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Lyn Lomasi is the Community Manager & Advocate at Yahoo Contributor Network. Email her with community issues, concerns, & ideas ( Read her tips for success on the official YCN blog. Find more tips at, part of Write W.A.V.E. Media, a group of websites Lyn founded to spotlight writers for their existing work and teach them how to succeed. She's been contributing to YCN since 2007 and previously acted as a Community Guide. Her work is featured across Yahoo verticals & all over the web. Catch this momtrepreneur cheering on her children, the Denver Nuggets, and fellow writers.

Basically, she's an internet and content pro. She's a giver and seeker of love & truth in everything at all costs, advocating for just causes and for the voiceless among all creatures, human or otherwise. Her jungle of a family is currently being raised in the Denver area. On her downtime (wait, she has some?!...), she enjoys yoga, hiking, writing (yes, more of it), photography, music, and film.

From parenting techniques, to energy usage, to humane animal treatment, homeless aid, reducing waste and more, Lyn is committed to saving the Earth as a whole. For this self-made momtrepreneur, green living and sustainability is not about a few small product choices. It s a way of life and a labor of love.

The meaning of Lyn is “waterfalls” and Lomasi means Pretty Flower . When the water falls, a pretty flower emerges. As such, Lyn strives to live by these words from Luther Burbank: Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
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  • Kids and Pets: Make a Coconut Shell Hamster House
    We like to take care of the pets in the most natural ways possible. So we are always coming up with new ways to make them feel like they are in their natural environment. Because of this, our rescued hamsters recently got houses made of coconut shells.
  • Kids and Pets: Ways Teens Can Volunteer to Help Animals
    Teenager constantly talking about animals? One of these options may be available to your teen at a local animal rescue or shelter. Your teen can talk to the staff to find out which options are available for those under 18, as well as the qualifications.
  • Kids and Pets: Important Lessons from Hamster Care
    Based on our family's experiences, there are many important life lessons kids can learn from hamster care. While this wasn't our intention when the kids began rescuing hamsters, we quickly learned that hamsters can teach kids a thing or two.
  • Can Hamsters Be Housed Together in the Same Cage?
    Can hamsters be housed together? That depends on many factors. As a pet grandparent who's had experience with several hamsters, I can tell you with experience that it largely depends on each situation.
  • How to Teach Kids to Care for Pets
    "Please, Mommy. Pleeeeaaaase! He's soooo cuuute!!" If your kids are begging you to get a pet, think first before making that purchase. Many pets are bought on an impulse, which is sometimes not a good thing. Before you bring an animal into your home, be sure you teach your kids how to care for pets.
  • Can Kids Care for a Hamster with Special Needs?
    On a family visit to the local pet shelter, your kids see a cute little fuzzy hamster. This hamster has special needs and requires some extra care. Can kids care for a hamster with special needs?
  • Misconceptions About Rats as Pets for Kids
    Many people are afraid of rats to begin with. So when they think of their kids playing with them, it gives them chills. I recently wrote an article about why rats make good pets for kids. I was surprised at all the misinformation about rats and kids.
  • How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally
    My top concerns when repelling insects are safety for the kids and pets, safety for the planet, and being as humane as possible. Here are some effective natural ant repellents that have all or some of those qualities.
  • Should You Enter Your Pet in a Photo Contest?
    You're perusing a magazine or website and notice they are holding a contest. Should you enter your pet in a free photo contest? How do you know if the contest is really the best thing for you and your pet?
  • How Some Pet Parents Celebrate Mother's Day
    This Mother's Day will be very special because I have 4 more kids to celebrate it with. Don't worry, I don't multiply that fast. Although, some might beg to differ. i recently asked other pet moms how they were celebrating Mother's Day.
  • Should My Kids Be in Charge of the Pets on a Road Trip?
    Packing up all the kids and pets can be very stressful in itself. Add on the responsibility of caring for all of them and it can get pretty overwhelming. Can your kids help care for the pets during a road trip? More to the point, can they do it all?
  • Why Kids and Pets Make a Great Mix
    Ever since I was a child, I have always been drawn to animals. I now witness the same connection to animals in my own kids. Whether your kids have a natural desire toward animals or it needs to be developed, kids and pets can make a great mix.
  • Should I Let My Child Have a Pet Rat?
    When you visit the pet store or animal shelter, rats can look so cute and cuddly - and they are. But, should you really let your child have a pet rat? As a mom who has made this decision before, I know full well the responsibility it takes.
  • With so Many Rescued Animals in Need, Why Do We Need Pet Stores?
    A pet store may be the first place you think of when you want to bring home a furry friend. If pet stores ceased to exist, perhaps more animals in need would be adopted in time to avoid euthanization. Do we even need pet stores?
  • Helping Kids Care for Their First Hamster
    "Aww, mommy, they're so cute! Can I have one?" Hamsters may be small and cute. But they require more responsibility than one may think at first glance. Hamsters can make good pets for kids. But parents will need to help initially.
  • When a Child's Pet Dies
    Recently, my kids lost a family pet. It was hard but some of the things I did helped them understand and get through it. When a child's pet dies, it's never fun. But you can help the process go more smoothly.
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  • Are Shelter Pets Safe for Tweens?
    When looking for your tween's first or additional pet, an animal shelter may not be the first place you think of. Are shelter pets safe for tweens?
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  • 5 Ways to Ensure Your Dog Stays Healthy
    A healthy dog is a happy one and if you are a pet parent, their happiness is top on your list. Health is essential at all stages.There are simple everyday actions you can take to ensure your dog stays healthy as he grows older.
