Pro X-Lens

Review of the Penetrator 126X Pro LED grow light featuring X-Lens Technology from Hydro Grow LED. Intense. Penetration. Power.


126W Penetrator Pro

Big punch in a small package? A Review of the 126W Penetrator Pro LED Grow Light from HydroGrowLED. Is this light ready for your indoor grow?


357 Magnum LED Grow Light

357 Magnum LED Grow Light Review – Is this the breakthrough LED grow light the commercial grower’s industry has been looking for?


LED Grow Lights

With so many types of LED grow lights, it is very important to choose the best one for your hydroponic garden. Here is a review of the popular UFO grow light.


LED Grow Lights

The Original Illuminator Grow Light is now a Tri-Spectrum 5 Band Grow Light. What does this mean for you?