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You sound like a terribly mean-spirited person.

What if some depressed fat fuck was reading this?

Edit: One word: WHOOOOSHHHH

Lighten up, fatties.

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Then they should go to /r/fatlogic.

Why would someone who is depressed, their fat being probably being a factor in their depression go on a sub called /r/fatpeoplehate???

That's just stupid.

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Truer words are rarely spoken.

[–]inkedredhead 31 points32 points

Why would "some depressed fat fuck" be reading posts in /r/fatpeoplehate? Frequenters of this subreddit have made our position clear. This is not /r/fatacceptance or /r/fatpeoplelove or /r/fatenablers.

Also, there is a correlation between obesity and depression, so if the "depressed fat fuck" lost some weight... Two birds, one stone.

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Damn it to blazes, TWO of those subreddits exist.

Two birds, one stone

Four birds, two stone!

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/r/fatacceptance is really just people fat bashing. That was nice.

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Those are some fat fucking birds!

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There's very little fat acceptance in /r/fatacceptance

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Then hopefully it would help the earth get rid of one more useless fat fucking waste of space.

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They would probably kill themselves or lose some weight for once. So win/win