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The Pizza King
Waniassa, ACT
By baconheist on 2/9/2005
Score: 7.0/10
This sav is like 30 seconds from my house, so you may ask why I haven't sampled it earlier. The reason is that it's a fairly secluded shop and only recently, with the event of new management that they started putting signs out to alert people that yes, there is actually a food vendor hidden behing the bohemoth of the abandoned building...

what i found was actually quite pleasing - this sav was actually pretty good flavour and texture wise, It was also nice and hot, but i have some qualm with this morsel. it was the smallest sav ive ever eaten - I dunno how they got savs this small because in all my years of sav reviewing ive never encountered a sav this tiny. Also this batter was some of the crispiest ive had. actually i might go as far as to say crunchy - verging on rock hard. but those issues asside not a bad snack at all.

Pizza king, your delicious snack is hidden from the world - just like your building, 7 out of 10.