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Service members and their families are individually responsible for their financial well-being, but have support along their financial journey. Each branch of Service has established a Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP) to provide educational classes, financial counseling, workshops, and seminars on various financial topics. PFMP educational programs focus on sound financial practices, recognizing and avoiding financial traps, and the rights and obligations of consumers. PFMP educators are not only financial gurus, but they also understand the environment of the military and the programs that are specific to military service members.

Who else offers financial education programs to military families? Your installation credit unions, military banks and military relief societies provide budgeting, financial counseling, and other services. Sharing personal financial information with a stranger can be intimidating. Try attending a workshop first and asked to be introduced to a financial counselor. Spend some time talking to the financial counselor about his or her counseling philosophy. This will help you feel more comfortable sharing your personal situation.

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS)
Army Emergency Relief (AER) 
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) 
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) 
Reserve Aid 


Moving and can’t sell your home? Learn what options are available to military homeowners.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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