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  1. Great testimony on human trafficking in 's JC on Child Abuse & Neglect. I am troubled and inspired!

  2. “The Springfield school board wants Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of sales tax exemptions to stand.”

  3. &Change is:filling America with illegals 2turn tax payers into Govt Slaves for those illegals. Govt remain in power of TaxPayers

  4. same that was Under BUSH policy are the same Communist/Demo under Obama Bill Clinton, Rinos want to control America too

  5. SGF School Board pleads to to properly fund schools instead of giving special interest tax cuts

  6. Stay ahead of the game for the veto session on Sept 10 with , 's only real-time legislative information

  7. Missouri sees biggest drop in Medicaid enrollment compared to other states (includes my quote)

  8. Doing the math, 6,478 lbs of pulled pork is a very rough estimate of how much BBQ the could have received.

  9. John Britton: Missouri super-lobbyist convinced generations of legislators to see things his way:


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