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Meal replacements like soylent and mealsquares. Sure, you could take the time and effort to source cheaper, tastier, balanced diets, but freeing up some of that energy can actually be a great trade off in many situations. I didn't realize how stressed food was making me until I made it optional.

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A more rational response to being stressed by food is to learn how to cook.

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Knowing how to cook doesn't have any affect on the stress of having to piece together an entire (healthy) meal, and then having to actually make it.

edit: Let me further clarify my point with the fact of the eternal debate of "So what are we going to eat tonight?" That question can literally take hours to answer, and then cooking time is added on top of that once something is actually decided.

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If you are literally spending hours worrying about what you are going to eat for dinner and aren't starving to death, you should reconsider somethings

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Living in a household of people with polar opposite diets makes deciding dinner incredibly difficult.

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Make your own food then. It shouldn't take hours to decide, that's insane.

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If you live in a household of babies then every baby just write down EVERYTHING they can eat. Then the master baby just needs to compile a list of foodstuffs that the group all can eat. This will ensure that every baby in the household is happy.

This shouldnt take longer than 3 hours, it will literally save you time after 1 night of deciding what food to make.

Or you know, everyone could stop being such whiny lil babies and just widen their scope of what they can eat. Fucking picky eaters, just learn to enjoy the food, its not that hard.

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So buy your own food and have everyone eat whatever they want. If you're going to a restaurant, you don't all decide to order the same thing.

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And somehow all of those people will decide drinking Soylent is a good idea?

Soylent just becomes another meal option when deciding, a non appealing one at that.

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Isn't Soylent horribly expensive?

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And they're all satisfied by Soylent?

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I'm (sort of) sorry, but do you have some kind of mental disorder?

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Sure, you could take the time and effort to source cheaper, tastier, balanced diets

I can, and I do.

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Looks like you struck a chord.

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I really don't think this many people actually think soylent is a good idea. I would be willing to bet soylent employees are posting here.

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You'd be surprised how many people basically eat nothing but fast food because cooking and cleaning up is too much work for them. Soylent type things are an easy solution and way better than their current fast food plan. The reality of course is that "potatoes, carrot, broccoli, cheese" covers you and can be trivially prepared and stores well as leftovers, and is way cheaper than soylent.

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This thread is making me hungry...

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Don't play the shill gambit. There are plenty of reasons that this is fucking stupid without accusing people of shilling--let's stick to those.

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Reddit is a pretty common target for astroturfing. It's also probably one of the only places they'll be able to get customers. It wouldn't be that big of a stretch for them to post here.

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Its people!!

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  • not all humans have the same nutritional needs

  • it's not proven that soylent actually works as a meal replacement in the long term

  • you'd get sick of eating it pretty quickly

  • eating can be fun, the idea of having some kind of nutrient paste and using it instead of food is kind of depressing

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Isn't Soylent people anyway? (Why did they think that was a good name?)

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Yeah I want to trust my nutrition to a bunch of bros when there are already such things as meal replacements on the market.

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I can't believe they named it Soylent.

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Its obscure enough of a reference that most people won't be disgusted when they hear it for the first time, and its funny enough for the people who get it right off the bat to remember it and become a fan just for the namesake.

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"Soylent Green is People!"

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But soylent is made of people...

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This is very strange foreign logic to me, but I cannot ignore how much sense it makes. That being said, a little planning seems to be what you are missing, it's not hard to plan out your meals in advance and stick to the plan.

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Apparently this is just as weird as my husband makes it out to be. I refer to meals as "problems" as in "I will require sustenance. What's the cheapest, lowest effort way to serve that need without eating something totally awful?" He's appalled that something as "beautiful and wholesome" as deciding, making, and eating food is considered a chore by me... and apparently so does most of r/frugal.

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Not even cheaper really. Sure if you go with the official soylent it's pretty expensive compared to cooking, but I've been doing the diy soylents, and I've gotten to under $3/day. By far the cheapest and healthiest way to eat that I can think of.

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Ya 2 or 3 bucks for a meal replacement beats going out and spending 5-7 on shitty fast food, or 10-20 on actual lunch. It's faster and healthier! Good one!

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Meal replacement shakes aren't that cheap. Soylent and the such are at least $10-$15/day.

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They're not selling these things yet.

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Yes they are (selling Soylent), they are just backlogged. Current new orders have a 4-5 month waiting period, resupplies are 1-2 weeks.

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How the fuck are they backlogged 5 months on a food product.

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Because lazy people are easy to market to.

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or people who want to be the healthiest they can possibly be, save a bunch of time, and not break the bank.

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Except there is no indication they are any more healthy than anyone else, and they are expensive as hell. You seriously can't figure out how to make mashed potatoes?

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Be more constructive with your feedback. What words are you having a hard time with?

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All of them, I suspect.

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It takes me about 10 minutes of prep work about twice a week to make healthy, complete, nutritious meals. And they taste amazing. I guarantee you spend more than our $25/week per person in soylent.

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Because they had no idea how stupid people are. You have to be near brain dead to think Soylent is a good idea. It turns out that their advertising found more of these idiots than anyone could have anticipated.

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Why do you think this is such a bad idea? I've got no ideological problems with a shelf stable healthy meal, I'd buy a few to check it out. But their marketing is silly, buy a year's supply 6 months ahead of time.

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There are options that are cheaper, "healthier", tastier, and as shelf stable all at the same time. Ensure Plus + Protein Powder is just one example.

If you want to add just a bit more work as in open cans and heating a plate, canned meat and veggies work also and are much cheaper while offering a very wide variety of options.

Also keep in mind that Soylent must be consumed in 2000cal increments in 48hrs once opened and mixed. The other options allow you to dial portions in based on your needs.

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Ensure Plus + Protein Powder is just one example.

But Ensure is for old people! I'm a young, urban, creative professional. I cant be seen consuming something like Ensure. In between my tech startup work and my underground DJ gigs, I need more than just nutrition - I need a nutritional lifestyle. Ensure can't offer that. Soylent™ can.

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I always thought Soylent would be much better implemented as a big ass can of soup you eat every day. You could have different flavors, or split it up into 3 cans. It's a good idea, I'm just not sure I'd buy it from these guys.

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So... canned soup? They sell that at the grocery store.

[–]fuckyoubarry 10 points11 points

Of course they sell food already. I get that. This is marketing. But they haven't marketed soup by saying "This soup is nutritionally complete. You can eat nothing but this soup, and not get rickets or some shit. You can eat one big ass can of this soup every day, nothing else, and you won't get fat or get scurvy. " That's how they're selling soylent.

I would totally buy a can of that soup.

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This made me lol pretty good :D I thank you.

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They do not sell nutritionally complete soup at the grocery store. Why do so many people have such a hardon for hating soylent that they repeat completely stupid nonsense like that?

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What the heck is Soylent??

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An expensive gainer shake that is marketed towards tech-savvy people would want to eliminate the hassles of food from their existence aka idiots.

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You have to be near brain dead to think Soylent is a good idea.

You better watch out, if your mind gets any more closed it might cause a headache.

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You better watch out, if your mind gets any more closed it might cause a headache.

I don't think you know how heads work. Usually adding more holes isn't good.

That being said, feel free to tell me why it's a good idea. I've listed numerous reasons in the thread why it is a bad one.