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Central Station Takeaway
Sydney Central, NSW
By beefsack on 19/10/2005
Score: 2.5/10
I had just jumped off a Murrays bus to Sydney when the sav lust really started to kick in, as it does around about every lunchtime as usual. Instead of trying to distract my mind with shiny objects as the doctor recommended, I started searching for anything that wasn't a pumpkin, namely a sav which is quite the opposite of a pumpkin. I guess that searching a train station wasn't a good way to find a battered delight, but there she was, a shiny sav sitting in a takeaway right in the middle of the station.

To my suprise the sav was called a Battered Sav on the menu, I was expecting to see more Dagwood Dogs and Pluto Pups, but it looks like in Sydney that they have a similar way of naming in Canberra, most are Battered Sav, and some dodgy ones go by they other names.

$2.50 wasn't too bad for a sav, I'm guessing you wont find the $2 price smack in the middle of Australia's largest city, but damn, one bite into the sav and all I could see was orange. Now, if there is one thing I know about batter, is that it never has any orange ingredients. All I wanted was a sav without pumpkin, and even though there was a frank inside this batter instead of a spicey sav, it didn't matter because all I could taste was vegetable, and after every bite I looked at what I was eating and it was like looking into a big orange bushfire. In a pumpkin patch. Stick to making soup, Sydney train station sav maker! 2.5/10.