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I used to be homeless. And during that time, even I looked down on fat people. Really, that's probably one of the big reasons I'm here. I'd go days without food, without a bed, living in constant terror. And these people would walk by showing undeniable proof that they can't even face the hardship of a mild twinge of hunger. Over privileged, over fed, pieces of shit who looked down on me for enduring a life they couldn't manage for even a day.

I was low. By pretty much all accounts of society, I was the lowest of the low. And at my worst, I still consider myself better than almost any fat person. Because I felt pain, and I dealt with it. I faced a challenge, and I lived up to it. If a fat person could do any of those things they wouldn't be fat.

The average fat person has been given every advantage in life, and has proven themselves unable to endure even the lightest challenges. Worse, they've been given the gift of health only to throw it away. The things that so many other people have to fight with everything they have to get the mere shadow of, these people were given as a birthright. And they throw it away while complaining about how hard life is. I'd call it pathetic, but it's not worth pity.

Yes, even that person you pretend to not notice begging for change? Even he's looking down on your fat ass.

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This is why I love this sub. I have seen hookers, strippers, and now even homeless people looking down on fat people. It is fucking beautiful that people are starting to realise that to be fat puts you on par with the dregs of society, and that some of these dregs even look down on you.

No offense RobotBuddha - clearly you aren't dregs anymore, and well done for getting yourself out of a hole that is incredibly difficult to escape. Clearly, you took responsibility for your situation and did something about it, and this alone makes you 1000 times better than the Regan Chastain loving fatties.

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Strippers are the dregs of society? What backwards ass place do you live in?

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It's not so much a place as a social class. Middle class people tend not to take their clothes off for money, people from the lower classes do.

This sub is about being honest, and if you think that strippers are upstanding, respectable citizens making good life choices, perhaps this sub is not the place for you.

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Right, because taking your clothes off is all a stripper does. It's totally the same thing as over eating and destroying your body.

You are an ignorant slut.

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You remind me of the fatties that come here to defend themselves. It isn't the same thing as being fat, but it is a very poor life choice, just like being fat.

Did I hurt your stripper feelings?

Also, I am aware that many strippers also have sex for money, rather than just taking off their clothes. What was your point?

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See but this subreddit is for hating fatties. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you've never actually been to a strip club. (Do they even have strip clubs in 'Staya?) So your opinion is based on movies or shows which means you actually have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

Also, I am aware that many strippers also have sex for money

Oh yeah? How many strippers do you know personally? Hmm? You're ignorant, that's all there is to it. You sound like a Christian American and that's sad because I really do love Australians. They tend to be really open-minded and chill. I guess I found the one twat.

You didn't hurt my feelings. I take my clothes off for money. You think you're the first brave little boy to talk shit to me? Psht. I make my rent in a night, little one. I put half of that away and when I'm 30 I'll be able to retire comfortably.

But I should totally go cry in a corner because a big bad bully on the internet thinks he knows so much about the world.

Booo hooo

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You guys are both doing the stereotype thing. I used to be a stripper, I never slept with anyone, I never drank, never used drugs, I come from a wealthy background. There's nothing wrong with me, no daddy issues or whatever, and I'm well educated and I'm also Australian!

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Hey, I said Australians are awesome!

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Respect is earned, not given. Taking one's clothes off or doing other sexual work for money does not beget respect. Sorry. This is not an unusual opinion.

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Why doesn't it beget respect? Because most English-speaking countries were raised on Monotheistic religions? Did you come up with that opinion on your own or were you told from a young age that it's not alright?

What's wrong with being naked? We're born naked. It's one of the most natural things you can do, being naked, so why is it that me being comfortable in my own body so much that I can work a pole or do some awesome floor work suddenly make me "the dregs of society"?

Let's say, hypothetically, if I were a prostitute.

So what?

If I use protection and am safe about it, what's the big deal? Is it affecting you directly? How is it even your business? Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world; just because a bunch of white people suddenly decided that their God said it wasn't okay, doesn't make us evil people.

Everyone has their preconceived notions about my work yet no one seems to know when and where they first came to feel the way they do.

