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Corn Dogs Vendor
Anaheim, California, INT
By Skittles, Blaze, BeeJay on 5/1/2006
Score: 4.0/10
One of the Last places I expected to find a corn dog was Disney Land. Hell I wasn’t even going to go to Disneyland its was all fun and games when I went there when I was 10 but now it seemed like an extreme waste of time and money. After the previous experience in Disneyland we deicide to first of all ditch the little kids (my cousins) and head off to find something to eat. Me and my siblings found a place to eat near that large castle and got ourselves some hot dogs. Not only were the hot dogs over priced (well it is Disneyland) but they were also exceedingly bland (a trend which most hotdogs in the USA followed). As I munched on my bland hotdog I saw a person near by eating a corn dog I quickly jumped to my feet and rushed to the corndog stand only to have to wait 15 mins in line to get one. Having paid $4.75 ($6.50 AUD!) for my corndog and a small pack of chips I was still not expecting much from this corndog. Having been told of some of the previous encounters with corn dogs (Thanks to Beefsack) I pretty much got what I was expecting from a corn dog. The batter was nice and crunchy but being made of doughnut dough? Not the thing for me. The frank its self was very tasty and far better then any hot dog I have tasted in the USA so a score of 4 was decided there and then in Disneyland by me and my siblings. Disneyland was one of our last few stops before me and my family ended our 1 and a half month tour of the USA. 5 hours after arriving at America I was searching far and wide to find a corn dog. I have all over Los Angeles (including the Lakers Basketball stadium), New Jersey, New York(every subway station I may stop at), Chicago and in some random place in Texas with no luck. I was starting to lose hope that I would never find a corndog in the USA but fate lead me to Disneyland to sample the battered sav’s cousin.