Sophie Winkleman gets pushed out of the kitchen by her mother-in-law the princess

By Charlotte Griffiths

Princess Michael of Kent won’t allow her daughter-in-law, Lady Frederick Windsor, into the kitchen at the family’s Christmas get-together at Kensington Palace. 

‘I absolutely love cooking but the mothers are doing it this year... though  I did make the Christmas cake,’ the former Sophie Winkleman, right, told me at the Fortnum & Mason and Quintessentially Foundation ‘Fayre of St James’ party.

The Windsors are also spending some of the break at her parents’ home in Chelsea.

'Not allowed': Lady Frederick of Windsor said she is not allowed into the kitchen at Christmas

'Not allowed': Lady Frederick of Windsor said she is not allowed into the kitchen at Christmas

Oscar-winner Christian Bale has complained that he wants to quit acting – but can’t because he hasn’t got any  school qualifications.

The British-born Batman star, 39, said: ‘I’m always trying to back out. But my friends quietly remind me that I left school at 16, and I’m not qualified to do s***.’


Surprisingly, Christian, who  has an eight-year-old daughter Emmeline with his wife, the former model Sibi Blazic, added that the only theatrical training he has ever had was a ‘class at the YMCA when I was ten or 11 where we pretended to be a fried egg’.

Looks like that class may well have been worth the money, though, Christian!

Artist Damien Hirst is planning to build an entire town on 187 acres of land near his seaside Devon home.

Hirst, 48, has submitted a planning application for 750 homes, a school, shops, a health centre, offices, sports pitches, playgrounds and cycle paths on the edge of Ilfracombe.  

'Hirst-on-Sea' Artist Damien Hirst is planning to build an entire town near his Devon home

'Hirst-on-Sea' Artist Damien Hirst is planning to build an entire town near his Devon home

The proposed site – which is already being dubbed ‘Hirst-on-Sea’ – involves the use of some of the artist’s land at Winsham Farm, a wildlife haven he bought for £900,000 ten years ago.

Hirst’s architect Mike Rundell told a public meeting the artist was ‘incredibly excited’ about the eco-homes. 

‘He has a horror of building anonymous, lifeless buildings,’ said Mr Rundell. ‘He wants these houses to be the kind of homes he would want to live in.’

Plans are due to be reviewed next month but some residents say the development will invade their privacy, swamp local services and turn the quaint Victorian town’s narrow streets into a traffic nightmare.

Kate Barnard, a 41-year-old staff nurse, said: ‘I’m worried about it invading our privacy. It backs right on to our garden. Damien Hirst has done good things here but this is far too big. He already owns a restaurant, hotel and harbour properties – it’s starting to feel like Damien domination.’

Hirst, the world’s richest living  artist, recently donated a huge statue of a pregnant woman to the town.

But resident Bill Potter, 68, said: ‘He’s stuck up a monstrosity of a statue and he thinks he’s bought the town.’

Councillor Mike Edmunds, of North Devon’s strategic planning team, said: ‘Damien Hirst is behind the project and he will have his input on the design. We’re lucky to have someone with his financial clout.’

The artist spent last week with his 23- year-old girlfriend Roxie Nafousi at international art show Art Basel in Miami.

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Can you imagine having Pushy as your mother-in-law?! That is one brave woman to marry into that family.

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Where are all these people who will live in the 750 homes work? Winter is pretty bleak in Ilfracombe tourist season gone large chunk of the local work force unemployed due to seasonal work being the main employer. Is he just building a new council estate as his latest work of 'art' that will be totally funded by housing benefit.

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