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Announcing The Leading Change Institute
Programs have lifecycles. They are designed to meet a specific need. Over time, needs change. Programs often undergo continuous improvement and modification to adapt to changing circumstances.

We believe that the information technology and library community's needs and approaches are significantly different than in the past. We believe we should call attention to this different direction. As a result, we are changing the expectations, the curriculum, and the name of CLIR and EDUCAUSE's premier leadership development program which was first called the Digital Leadership Institute, then the Frye Leadership Institute.

The successor to the Frye Leadership Institute, the Leading Change Institute, is built upon the very successful model introduced in June 2012. Leadership is about accepting challenges that have no clear answers, retaining fundamental values yet creating new approaches. We learn best from one another and from acknowledged leaders in conversation, consultation, and active dialogue. The Leading Change Institute does what the words denote: we accept the leadership challenges of our time and we exchange ideas, ways of working together and practical solutions and we keep the largest goal—the advancement of higher education—at the center of our thinking.

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