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I know one stripper. Her name is sam and she comes into my work once a week for dinner. We chat a lot about her profession and what I have learned from her blew my mind. Single mothers, college students, wives all stripping for the money. If I was a hot woman I would do it too. She makes what I make a month in less than a week working like 4 hrs a day. Im jealous as fuck. Yeah, she told me about the junkies and the ones who blow guys in the booths but thats not every girl. Sorry people think you are a slut.

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Because it requires no effort. I am a beautiful early-20's woman in good physical shape. I could learn how to "dance" or begin prostituting myself today if I wanted to. But I would rather become something that has value and requires me to use my brain. I want my work to leave an imprint on humanity and I want to travel, interact with other scientists, and experience what it is to be a true success. It is not the easier road, but it is the more rewarding one.

Nobody looks into the eyes of their sweet new baby girl and thinks "I hope she will get naked and grind on fat smelly old men for their sexual gratification when she grows up."

No. People want their daughters to achieve something with their lives.

Especially because so many people are in the sex trade against their will or due to terrible circumstances because most people would NEVER want to sell themselves and only do it as a last, desperate resort.

Beyond all this, I honestly don't have a problem with strippers or prostitutes and I'm for full protection for them under the law. But I would not be friends with any or condone it in any child of mine.

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That person is a fuckwit, we have strip clubs and legal prostitution in Australia, a lot of the industry is made up of women putting themselves through university and giving themselves the lifestyle of a full time employee at the same time.

Being able to earn >100K a year while doing full time studies is not something the "dregs" of society do, hell prostitutes that go to mining towns can easily earn 200K a is very lucrative and legal in Australia (except for SA I think, certainly legal in the 3 most populous states that have >80% of our population).

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That person is a fuckwit

Yeah, he's probably not even old enough to drink in America but thinks he knows everything. It doesn't bother me, I like a good debate online.

I didn't know prostitution was legal in Australia! That makes that kid's argument even more ridiculous.

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Did I hurt your stripper feelings?

You just made yourself look like a dumbarse, and if you are Australian there is even less cause to call them the "dregs" of society, how fucking stupid are you, they earn excellent money here in a well regulated industry.

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Doesn't make it a dignified job, and it doesn't mean I have to respect it or the people who do it. Jesus fucking Christ.

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Thin privilege? That's the one fucking thing that started me onto this subreddit... Think about it for one fucking second...

Privilege is not starving to death, privilege is being able to eat 8 meals a day with snacks in between.

This is thin privilege These African children actually have extremely high metabolisms. Their genetics allow them to consume tens of thousands of calories a day and be naturally skin and bones. I wonder how many of them blame their "genetics" and "condishuns" for starving to death.

We need to start a "fat privilege" movement. Post pictures of starving African children and say, "fat privilege is being able to consume 5,000 Calories each day."

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There's a great doc on youtube about how obesity isn't just a western problem anymore. I believe its called "globesity."

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Indeed there is, thanks.

Globesity: Fat's New Frontier

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Ooh yeah, can't get enough of that cardiovascular disease.

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Fat Privilege is getting to educate your doctors instead of the other way around.

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*Brofist* I've been there. It was so hard to get out. Props

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Damn. That's pretty touching. It not only warms my heart to know that in such a situation, you still are able to acknowledge that you're better than people like that.

And you raise amazing points. Hambeasts are very inconsiderate people! I don't know how a single one could even pass you without giving you one of their twinkie's they had hidden in their fat-rolls.

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Don't nobody want that Twinkie

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Right on man. The arrogance it takes to be fat in our modern society is really what pisses me off.

Glad you "used to" be homeless.

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I don't know the details, but you don't sound like you were "lowest of the low" to me. It sounds like you were put through hardship and you endured, and you bounced back. You're a strong person.

And you are very right about the hams.

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I used to be homeless. And during that time, even I looked down on fat people.

As you should.

And these people would walk by showing undeniable proof that they can't even face the hardship of a mild twinge of hunger.

Exactly. They're a drain on the environment, and a waste of resources.

