Hamed's Homepage

Here's a list of my research projects. My research interests are:

  • Interpretive Signal Processing
  • We are using the Signal Processing algorithms for Non-numeric signals or sequences. Non-numeric signals are sequences defined over a finite set of alphbet. Signal Processing algorithms are defined over numeric signals. Using these algorithms for these sequences is challengeable. [read more]
  • Signal Processing and Its Applications
  • I'm interested in the Signal Processing field. I think that this field is the confluence between mathematics and reality. All of the applications in the Signal Processing including Biomedical Signal Processing, Telecommunication Systems, are the examples of the reality.
  • Digital System Design
  • Digital devices have surrounded us today. My major at BSc. was Computer Hardware Engineering and I'm so interested in hardware design using Hardware Description Language (HDL) on FPGAs. For designing hardware on FPGAs the Signal Processing and Digital Design concepts are necessary and Fortunately, I'm interested in both of them. [read more]
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • My major at MSc. was Artificial Intelligence. Human is considered an intelligent agent by the researchers in this field and scientists in this area are trying to develop and build systems and agents that are very similar to the human. Many projects have been defined for achieving this goal, including designing robots with different applications, processing of the medicine signals (ECG, EEG, etc.) and images (MRI, Ct, etc.) for diagnosing diseases and developing variuos classifiers for automatically classifying objects. One of my interest in this field is applying the Machine Learning methods for Signal Processing problems. I believe that The Signal Processing and Machine Learning have useful solutions for each other. [read more]

And here is a list of my previous projects:

  • Malware Behaviour Analysis using Machine Learning Techniques (2009 - 2010)
  • Malware is a software which its goal is doing malicious tasks in computer systems. They change their behaviour frequenctly for being undetectable today. Therefore, the scientists are trying to learn the behaviour of these softwares and detect them automatically.
  • Implementation of Sobel algorithm (an Edge Detection image processing algorithm) using Verilog HDL and FPGA (2009)
  • In this project we established the RS232 and USB connections of the ALTERA FPGA board with the computer and implemented the Sobel algorithm. Then, uploaded an RGB picture on FPGA's RAM via the RS232 connection and applied the algorithm on that picture. After all, transmitted the edited picture via the USB connections in the computer.
  • Project Suggestion Management System using JSP and MySQL (2008)
  • Using the JSP (Java Server Pages) and MySQL (database), I implemented a project suggestions system. Web users in this system can suggest the projects to teachers. The teachers can accept or reject the suggested projects and write comment for them. This system has an admin for defining the users and the teachers and managing them.
  • Driving a Stepper Motor with the AVR Microprocessor (2007)
  • In this project, we designed and programmed an AVR microprocessor for driving the stepper motor.
  • Designing of a 16-bit pipeline MIPS processor using Verilog HDL (2007)
  • This project was one of my projects that motivates me for designing the digital systems using HDL. In this project, Hamid (one of my best friends) and I developed this pipeline processor using Verilog. This processor had the main operators like addition, subtraction, logical operators, etc.