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  1. . says the face off is at mcdonalds on west Florissant. Chanting "WE READY."

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  3. More cops are flying down highway 70 70 as I try to get in the backway

  4. So tear gas can be thrown at US but We're not suppose to throw anything at them? News flash folks: this isn't the days of old

  5. (1of2) 1100blk Rutger. has been extinguished. No explosion. No injuries. Prelim cause is from an unattended oven.

  6. Awake for 46 hours...and getting close to going to bed-after I read latest updates from this afternoon. I hope there's peace in

  7. I don't know if is still particularly twitter-friendly, but I've been extraordinarily grateful for you all this week.

  8. All national media messing with the story and people of are hereby dispatched to Collinsville to cover the giant catsup bottle

  9. Appreciate for strong leadership on behalf of region & state. Cong among those praying for peace & justice in

  10. Today my Birthday .. Now just getting it started ...

  11. Journalists parachuting into a city they ignored for decades only to write about themselves. (Yes but...)

  12. Sorry for the rant, I get emotionally about it. I love the St. Louis area and I want the best for it.

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