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Kippax Coffee Lounge and Takeaway
Kippax, ACT
By baconheist on 31/5/2005
Score: 1.5/10
Now, all my experiences of kippax food had been quite pleasing, and i was looking forward to seeing if other food vendors in kippax are able to compete with mama ria's. The first thing i noticed was the price tag - $2.20 - more than average but not unreasonable for a sav of decent quality. This sav however was NOT decent quality. For starters it was the smallest sav i have ever eaten. i think it would litterally be half the size of a florey sav. I couldnt believe that they could sell a sav this size for that price, especially when just over the road for 20 cents less you can have a really really good sav. So anyway, i got over the fact that it was a small sav and got down to what i thought would be a really good crispy coating, because as you can see it was really rough so i guessed it would be a winner. WRONG!. ugh - i had flash backs to jindy - the batter was uncooked - at least the sav was cooked however. I can see why the batter remained uncooked - look at the thickness. now when you thought this sav couldnt get any worse - it did the savaloys flavour was bitter and sour - i dont even know how they managed this - a bitter battered sav? I was thouroughly disapointed by this place, but it was better then jindy - bam 1.5 points - at least it looked good. now i cant just sav kippax sav when i'm refering to the 10/10 sav i've now got to say mama ria's sav - thanks a lot kippax fair dwelling takeaways.
By AwesomeWolf on 19/1/2006
Score: 4.0/10
Belconnen does not have a lot going for it. In fact, if you catch a bus to Belconnen the sights include Bruce CIT (of which several of us are esteemed alumni), the ANU's red-headed stepbrother UC, and Belconnen shopping mall. Plus the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I mean what the hell? Why do they need a giant ugly building when everyone knows that forfty percent of facts are made up. And then there's the locals. The Belconnen locals make my Kambah brothers look like educated and respectable individuals of a high social status. The other day some native Belconnen kid hassled me to allow him to use my phone so he could tell his mate to meet him at the interchange. I tell you, once I 'informed' him that he will not be using his phone, he proceeded to use foul language that would suggest his mate was probably already at the interchange. And then today I saw a different native kid walking around with a big ole' box goon. In broad daylight. On Kingsford Smith Drive. Even the Kambah kids don't walk down Drakeford Drive with goon during daylight...

So yeah, keep reading, because my angry rant has a point. They always do. I've been through Kippax a number of times in the past few days, and I thought "Well, I haven't blessed batteredsav with an angry rant review in 17 months, and Kippax Coffee Lounge and Takeaway is already in my bad books. Why not?" You see, I was in Kippax several weeks ago and asked this very takeaway for a sav. "I'm sorry, we've stopped cooking" was the reply. Stopped cooking. 12pm on a Saturday. What sort of powertard take-away stops cooking at such a time?

I'm ranting again. I've clearly already put two strikes against Kippax Coffee Lounge and Take Away, so they better give me the best damn sav I've ever had, right? It would seem I'm far too willing to give people second chances and the benefit of the doubt, because the sav I was given was average at best. The batter was not crispy enough for my liking, but the sav flavour initially confused into thinking I was eating an actual sav and not a battered frank, which I suspect Kippax Take Away served me. A tasty frank, but still a frank.

I give Kippax Coffee Lounge and Take Away a 4/10. You should be lucky I'm so generous - who the hell wants a sav from a 'coffee lounge' anyway?