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The health part really bothers me. People stuff their face with terrible stuff, they overeat, causing them to not be contributing members of society, burning invaluable health care & tax money, time and space. This is also why I look down on smokers and drug abusers. I wouldn't pay a dime to fix a smoker's broken body caused by their own addiction.

e: the irony of smokers downvoting this comment in this sub

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burning invaluable health care & tax money, time and space

Those are the only things they're burning, because they sure as hell aren't burning calories.

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You just made me want to workout

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Glad that you made it man, congrats. And keep on hating.

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Ooooooh shiiiit that's a blow and a half, op should add this up his part. Damn dude

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Man, I read this to my wife out loud and we both stood up and applauded.

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So you think the fat lawyers/doctors/professionals you look down to give a shit. wow. You are completely delusional, and at the end of the day, you were the one without a roof over your head, BEGGING, if that is not the lowest of the low, I don't know what is. You sir, are pathetic.

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scrolls straight to the bottom to see all the downvoted angry hamplanet comments

Was not disappointed.

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Oh, good idea! Be right back!

Edit upon returning from the depths: their comments were fatastic.

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GENUINE: Grade A Copypasta Material.

But seriously, the best thing ever seen on /r/fatpeoplehate.

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This is an amazing post. Right on!

We are everywhere and we are judging you.

[–]GetYourZircOn 7 points8 points

and you deserve to be judged

[–]Ineedmorebooze 3 points4 points

We are everywhere and we are judging you.

This seriously needs to be on the banner.

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Do fat people really lurk here? Why??

[–]penguinhair 2 points3 points

They hate themselves as much as we do.

[–]Livryan 1 point2 points

Not really, they're delusional cows who think posting here somehow makes them different than the pictures of mutants we post, like being aware they're disgusting freaks somehow makes it okay to be one. Luckily they slip up their fatty status eventually and get downvote bombed.

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little ham? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my sub in /r/fatpeoplehate, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret shamings on TiTP, and I have over 300 confirmed shamings. I am trained in being healthy and I’m the top shitlord in /r/adiposeamigos. You are nothing to me but just another whale. I will shame you the fuck out with facts the likes of which has never been seen before on tumblr, eat my fucking words. You think you can get away with sharing those fatkini pics to me over the Internet? Think again, hamplanet. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of shitlords across the USA and your BMI is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, hammie. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little lardball you call your body. You’re fucking dead, cow. I can fatshame you anywhere, anytime, and I can cite how obesity can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare words. Not only am I extensively trained in fatshaming, but I have access to the entire arsenal of Jenny Craig diet programs and I will use them to their full extent to wipe your celluite ass off the face of the continent, you little whale. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “confident” fatkini picture was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have lost some fucking weight. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn manatee. I will pour diet coke all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, hammie.

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We can't say the shit we say out in public because we care about not getting fired or perhaps kicked out of public places.

I'm just scared they'll eat me.

[–]kaijukrunch 27 points28 points

You can run for like, 30 seconds, can't you? You'll be fine.

[–]silent66 9 points10 points

Dude 10 max is needed

[–]LornAltElthMer 6 points7 points

Hell, I once in this sub suggested a casual stroll uphill for that purpose and I got shitlorded for even suggesting the hill.

A small amount of situational awareness and the ability to ambulate and you're golden...assuming they can't get to where you sleep.

I mean I live on the 4th floor with no elevator so fuck you fatties, good luck getting up.

[–]Meterus 3 points4 points

Watch it, they'll eat the building out from underneath you.

[–]LornAltElthMer 1 point2 points

Yeah, ok that is the disadvantage. I have far to fall when they eat the lower floors.

How much mayo does it take to eat a cinderblock?

[–]dsadsa321321 2 points3 points

Keep a McBeetus on you for distraction and a quick getaway. Living in the jungle is harsh, but there are survivors.

[–]hamahameleon 1 point2 points

Also, keep in mind they can't run. As long as you maintain at least a speedwalking pace, you'll be golden.

[–]RugerDragon 1 point2 points

I'm 5'3" and 115 lbs. I'm afraid I'll get sat on and die of suffocation.

[–]yippynip 6 points7 points

Or you could get trapped in one of their folds and carried away. Sometimes this is why children go missing.

