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Banks Takeaway
Banks, ACT
By Pornbat on 11/9/2006
Score: 7.5/10
When I realised that there was a takeaway in Banks I knew that it would not be overly big or very flash and I was right. There was no signage on the store anywhere, expecting the worst I got out of the car and entered the store. Lo and behold I had found the old menu board from the Isabella Takeaway with 'John's Special' Pizza changed to Paul's with a permenat marker, again my idea of getting a good sav was just about dead. However the nice old Greek lady there cooked me up a sav and it was a grand old sav in fact it was absolutely marvellous. Piping hot with a nice even amount of spice to sav good batter coverage, texture and taste. The only recommendation I have with these savs is do not ask for salt as most people like their arteries usable not clogged with salt, hence why this sav lost points I had a heart attack from it. All in all though a good sav.

Until next time

The Bat