Even more daydreaming about moving….

August 29, 2011 - 6:12 pm No Comments

I can not wait. I positively can not wait to move. Today marks the beginning of a three day downturn in the weather, and I am feeling the urge for fall. The only thing that pacifies me about continuing to live in this awful apartment is the knowledge that in Wednesday it’s supposed to get back up into the high 70s, and I will be too depressed by the awful weather to want to cook or clean. But as it is, the apartment is full of boxes and is a mess, and I have no room in the kitchen for cooking.

I’m already planning the first meal that I cook on our first full, non-moving weekend in the new apartment: Guinness Beef Pie. I made it once last fall, and it was epic. So good.

My word, I am so looking forward to fall. I got a new recipe for pumpkin stew, the wedding will be behind us, I will have moved already, and we can start getting settled in the new home. I can barely move in our hallway at the moment for all the moving boxes that need to be filled, and there’s a giant crib box as well. I have to suck it in, and I won’t be able to do that forever.

Ugh. Moving in less than a month!

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