[–]ParrotWithParkinsons 1 point2 points

Or how they accidentally suffocate their hambabies to death. Literally, I've seen news articles about it.

[–]Nadaplanet 4 points5 points

That happened in my neighborhood a few years back. A 2 year old fell asleep in an armchair, and his morbidly obese mother didn't look (probably couldn't bend her neck far enough) before she plopped her butt down. The kid died, crushed to death under his own mothers fat ass. She was so fat she couldn't feel him struggling as she sat there all fucking night, watching tv and most likely stuffing her face.

[–]I_Hate_Tumblrinas 0 points1 point

My toucan. :'-(

[–]ArizonaBlood 16 points17 points

I honestly hope that at least one obese-planet can read this and realize they need a change in life style. But all I see is them raging at it three sentences in, trying to type their rage as a comment, but being unable to because their sausage fingers press 5 keys at one time.

[–]DarthJes 51 points52 points

"lazy, greedy, fat piece of organ-murdering shit you are." Teh lulz.

[–]blackhawk0093 4 points5 points

Those poor, poor organs. It's amazing they work at all in some of the people I see.

[–]BeetusBisquit 5 points6 points

I wish there was some actual statistics on this, is there? I mean the general population's attitude towards fat people.

[–]GetYourZircOn 2 points3 points

Most people won't admit it and many won't even admit it to themselves but yeah. It is.

[–]dserebrin 17 points18 points

You are a top tier shitlord, and for that I commend you, friend!

[–]LadyOfFortuna 26 points27 points

This totally reminded me of Fight Club. "Remember this. The people you're trying to step on, we're everyone you depend on. We're the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard you while you're asleep. We drive the ambulances. We direct your call. We are cooks and taxi drivers and we know everything about you. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every part of your life." Totally similar haha

[–]bexie889 8 points9 points

I too had this running through my head.

Project mayHAM

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...So do not fuck with us."

[–]silent66 8 points9 points

I mean fatties can fuck with us, but it's just funny. Like what are they going to say? They are fat they already lost and have no value or opinion

[–]Corruption22 22 points23 points

From all the deleted and downvoted comments I guess you really hit home for the freshest (though not freshest smelling) wave of fats.

No one admires someone who hasn't suffered. McDicks running out of your favourite burger doesn't count as hardship. Suck it up so you don't have to suck it in later.

[–]its-the-new-style 18 points19 points

Should be a sticky post - forever the first one to be seen

[–]Livryan 1 point2 points

Second this suggestion!

[–]NDiesel 4 points5 points

mods should make it happen

[–]NudeBagel 25 points26 points

Preach, fellow shitlord.

[–]Frigate_Orpheon 27 points28 points

Thank you. This sub has been one of my biggest inspirations to stop walking on eggshells around fat people. I'm pretty open about my opinions, but just never saw the use in calling out fat people or gasp saying the word fat in public for fear of shaming someone. Fuck that noise. I now openly talk about fatties without shame.

[–]GravyGranny 12 points13 points

Same here! I was worried that I was a harsh person but now I realise that I'm not a horrid scowling minority and that it's OK to be angry and that I'm justified. I feel soo much better for it, liberated almost. Fat people stole the term curvy and tried to make out my slender frame was disgusting. Well fuck you fat wankers. I'm normal, you're just a fucked up mess of a human being. And now I know it's OK to stand up for that opinion because I'm not alone in thinking it. Yeeeey!!

[–]Frigate_Orpheon 2 points3 points

That's awesome. As someone working towards a career in healthcare, I have already seen the consequences. Now I just have to make a decision on how far down the fat tunnel I want to go.

[–]dreamyta 7 points8 points

Oh man, me too. My boyfriend used to sort of dislike that I talked smack about fatties since his then best friend was one, but after I was able to better articulate exactly why I hate fat people he now sees it as an endearing thing that I feel strongly about. He loves making fat jokes in front of me now.

[–]youllneverfindmegavi 14 points15 points

Fat fats


[–]silent66 10 points11 points

You made it happen man proud of you... I just realize this is like the most positive corner of the internet, never have I seen such a tight knit community where everyone is friendly to each other. The only negatively it from fatties and people defending fatties, but who cares about them they barely are people.

