• Preconfigured Hypersin Systems
    & Hard Drives
  • All media and emulators included
  • Simple 30 minute setup

Stop wasting countless hours configuring Hyperspin. Let me handle that for you.

About Home Arcade Systems

Contrary to popular belief, Hyperspin can be a beast to take on. Especially, if you don't have a technical background. My pre-configured drives allow you to quickly and easily get Hyperpsin up and running so you can dig right in to your favorite retro game without the hassle of sleepless nights of configuration.

not technical?

Installation scripts will walk you through the installation of all the needed runtimes used be various emulators. All System builds come pre-configured and ready to play.

Email Support

Run in to a problem. Not every machine can run every emulator, but I can usually find a way to make things work.

Pre-Configured Controls

With your drive, you will receive a license for Xpadder, which comes with pre-configured profiles that work with all 118 emualtors.

Play your favorite systems

On top of all you favorite Hyperpsin systems. The drive also incorporates Steam and XBMC to make the most out of your entertainment system.

Home Arcade Solutions

Whether you want a complete system or a pre-configured hard drive. I can help you get Hyperpsin up and running in a matte of minutes, not months.

up to date

I synch my master Hyperspin drive about 3 times a month. So all drives and software are up to the latest versions. I also put out a frequent list of updated emulators every month so you will know when a new version has been released making updating your system a seamless process. I also keep Hyperspin and HyperslaunchHQ frequently updated when a new version is released.

Hard Drives

If you already have a retro gaming system or an arcade, then this is the best solution for you. Each drive comes pre-configured with 115 systems on the Hyperpsin wheel. Each system has all currently available themes, system and game movie previews, Auto Rom Downloader, up to date modules, 118 pre-configured emulators and more. The drive also includes a setup script that will walk you through installing the necessary files to ensure all emulators run properly, as well as full step by step walk thru videos guiding you throughout the entire process.

Custom Built Arcade Machines

Don't feel like starting from scratch? I can build custom cabinet and home theather PC's for you. Each machine is pre-configured with the latest Hyperspin, all updates, media, themes, etc... In addition, it's also pre-configured for i-pac, X-Arcade Tank stick and Xbox 360 controllers.

Future Updates

Whenever I add new additions to my current system, you will automatically get an email with a download link so you too can add the latest systems to you arcade machine. If you don't want the update, you can simply skip it. It's completely up to you what gets added to your arcade or home theather machine.


I offer 5 day support (Monday - Friday) when I'm available, which is most of the time. If I'm not currently free, then you and I can work out a time that fits both our schedules. I can provide phone or remote login support. I answer all emails almost immediately (no matter where I'm at) and rarely ever will one slip by.

World Wide Shipping

I ship to almost every country in the world. Currently I have shipped products to over 80 countries and counting. All shipping is done USPS priority mail with full value insurance and tracking.

Re-Experience Retro Gaming

Emulators have come a long way over the years and your machine can now play all the retro games you once grew up on. Each of my systems or hard drives includes:

  • The latest version of Hyperspin and Hyperlaunch
  • All available game and system themes and media,
  • Over 115 pre-configured and up to date emulators.
  • Installation videos to guide you through the setup process and installation scripts
  • Over 118 Systems Pre-configured on the Hyperspin Wheel

Within a hour of installing your new hard drive you will be playing those games you remember as a child. If you order a system, then you simply plug it, grab a controller, select a game and enjoy.

North Preview

How much time will I save

configured emulators

Hypersin Wheels

+ supported games

Minute Setup

Once a Gamer. Always a gamer

You're never too old to pickup a controller and play a video game. Whether it's old or new. Home Arcade Systems has you covered.

Why Choose Home Arcade Systems?

With expertise in several areas of home arcades; I can ease the process by providing a perfectly working arcade software system while you focus on the details of your new cabinet.

If you consider the cost of the drive and how much your time is worth, then purchasing a pre-configured drive is an absolute no brainer. You can waste precious months configuring your system if you were to start from scratch, plus you have to buy a large enough size hard drive to run everything. You'll save thousands with one of Home Arcade System's drive or Custom builds and countless months.

Whether you plan on using an I-Pac, J-Pac, Zippy, X-Arcade products, or just use simple Xbox 360 controller. Your system or drive will be completely compatible with all controller types. Each controller type may take a little re-configuring to fit your needs. But, that can generally be accomplished in less than a hour.

If you choose, you will receive frequent update emails when new features, systems, or themes have been added. This gives you the option to download and update your arcade or home theather PC's Hyperspin system.

Simple and Easy
Configuring a arcade system can be a frustrating process. Let Home Arcade Systems take your frustrations and turn it in to a new fun and family experience. Your arcade will be up and running within a day.
You have the ability to add and remove systems that you only want to display on your systems. It's a very easy process to add and or remove content from your arcade system,
Future Updates
When I release an update to the wheel you get it free of charge. You don't have to pay $100 a year for themes and another $100 a year for media. I provide those updates free of charge.

Pricing and Products

Prices for custom builds are dependent upon the hardware requested the client. Check my YouTube channel for some of my latest builds.

$400 4TB


  • latest Hyperspin
  • 115 System Wheels
  • includes all media and themes
buy now

$450 5TB


  • latest Hyperspin
  • 115 System Wheels
  • includes all media and themes
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Custom Drives

  • latest Hyperspin
  • Configured the way you want it
  • Choose your systems
  • includes all media and themes



  • 100% Hardware Compatibility
  • Builds start at $1500
  • delivered ready to play
  • full factory warranties
  • available worldwide