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Monster Truck fast food vendor
Special - Carnival, ACT
By baconheist, beefsack on 26/9/2005
Score: 3.0/10
Now, firstly i'd like so say - I'm fully aware of the stigma attatched to the 'carnival sav' or as they are usually called - dagwood dog or pluto pup. But we found ourselves at a Monster truck show (and yes, it is as red neck as it sounds), and being the freaks of nature that we are, as soon as we saw a hot food stand, we had to check. We took this 'sav' on with a completely unbiased mindset. Now I dont want to question where the 'chefs' got their yellow yellow oil from, but there werent any 'facilities' nearby, so I will leave it at that. This sav was gold. But only in appearance and texture. And price. Five dollar sav! man - i know us sav connesures get decent government funding but at this price we could only afford one between us to review, thank god. I've had some pretty mediocre savs but this one was at the more extreme side of the mediocrity scale. At least it came with a stick so our fingers didnt have to share in the painful experience. But I'll get to this point. This sav was edible. just. There were nop really outstanding features, but the flavour and the price puts this one a bit below the rest. Unfortunatley Carneys are good at making money - not savs... or friends...3/10