God Almighty: Creator, Redeemer

Genesis 1:1

The truth of God’s existence is the benchmark from which all landmarks are located. The truth of the existence of God is the foundation on which all truth rests. God existed before evil existed, and God will exist after evil is confined in outer darkness with Satan and his cohorts. The eternal God lives in a time element which includes past, present, and future, therefore He knows what will happen throughout eternity future, and does not forget what happened in eternity past, unless He wills to forget it, and when He wills to forget, it becomes as something that never happened.To deny the existence of God is an act of insanity so severe that God says that person is a fool (Psalm 14:1; 53:1). To deny the existence of God is to deny the existence of life, of love, of intelligence, of hope, or justice. Claiming that God does not exist, or that He is dead, is the expression, not of truth, but of hope, for nothing would please the unregenerate heart more than to be rid of God. In the final analysis, any person who rejects the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an atheist, because denying Christ His deity is atheism in its blackest form.

The existence of God makes reality possible. If God does not exist, then how can I know I exist? If God does not exist, then how could we exist? Is that red maple tree in my front yard there, or is it just an illusion? I know it is there because I know that God created trees. If a tree falls in a remote forest out of reach of any ear, does it make a sound? Of course it does, because God created matter which makes sound and carries it. In addition to that, God hears every sound.

All humans are born with a belief in the existence of God. Anthropologists have studied humanity all over the earth, and have found that every people have some form of religious belief and worship. Paleontologists and archeologists have studied ancient artifacts, and have discovered that no matter how “primitive” a people may seem, they all had gods and worshiped something.

Evolutionists, many of whom themselves are atheists, look for religious artifacts when trying to determine if certain fossils are human, or animal. Evolution itself is a primitive religion. From the back cover of Dr. Duane Gish’s excellent book, Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics (available from ICR 1 800 628 7640), we glean this bit of information: “Marjorie Grene, a leading philosopher and historian of science and professor at the University of California, Davis, states that ‘It is a religion of science that Darwinism chiefly held, and holds men’s minds…. The modified, but still characteristically Darwinian theory has itself become an orthodoxy, preached by its adherents with religious fervor, and doubted, they feel, only by a few muddlers, imperfect in scientific faith’.”Professor Grene also writes in her book that evolution is a religion having priests, icons, dogmas, relics, rituals and ceremonies.

God can be ignored and denied, but He cannot be annihilated. He cannot even be avoided. God told Moses that He would be Israel’s God. God meant that He would be their God whether they wanted Him or not. There would be times when Israel would not want God for their God, but that did not change the fact. At some point, God will be the God of every man. There will come a time when man’s free will will no longer be a factor. God will judge him and dispose of him as His justice demands.

If all humans believe in God, then why are all humans not saved? For the simple reason that most believe in a god other than God. The god most people believe in is a god they have created out of their own experience and education, and their god is always like themselves. His god approves of nearly everything he does, and assures the person that if he does something bad, it is really okay, or he can do some small penance to atone for it.

But a god created in a man’s own gray matter must be smaller than the man’s gray matter, because nothing can come out of a container that is bigger than the container. A vessel must always be bigger than its contents. The universe itself, not even God’s Word. can fully reveal God, for He is bigger than either or both together. But what we learn about God from either is vastly greater than a man can learn from the reasoning within his head.

If God would reveal Himself totally, I could not take in the knowledge, for my being is far too small to contain such an unlimited store of information. If every brain cell in the most brilliant head could function at 100% efficiency, it could not contain a fraction of what God could offer. Our labors to fully understand spiritual matters are comparable to the wonder of a little baby as he looks at the strange world about him. I am more like an ant standing on the top of Pike’s Peak looking east trying to see the Taj Mahal, and wondering what the thing looks like. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Evolutionary biologists like Harrison Matthews say, “The fact of evolution is the backbone of biology… ,” but actually, the study of living things is meaningless without the backbone of Genesis 1. How can the study of life be a science when science doesn’t even knows what life is? The Creator created matter, and then made a statue of matter (dust of the earth), which man has done many times, but only the One Who understands life could make the statue live.

There is only one God because there is room for only one God. There can be only one God for God does everything that God must do. God is unlimited. Being unlimited enables Him to be God to every human on the earth as if that human were the only human alive. God can interact with any man as if there were not another human on Earth. He can hear and respond to the prayers of an infinite number of people at the same time.

God is not the laws of physics: He is the Creator and Sustainer of the laws of physics. When He created matter, He created the laws that govern matter. As the Law Giver, He is able to change as necessary the laws of physics, and this is called “miracles.” He sustains every atom, and governs its behavior. He needed atoms to change water to wine. Probably He created those atoms, but if He chose, He could have called them from some other place in the universe. He keeps a running inventory of atoms, and loses not one. It is amazing how much man has learned about the atom, a thing he cannot see. Yet the complexities of the atom are at this point in time still illusive to scientists. The atom is composed of three main particles: electron, proton, and neutron. The most important things in the universe are triune, pointing man to the triune Creator – the triune God. Matter is triune: liquid, solid, and gas. Time is triune: past, present, and future. Plants are triune: grass, herbs, and trees. Man is triune: body, soul, and spirit. All sign posts in the universe point to the triune God.

No man hath seen God at any time. We must worship the unseen God in spirit and in truth. It is forbidden that we make representations of Him. God is everywhere, and in everything, but everything is not God. We must always distinguish between God and matter. We must also distinguish between matter and imagination. Matter can be god only if I imagine it to be so. “The mighty God, even the LORD, hath spoken, and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof.” 2 “Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined.” (Psalm 50:1,2). The earth responds to the voice of God, just as everything in nature except man and Satan.
God will one day make all things right that Satan and man have made wrong. God will not be defeated by wickedness. Jesus Christ is Jehovah. It is by His willingness to suffer in our place that mankind has survived upon the earth, and that these things shall pass, and life be sweeter.

Faith in the true God makes a difference in one’s life, and what he produces. This is seen in comparing the lives and progeny of two men. Jonathan Edwards was the great preacher who brought in the Great Awakening. Among his descendants are the following: 300 preachers, 65 college professors, 13 university presidents, 60 authors, 3 congressmen, 1 vice president of the United States. Max Jukes was a notorious criminal. Among his progeny are: 300 dead prematurely, 100 convicts, 190 prostitutes, 100 drunkards, all of whom cost the state of New York $1,200,000.00

Proverbs 10:1: “The proverbs of Solomon. A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.”

Faith in God is essential to living a normal life. Psychologists and psychiatrists take note.

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