[–]youllneverfindmegavi 9 points10 points

At least now if I hear it in public, I can quietly go "I started that. I'm like patient zero. Minus the AIDS."

[–]silent66 4 points5 points

Lmao solid metaphor. I hope someday son we all can say it in the streets

[–]secretshitlord 11 points12 points

As a secret shitlord, I can attest to every aspect of this.

[–]hthomos 10 points11 points

The funny thing is the government wabts fat people. They are easy to surveillence control and oppress. And fat people dont even realize it. Why else would FA gain any traction in the media? Because Fat People are good for business. Gluttony is the best thing to happen since the industrial revolution for businesses

[–]engineersarearrogant 17 points18 points

You have just encouraged fatties to threaten lawsuits at all those people in their lives.

[–]MCprofK 22 points23 points

Good. Divide and conquer.

[–]FarginBastidge 9 points10 points

It'll just give everyone who encounters fatties another reason to hate fatties. Good. Maybe that will strengthen the shaming of fat fats for being subhuman in all possible ways.

[–]phaseMonkey 1 point2 points

But who will feed them?

[–]engineersarearrogant 0 points1 point

Unethical lawyers

[–]The_White_Baron 19 points20 points

Fucking poetic. I love how this post has ousted many of the fatties lurking this reddit. You definitely got to them. The truth hurts, doesn't it, fatties? Every time you see us looking at you, we're judging you. When we're not looking at you, we've already seen you and judged you - we're just trying to hold our lunch down.

[–]Livryan 11 points12 points

Well earned gold, OP. Oh and to all the delusional fats who beached themselves here during the recent fiasco; You are not any different from the pictures we laugh at, you are disgusting and we hate you.

[–]GetYourZircOn 9 points10 points

Congrats OP. You really got the lurking fatties to manifest themselves here. Top class baiting.

And yeah, even people who don't actively hate fatties, even other fatties, subconsciously see a fat person and make instant value judgements. Same as if you see a person with dirty nails, someone smoking a cigarette, a drunk person stumbling or slurring - it all reflects on how you maintain your person.

[–]redherpbluederp[S] 6 points7 points

Hey everyone. I just wanted to thank you all the support. And the gold wasn't a bad touch either, so thanks for that as well!

I did not expect this response. You shitlords make me proud to be apart of this community. Let the hate continue to flow through you.

For the record, I actually got 0 hate mail. To be honest, that was an afterthought. I just wanted to post this because it needed to be heard. Thank you, you inglorious shitlords. If I had a cock, I'd have a massive boner right now. But you could probably drown a toddler in my panties right now -- even a morbidly obese one.

Hate on, lords and ladies of shite!

[–]U_W0TM8 4 points5 points

Fucking yes!

best post.

[–]Ellvarah 7 points8 points

yes we do all that AND .... we laugh at you. oh god, how much fun we have looking at you waddling around, getting stuck in doors or throwing a tantrum :)

[–]majortoad 8 points9 points

God Damn that was brutal. XD This really is /b/ level shit. I love this place!

[–]littlejawa 13 points14 points

I love you.

[–]silent66 20 points21 points

I love all of you guys. This is such a nice place. I wish there was a town and we all lived in it.

[–]Corruption22 15 points16 points

There would be gyms and hot people everywhere! Food joints with actual food like vegetables and baked fish, not deep fried brown junk. I think we should start our own country.

[–]anotherboleyn 9 points10 points

And there would be a law against selling bikinis over a size 10. Nirvana, indeed.

[–]Ineedmorebooze 1 point2 points

Utopia, even.

[–]silent66 10 points11 points

Oh my god...... To be able to just but a well balanced meal of protein fiber and carbs.... It would be a utopia. The only "downside" would be that we universally hate fatties.... And I'm so ok with that.

[–]misstibbs 9 points10 points

I can't help but think of Galt's Gultch, from Atlas Shrugged (except without some of the politics). A beautiful hidden Valley of vegetable gardens and running trails and gorgeous, functioning members of society everywhere! I could throw so many dinner parties of food I really like with out comments about it being weird or "rabbit food!" This must be done, we must make our own country.

