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Sav Milkshake

By baconheist, beefsack on 9/10/2006 4:01

We all know from our vast and scientifically sound experiments, that a sav has many uses further than just simply eating them. But, the question popped into our heads, what about different ways of ingesting them? This article blurs the boundary of laboratory science, and culinary science, but since we found all the tools for this "experiment" in our kitchen, here this article lies in the recipe section.

The staff at the battered sav offices were brainstorming new ideas for site content involving savs, when our brains got sore, so we went to get some good old toasty vitamin rich breakfast sav (9 out of 10 sav eaters agree)

With the aroma of freshly fried sav wafting through the office, we downed two of them without even thinking. 4 to go. Being breakfast time, as mother always said, a great breakfast isn’t complete without porridge and bonox. But even though my mum is a crazy woman, we were out of bonox. And porridge. But we had sav. Plenty of sav.

Steve produced the masher...

And we went to work on the sav trying to get a porridge like consistency.

Going was slow, but we were keen on tasting some "sporridge", so we tried to find another solution. The milk shake maker caught out eye, and our imagination.

If sav water was so good...imagine what a sav milkshake (patent pending) would be like!! So from the plate...

Into the cup

And some nice frosty milk and icecream to make this the smoothest sav I’ve ever drank.

We started mixing with gleeful anticipation

At first, the milkshake maker didn’t quite have the horsepower required to puree the sav.

So we whipped out the big guns. Black & Decker BSM100 with 2 speed motor and versatile stainless steel blades. All the power of a industrial strength blender in your hand, capable of entering the final frontier, sav territory.

And it took on the savalicious chunks with reckless abandon. That’s a tasty looking shake if I’ve ever seen one.

It poured out smooth...

Cos the remnants stayed where we want them, away from us.


And the verdict is...

That ain’t a smile of happiness, it’s a convulsion.

This was like the battered devon of drinks, and the battered sav milkshake is one to stay in the lab, not the kitchen. But right now it can stay where it belongs, with the sewer dwellers. (Sorry Canberra waterways)


1/1/1970 5:00
Posted by Nash
That is disgusting... FREAKS
1/1/1970 5:00
Posted by Crazytofu
You guys are very sick puppies!
1/1/1970 5:00
Posted by Dave
...put me down for 7 of these...not like at school where we only get boring old "regular" milkshake flavours, like chocolate etc.
1/1/1970 5:00
Posted by Brewerns
Next time, try using some alcoholic beverage in place of milk. Things can only be improved by the addition of booze.
1/1/1970 5:00
Posted by mrsparky
Add five teaspoons of hot paprika to your brew. It won't make it taste any better but when you pour it down the sink it will clear any blocked drains you may have.
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