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Weston Takeaway Food
Weston, ACT
By baconheist, beefsack on 10/10/2005
Score: 3.5/10
The day of this sav's reviewing had been a good day for us, we had already reviewed 3 savs and they were all of high quality. I had what I described as 'sav happiness'. When it was suggested we sample this weston sav I was aprehensive, as the previous savs I had were certainly no higher than average quality, and mick had had a particularly bad experience with batterless savs, buying 3 savs and recieving 5 because the batter fell off 2. The savs were firm like a bricklayers hands and had the mystery flavours of fruit juice, buttered potato, carrot and meatlovers pizza with alcohol on it, and although these flavours confused and bewildered us, they went down alright. Thinking of giving a 4, steves heart murmur went crazy and after 10 minutes mick felt like being alive was a challenge he didnt want to take on. We thought of this as a weight loss sav because of the low cholesterol oil, but we discovered it wasn't the oil that made you lose weight, but the compulsive vomiting. 3.5