  • 5 Ways to Be Green with Hamster Care
    Hamsters are already considered one of the most green pets to have. But that doesn't mean you can't take it a step further and be even more green with your hamster's care. Our family is always looking for more ways to be green and save money.
  • Should You Adopt a Stray Animal with Kids in the House?
    Is there a stray animal hanging around your house? Does your family have a desire to adopt that animal as a pet? before taking in stray pet when there are kids around, be sure to follow important health and safety rules.
  • Homemade Hamster Treats: The Perfect Gift for Hamster Lovers
    Looking for the perfect gift for a hamster lover in your life? Because the kids and I spoil our hamsters, I am often thinking of new things they will enjoy. These homemade hamster treats in pouches will be adorable to the pet owner.
  • Which Pet is Best for Your Kids?
    Not every pet fits in every home. How do you decide which pet is right for your kids? Perhaps my advice as a mother of children with pets (who are researching for one or two more) can help you in your search.
  • Parents, Please Educate Your Kids Before Adopting a Pet
    Our cute little fuzzy family member wasn't always so happy. His situation is one of thousands involving pets of all kinds that constantly urge me to tell parents to please educate their kids before ever adopting a pet.
  • Parenting Guru: Family means everything and the rest is subjective
    Sitting in my mom and her soulmate's newly purchased house surrounded by them, my kids, my brother, and the pets, you couldn't help but notice the happiness. Part of it is of course the excitement over Mom's new house and part of it may be the fact that we get to see each other this Thanksgiving and
  • User post: How to Tell Your Child 'No' to Having a Pet
    She's begging you for the hundredth time today with that sweet look on her face and you can't bear to say no. But you know you have no choice right now. How do you tell your child you are not getting a pet? This can be especially difficult if she's had her eye on a specific pet and fallen in love al
  • How to Tell Your Child 'No' to Having a Pet
    She's begging you for the hundredth time today with that sweet look on her face and you can't bear to say no. But you know you have no choice right now. How do you tell your child you are not getting a pet?
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  • Englewood Family Matters: How and Where to Adopt Pets
    Your little girl comes to you with big puppy dog eyes and excitement in her face. It's unmistakable! You know what she wants '" a pet. Is a pet right for your family? What type? Where can you adopt a pet in Englewood, CO?
  • Eco-Friendly Stain Removal: Deodorant
    Got white marks from your deodorant? Toddler smashed the deodorant into the carpet or furniture? It's usually not too hard to remove and can be done naturally.
  • Eco-Friendly Stain Removal: Chocolate
    Who doesn't love chocolate? It's good in the mouth, but not on your clothing, carpets and furniture. These all-natural eco-friendly solutions can help clean up that chocolate stain both effectively and safely.
  • Meet AC Contributor Lisa Kay
    recently was able to interview AC Contributor Lisa Kay. She's been with AC since February of 2009 and writes informative articles on parenting, health, gardening, pets, homeschooling, and more. Read on to find out more about Lisa Kay.
  • Meet AC Contributor Peter Flom
    I recently interviewed Associated Content Contributor Peter Flom. He has been a member of AC since July of 2009 and somehow manages to be a father, a statistician and a writer all at once. A wide variety of topics can be found in his AC library.
  • How to Use Tea Tree Oil as Insect Repellent
    Tired of spraying so many chemicals to get rid of pests? Need something a little less intoxicating to you, your kids, your plants, and your pets? Tea tree oil is a great natural insect repellent. Best of all, it works on plants, pets, and people.
  • Organic Flower Gardening for Beginners
    Organic flower gardening is not only healthy for the environment, but also is healthy for people and pets. It may seem hard to maintain an organic garden, but it can be quite easy to care for and maintain a healthy and vibrant organic flower garden.
  • 2009 Doodle 4 Google Contest
    Google has announced its second annual "Doodle for Google" contest, in which kids compete to design the next Google logo. Kids in grade Kindergarten on up to grade 12 can enter the contest through their teachers at school. Homeschools are welcome.
  • Super Bowl Party Snacks & Recipes: Mama's Seven-Layer Dip
    It's Super Bowl time and you need some snacks and appetizers to feed all those hungry people in your living room. This is one of those Super Bowl party snacks that really could be a meal to some.
  • Free Printable 2009 NFL Playoff Brackets
    Free printable NFL playoff brackets are a great way to compete with friends, families, and co-workers. It also is quicker to print these out than to design your own NFL playoff brackets.
  • America and Why We Love Celebrity Gossip Magazines so Much
    America seems to have an insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip and constantly is printing and buying magazines reflecting that. But why?
  • T-Mobile G1: Can the New Googlephone Compete with the Apple iPhone?
    According to Wired, together with T-Mobile, Google has come up with the new T-Mobile G1, or Googlephone. But, can it compete with the popular Apple iPhone?
  • Beatrix Potter's Birthday Invokes Warm Family Memories
    The moment I realized Monday, July 28, was Beatrix Potter's birthday, I knew I had to say something about this special author. She has held the interest of adults and children for years, especially with her Tale of Peter Rabbit.
  • 4 Finger Foods Your Toddler Will Grasp Willingly
    Since toddlers practically live off of finger food, it's important to have a little variety. However, that can sometimes seem impossible for finger foods. They can sometimes get repetitive and boring for your toddler, leading to picky eaters and loss of interest.
  • Jordin Sparks, American Idol Winner, Signs to 19Recordings/Jive Records
    Jordin Sparks first graced America's presence on the stages of American Idol, where she won the title of American Idol. Jordin was the youngest contestant to win the American Idol competition. Now, Miss Sparks has signed to 19Recordings/Jive records.
  • How to Care for an Anole Lizard as a Pet
    Anole lizards are very common in the wild. Many people have them in their homes as pets. You can also find them in many pet stores. Read more to learn the basics of caring for them.

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