Free Homeschool Math Games: Fast Cashier

Variety and a dash of fun can give kids a running start when it comes to learning. This is especially rue when learning math, as many kids aren't exactly enthused about it. Because I am a parent and a home school teacher, I often invent fun learning games for the kids. The homeschool math game called Fast Cashier is easy to make on the spot with materials you already have. It can help with computation skills in multiplication, decimals, counting, addition, subtraction, and other math operations.

play cash register (homemade or store-bought)
play money (coins and bills)
various toys and items
reusable grocery bag

Game Setup
Find a small table, crate, or other object to place a play cash register on. If you don't have one, you can form a makeshift one with a shoebox or other container you may have handy. Arrange the play money in the cash register. Be sure to have bills and coins separated according to value just like a real cash register. Set up some items to 'purchase' in another area of the room. Label the toys and item with prices. Yard sale stickers work great for this, as does masking tape and a pen. Have one child (or adult) stand behind the cash register to man it. Everyone else gets a shopping bag to place the toys in, as well as some play money. Use dollars and coins.

Playing the Fast Cashier Homeschool Math Game
Once the kids are ready, shout or blow a whistle for them to start. The kids with the bags need to choose their items quickly and place them in their bags. Once they have what they want, they line up at the cash register. The cashier then has to ring them all up as quickly as possible. This requires getting the correct total for all of the items, as well as counting back the change correctly. Have the children trade duties back and forth so that each child gets a turn at being cashier.

What Can Kids Learn From Playing Fast Cashier?
This game will help children practice money-counting and decimal addition skills. Encourage multiplication skills when there is more than one item priced the same. Addition, subtraction, and decimals will naturally be used in adding prices and figuring change. In addition to math skills, Fast Cashier can help teach organization, teamwork, coordination, and more. All of these skills will be needed throughout school, as well as life in general.

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