Hebei Zhongye Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing have just advertised their new massively mislabeled 6 Ring Coaster.  The ride actually only has 5 inversions but most interestingly it has 3 corkscrews in a row. A characteristic which has been unique to Fantasia Special in South Korea for 21 years. While Hebei Zhongye aren’t known for their super smooth rides they do tend to be quite intense and they aren’t afraid to experiment a bit.

Hebei Zhongye don’t actually mention where this ride has been built in China but I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

2 Responses to “New Triple Corkscrew Coaster Appears In China.”

  1. Masane MiyaPA says:

    This is not Zhongye, It‘s a brand new company named Zhipao Rides which split from Zhongye

  2. Mr Moriarty says:

    Thanks for the update.

    Sorry for the mis-information. I find it tough to distinguish them sometimes.

    Any idea where the ride is? The website says “City Of Victoria” in translations but this seems wrong.

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