[–]NeverNotThrowaway 4 points5 points

We should just buy up Detroit and turn the inner-city into a health-conscious enclave.

[–]anotherboleyn 1 point2 points

The thought of being able to host a dinner party without someone asking if I've burnt the potatoes (because there aren't any on the table) is a beautiful, beautiful dream.

We should buy an island. It'll be the only country in the world without a McDonalds, and just think of the sports! Surfing, open water swimming, jogging on the beach...

[–]Timbitkiller 4 points5 points

I am currently traveling for work in a richer resort type town and there was a restaurant where I was able to order two blackened chicken breasts, a large portion of cabbage and stewed kale in chicken broth with a bit of goat cheese on top. Almost a perfect meal for me!

The hotel also has a squat rack, A FUCKING SQUAT RACK!

The Tim Hortons workers are still fat fucks however.

[–]penguinhair 0 points1 point

Can you imagine the healthy delicious food trucks that our city would have. Nom nom nom.

[–]lifeonfilm 0 points1 point

Awwwwww! We should have monthly battle of the fatties for our shitroyalty entertainment. That would be swell.

[–]silent66 0 points1 point

like a gladiator arena

[–]lifeonfilm 0 points1 point

Exactly! Lure them with cake and enjoy the lard fest.

[–]redherpbluederp[S] 1 point2 points

I love all'a'y'all shitlawds.

[–]O_Senhor 7 points8 points

We are vigilant. Behind this computer there is more than flesh. Behind this computer there is an idea, Mr. Ham, and ideas are bulletproof.

[–]Sithredditus 11 points12 points


I get so many lulz when my comments on fat people hate get down voted to -10 or lower. Those fatty lurkers must be losin' their shit when the truth comes out.

The following comment is currently at -20.

"Oh FFS!

What do you look like?"

... Many lulz were had.

[–]hamahameleon 10 points11 points

The lardbuckets tears you've jerked are delicious. Brofist, fellow shitlord.

[–]miaiam 12 points13 points just want hate mail Edit: I'm teasing. It's a joke.

[–]ElapseEvolveExpand 17 points18 points

I hope he gets it, the hate mail that has been posted is hilarious. OP PLEASE DELIVER.

[–]miaiam 2 points3 points

Op pls

[–]dumpster_high_dive 12 points13 points

I want hate mail! I'm actually disappointed I've never received any, considering my submission and comment history.

[–]Livryan 12 points13 points

I got a love letter once from another shitlord. Fatpeoplehate is love.

[–]dumpster_high_dive 0 points1 point

Aww, that's byooteeful :')

[–]youllneverfindmegavi 7 points8 points

Right?? Submissions I can understand, but dear god. Some of my comments are fucking vicious. Fat fats need to step up their game.

[–]miaiam 3 points4 points

I know. Me too. Really, really bad. We need to up our game

[–]The_White_Baron 7 points8 points

I got hate mail for one of my posts here. I complained about sitting next to Wailord on a plane.

So instead of doing something, you just kept your wussy ass shut the whole ride and complain about it on reddit? I highly doubt you have a six pack abs or can bench 300 either to be making fun of "average/chubby" girl.

You sound like some nerd who only has a voice on the internet. The funny part is you're probably no buff superstar either. Cry some more.

"average/chubby" girl was her neighbor, and somewhere between average and chubby. I'm probably just being generous though, since she looked average compared to Wailord. She was probably Wailmer.

[–]miaiam 11 points12 points

Its so funny, I love how being fat is glorious and they're beautiful but the first thing they do when they want to insult someone is to call them fat. Lol

[–]silent66 1 point2 points

I would love some. If you could be a dear kindly direct any fatties to my comment history, I am especially proud of my insensitively to fatties cat fishing me

[–]miaiam 1 point2 points

Ooh! Any good stories?

[–]silent66 2 points3 points

Haha yeah I'm on a mobile but I posted two in that picture with the hot girl with the "I love brunch" shirt on. She looks so good and then u see the full body picture and she's a whale.

[–]koalakushy 3 points4 points

i really liked your post and thought i'd throw it up on imgur so this can be spread out as far as possible.

