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Hello there. Remember me?

May 30, 2009 - 10:08 pm 2 Comments

Hi, guys. It’s been awhile. I’m almost certain I’ve forgotten how to do this! :P Not having the internet has actually been quite nice, but I’m not sure that I know how to be a casual blogger.

Summer weather is upon us, and last week I had a wonderful visit with a good friend.

You know what it is? I feel this deep pressure to not write something unless it’s like, deep or profound. And really? How often do I actually do that anyway? Not often.

Oh well. Weezer is someday going to build me a pink computer, and then life will be complete. In the mean time I’ll have to survive watching the CABLE I just ordered! Hook up day is this Tuesday. I am excited.

Life is weird. This blog post is manic. I give up.

Grandma, I’m trying. :P

a love story.

May 2, 2009 - 8:04 pm 1 Comment




To Robert Browning: 

And now listen to me in turn. You have touched me more profoundly than I thought even you could have touched me – my heart was full when you came here today. Henceforward I am yours for everything….

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning


5 December, 1839

Dearest, – I wish I had the gift of making rhymes, for methinks there is poetry in my head and heart since I have been in love with you. You are a Poem. Of what sort, then? Epic? Mercy on me, no! A sonnet? No; for that is too labored and artificial. You are a sort of sweet, simple, gay, pathetic ballad, which Nature is singing, sometimes with tears, sometimes with smiles, and sometimes with intermingled smiles and tears.  (Nathaniel Hawthorne)




There would have been the making of an accomplished flirt in me, because my lucidity shows me each move of the game – but that, in the same instant, a reaction of contempt makes me sweep all the counters off the board and cry out: – “Take them all – I don’t want to win – I want to lose everything to you!”

Edith Wharton, an American novelist to W Morton Fullerton, an American journalist, June 8, 1908

“Doubt thou the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar but never doubt that I love.” – William Shakespeare