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Lyn Lomasi is the Community Manager & Advocate at Yahoo Contributor Network. Email her with community issues, concerns, & ideas ( Read her tips for success on the official YCN blog. Find more tips at, part of Write W.A.V.E. Media, a group of websites Lyn founded to spotlight writers for their existing work and teach them how to succeed. She's been contributing to YCN since 2007 and previously acted as a Community Guide. Her work is featured across Yahoo verticals & all over the web. Catch this momtrepreneur cheering on her children, the Denver Nuggets, and fellow writers.

Basically, she's an internet and content pro. She's a giver and seeker of love & truth in everything at all costs, advocating for just causes and for the voiceless among all creatures, human or otherwise. Her jungle of a family is currently being raised in the Denver area. On her downtime (wait, she has some?!...), she enjoys yoga, hiking, writing (yes, more of it), photography, music, and film.

From parenting techniques, to energy usage, to humane animal treatment, homeless aid, reducing waste and more, Lyn is committed to saving the Earth as a whole. For this self-made momtrepreneur, green living and sustainability is not about a few small product choices. It s a way of life and a labor of love.

The meaning of Lyn is “waterfalls” and Lomasi means Pretty Flower . When the water falls, a pretty flower emerges. As such, Lyn strives to live by these words from Luther Burbank: Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
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  • Cool Games for a Boy's Sleepover
    "Please don't embarrass me, Mom." Your son is pleading with you to show him mercy at his sleepover. He has invited all of his friends and he wants cool games that are appropriate for a boy's sleepover.
  • Important Breast Milk Research May Change Feeding Methods
    Did you know that the time breast milk is expressed could affect the way your baby sleeps? If you've been expressing and storing breast milk, you may rethink your strategy after reading the latest breast milk research on sleep benefits to babies.
  • The First Time a Baby Sleeps Through the Night
    While I love the one-on-one time spent with each one of my kids as they were babies, crying at one o'clock, then two, then three, then four, and so on, one of the most accomplished motherhood moments is getting a baby to sleep through the night.
  • How Much Sleep Do Babies and Children Need?
    As a mother to children of various ages and stages, I have studied and dealt with various aspects related to children and sleep. My nannying experience with kids of varied ages also contributed in that regard.
  • Never Put a Baby to Sleep on an Air Mattress
    The CPSC is warning parents and adults not to place infants to sleep on an air mattress. Babies can suffocate from this safety hazard.
  • Get Your Children to Sleep Soundly Using Suggestive Thought
    There are many methods for getting children to sleep. They all work in different ways. My 4 year old daughter actually got me to invent this method. If I had thought of this method during earlier parenting days. it may well have eliminated some stress.
  • Keyboard Sleeping
    Here's a poem all writers will relate to.
  • Children Who Bully or Show Aggressiveness May Have a Sleep Disorder
    As reported on Science Daily, a sleep disorder may be the reason for the bullying and aggressive behaviors that are commonplace for school-aged children.

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