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Hughes Take Away & Pizza
Hughes, ACT
By beefsack on 25/1/2008
Score: 8.0/10
It has been a long time, a very long time in fact, since a sav has been appraised here on the sav. You could call it hibernation, the site wasn't even available for 4 months. To be honest, I call it dirty hacking Russians, but that aside it has been too long since we have done a review, so we decided to find a good one.

The Hughes sav, recommended by my dad, is a delectable treat. My sav happened to be saltier than the oceans of the world, but after dusting the salt off a bit I was welcomed by a very nice texture, a crispy batter, and a spicy tasty sausage. This is the sort of sav that reminds me of why we made this site, and why I packed on the kilos a couple of years ago. Bon appetit, or as the Greeks say, YOU WANNA SOME SALT WIT THAT??!!
By baconheist on 25/1/2008
Score: 9.0/10
After our not so brief hiatus thanks to the Russians (yeah, you know who you are) Beef and I decided that it was time to get right back into it and review one of my favourites. I'm no stranger to the Hughes sav because it's the only close (hell - pretty much the only) takeaway around my workplace.

Anyway, I couldn't fault this sav. It was delicious, hot, fresh and beautifully crispy. And unlike beef's had just the right amount of salt.

only problem was at $2.40 it makes me wonder, in coming years, will I be able to get any more than one sav when all I have is a fiver...