[–]redherpbluederp[S] 0 points1 point

Thanks, that is awesome!

[–]solidpunchmate 7 points8 points

Fucking beautiful OP. I LOVE YOU OP. YOU'RE MY HERO OP.

[–]le_vengance 5 points6 points

This made me feel bad for eating too much today and I'm only 140 pounds at 5'11''

That just means it's goddamn true

[–]HeyzeusHChrist 1 point2 points

actually I prefer them to think we are losers. it makes it one more thing they are completely delusional about.

[–]DoYouEvenBank 8 points9 points

Preach it brother. I've gotten my entire circle of skinny friends aware about this subreddit. Their loving going through the top posts.

[–]tostito_bandito 4 points5 points

This post is perfect.

[–]Mastodon9 3 points4 points

No matter how bad life gets or what flaws I have I will always wake up and be ever thankful that I am not fat. I have self restraint, decent habits, and I am a healthy weight. I frequently look at fatties and feel superior and internally thank god I am not them and don't have their bodies.

[–]GetYourZircOn 1 point2 points

You don't stay thin by accident nor by the grace of god though.



    [–]QuietFarmer 31 points32 points

    Come back when you're skinny

    [–]dumpster_high_dive 21 points22 points



    WHO AM I

    [–]The_Penis_Wizard 37 points38 points

    What the fuck guys? This shit shouldn't be upvoted. You guys are supposed to hate all fatasses, and downvote attention whores.

    [–]fupa_trupa 33 points34 points

    Seriously. She weighs almost 300 pounds. Come on, people...

    [–]yesterdayscat 36 points37 points

    If they carry on we'll soon end up l ike fatlogic and that makes me want to stab myself in the eye.

    [–]The_White_Baron 37 points38 points

    This is ridiculous. I have no idea why these people are upvoting it. You don't even need to check her history (where she admits to being THREE HUNDRED POUNDS) to realize she's a fucking fatass who's talking about wanting to lose weight. Obviously no signs of actual weight loss. God, it's infuriating. She's just a fat fucking attention whore.

    The entire comment chain above you is disgusting, and that it has so many upvotes is equally disgusting.

    [–]The_Penis_Wizard 31 points32 points

    I've removed the comment, but I'm seriously fucking disappointed.

    [–]hamahameleon 13 points14 points

    Thank you.

    [–]silent66 3 points4 points

    In who?

    [–]The_Penis_Wizard 13 points14 points

    Everyone who upvoted and encouraged the whale.

    [–]silent66 18 points19 points

    Me too. I think the mods should immediately remove and ban anyone saying anything remotely positive or attention seeking in this sub. This is the anti fatty sanctuary for gods sake. It's called fat people hate! No tolerance allowed

    [–]The_Penis_Wizard 20 points21 points

    That's what I did. I removed her comment and banned her.

    [–]silent66 17 points18 points

    God I love this sub. This is literarily the only place online where no PR bulllshit pandering is allowed.

    [–]lebleus 3 points4 points

    Good job, keep up the good work.
    We appreciate it.

    [–]Livryan 9 points10 points

    This. God damn it, I know some of you want there to be less fatties in the world so you're willing to give a ham an upvote, but all you're doing is selling your soul to the devil making fatties think this place could ever accept them. Other things see those upvotes and think this is the go-to spot to post about how they're "still 300 lbs overweight but working on it :D TEEHEEEE".

    [–]Ellvarah 5 points6 points

    i missed that comment, what it says?

    [–]The_Penis_Wizard 0 points1 point

    Pretty much that she hasn't lost any weight, but GIVE ME ATTENTION because I've decided to start my weight loss journey.

    [–]shmuklidooha 2 points3 points

    Did anybody report this?

    [–]The_Penis_Wizard 0 points1 point


    [–]moldyberry 23 points24 points

    good work deciding to change. the man who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones. please report to /r/fatlogic.

    [–]justanotherfatty 4 points5 points

    Secret society? I doubt it. More like you spend a lot more time thinking about and saying what anyone who is not fat doesn't.

