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So, OP wants more fat people? You must like fat people. This letter is how you get more fat people. Psychologists agree

edit* So many downvotes. Bring them on, the truth really hurts you guys doesn't it.

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You're missing one important part of your link: the people shamed are already fat. This isn't how you get more fat people - it's how you make fat people fatter. They're already everything we despise. If they let themselves get morbidly obese because they're butthurt over being shamed for getting fat, then fuck them. They can cry eat themselves all the way to an early grave for all I care.

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making fun of fat people is going to make normal people become fat? that's what you'd need to have more fat people. Fatties getting fatter doesn't create more fat people.

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Fat shamming is just shamming fat people.... Who are already fat. So who cares if they get fatter? They are already useless in our eyes anyway it's not like any skinny person is going to read this and he fat, they will just nod their head in silent agreement. I say good, get fatter so it's more obvious how weak you are that you can't handle it.

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Nah. It was my shitlord father mocking me that made me lose weight. The humiliation pushed me to be free of my adipose.

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Your personal experience does not trump wide scale studies. Obviously there will be exceptions. You need to learn some critical thinking skills if you think your personal experience is what everyone else's will be.

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No. Fat people need to stop eating their feelings and grow the fuck up. The world is a harsh mistress and she's either going to fuck you and leave or you're going to fuck her and leave.

Personally I'd rather be on top.