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The following publications are available for purchase. To make a purchase, use our online order form.

Tabernacle Shadows of the Better Sacrifice $3.50 USD
The Divine Plan of the Ages - Studies in the Script. Vol.1 $3.00 USD
The Time is at Hand - Studies in the Script. Vol.2 $3.00 USD
Thy Kingdom Come - Studies in the Script. Vol.3 $3.00 USD
The Battle of Armageddon - Studies in the Script. Vol.4 $4.50 USD
The Atonement Between God and Man - Studies in the Script. Vol.5 $4.00 USD
The New Creation - Studies in the Script. Vol.6 $4.50 USD
For This Cause -  VHS $5.00 USD
For This Cause - DVD $1.50 USD
Israel - Appointment with Destiny - VHS $5.00 USD
Creation vs. Evolution - DVD $1.50 USD
God's Millennium - DVD $1.50 USD
The Truth About Hell - DVD $1.50 USD
Where Was God on 9/11 - DVD $1.50 USD
Faith of our Fathers $0.50 USD
The Doctrine of Christ $0.65 USD
God's Plan $0.50 USD
Hope Beyond the Grave - (DOWNLOADABLE) $0.50 USD
Hope for a Fear-filled World - (DOWNLOADABLE) $0.50 USD
How to Study the Bible and Have It Make Sense - (DOWNLOADABLE) $0.20 USD
I Will Come Again - (DOWNLOADABLE) $0.25 USD
Our Lord's Return $0.10 USD
Why God Permits Evil $0.50 USD