    It's funny the FA's are so worried about their triggers, do they ever think about the fact the sight of them is a trigger? Thanks a lot Pizza Sister, it's not Cosmo that makes every teen girl in 2 mile radius skip eating a few days, it's the sight of the cottage cheese hanging out of your booty shorts.

    Knowing how disgusting I am keeps me in line. Getting thin and not disgusting people is just the polite thing to do

    [–]julitech 3 points4 points

    That's why I'm here. People don't say it to your face.

    [–]2ManySweetrolls 3 points4 points

    Oh yes. All of this!

    [–]silent66 2 points3 points

    It's like everything I ever felt in a neat little speech. Thank you, I assume this was written in response to an earlier thread involving the fat peoples comments about our sub. Boy I can't wait to see the reactions to this! Thanks op, saved. I hope this becomes a copy pasta it's pretty spot on because literarily every thin person feels this way, this is just the only place we can talk about it honestly.

    [–]Drakonisch 3 points4 points

    I think I'm lucky. Because where I work everyone is pretty courteous, and the few fat people that I work with are genuinely good people who are trying to lose weight and take care of themselves. And none of them are planets. I don't think I could make it through a whole day if I had to work with a FA.

    [–]not_the_real_name 2 points3 points

    THANK YOU. Very well-written.

    [–]Aged_Vanilla 2 points3 points

    It really is true though. As time goes on I get more brazen in my discussions with friends probing for their true inner shitlord. Surprisingly enough, the nicest thin people I know all have at least some level of disgust and malice to cast towards a obeast.

    They might not be as vocal and they might not have the beautiful passion that I have come to know and love in this sub, but its there and its lingering in everyone's thinness.

    [–]lillycrack 2 points3 points

    This is beautiful

    [–]falsevillain 2 points3 points

    exactly! if there's anything you need to take away from this, it's that you're constantly judged and insulted because you definitely 100% deserve it. fuck you, fat people! go die; you're making the rest of us beautiful people look bad.

    [–]cariboukevin 0 points1 point

    Then you'll simply be average

    [–]ekidwell 0 points1 point

    Actually... as a lurking fattie I sort of love this post. You've said everything that's true and everything that helps put things into perspective for me.

    I'm actively trying to lose weight via MyFitnessPal and doing a pretty good job. I know it's a long road because I've been fat nearly my entire life (fat from about age 6-7 until now age 33). I've succeeded in losing a lot of weight and also failed by gaining it back. I'm broken in a lot of ways, but I haven't ever just thrown in the towel and given up completely. I'm flawed, but I'm sincerely trying.

    Thank you for speaking your mind. Thank you for not holding back. Everyone needs to reach their "rock bottom" before they make real and lasting changes. While this post isn't my own personal "rock bottom" because nothing you said actually offends me because I agree with you (and what you said is absolutely true), it might be someone else's wake-up call.

    I know someday I will reach a point where this post won't be a "pointed finger" at me any longer. I'm going to make it even though it will take me some time (it takes a while to lose 100+ lbs if you don't want skin sags). I'm currently eating 1500-1600 calories per day which puts me at about 1.5 lbs of weight loss per week. I hit that goal about 90% of the time these days. I'm down 14.5 lbs so far. Until I'm in the clear, I'm going to use this as motivation.
    Anyway, just wanted to be what appears to be the ONLY FAT PERSON who gets off of her ass to give you a standing ovation.

    Edit: Wrong verb tense. :)



      [–]MCprofK[M] 6 points7 points

      Although nearly everyone here knows of that thread, we still don't allow linking to other threads/comments in other subreddits. Not even NP links.

      Please familiarize yourself with our rules before you continue enjoying this subreddit.



        [–]The_Penis_Wizard 15 points16 points

        You're gonna have to try harder than that.



          [–]The_Penis_Wizard 12 points13 points

          Yes, and thanks for the compliment.

          [–]ttill -4 points-3 points

          The hatred is strong with this one..

          EDit: So 5 ppl for sure don't get the reference, noted.

          [–]hamplanetstrip 3 points4 points

          I got the reference. You'd think there'd be more Star Wars fans here...

          [–]BenchoteMankoManko 1 point2 points