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Precision Machining and Workers' Compensation Insurance in Illinois

For various and sundry technical reasons, the single most common premium overcharge that AIM finds for clients in our home state of Illinois affects machine shops that do precision machining of parts for customers on a job shop basis.

This overcharge is so prevalent that we urge all precision machining shops in Illinois to let us do a quick review of their past & current workers' compensation insurance charges. After all, since we work on a contingent-fee basis, there is absolutely no cost involved in having AIM perform such a review--and the result of such a review could be a windfall refund of tens of thousands of dollars.

If your company does precision machining and is located in Illinois, you really owe it to yourself to let AIM check over your workers' comp premiums. We may well have already have gotten large refunds for some of your competitors (and in the process lowered their current and future Workers' Compensation premiums significantly).

Consider all these precision machining shops that AIM has helped by getting significant refunds & reductions on past and present workers' comp premiums:

  • A & B Machine Works Chicago, IL
  • A C Products Lombard, IL
  • AGS Machine Co. Bensenville, IL
  • Alster Engineering Chicago, IL
  • Chicago Hi Speed Tool Chicago, IL
  • Cy-Tec DeKalb, IL
  • Daco, Inc. Aurora, IL
  • Davis Machine Company Joliet, IL
  • Drill Rod & Tool Steel Franklin Park, IL
  • Elite Machining, Inc. Chicago Ridge, IL
  • Hadady Machining Lansing, IL
  • Haveco Tool Lake Villa, IL
  • Helio Precision Lake Bluff, IL
  • Kemp Manufacturing Co. Peoria Heights, IL
  • Kohl & Vick Machine Works River Grove, IL
  • Morgan Bronze Products Wauconda, IL
  • Orland Machine Mokena, IL
  • Polar Tool & Manufacturing Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Precision Group, Inc. Rockford, IL
  • Q Industries Arlington Heights, IL
  • Qualitek Manufacturing Gurnee, IL
  • Rice Precision Addison, IL
  • Savex Manufacturing Company Carol Stream, IL
  • SunCorp Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Surface Finishes Addison, IL
  • Tri-City Machine Products Peoria, IL
  • Triumph Machine Joliet, IL
  • Ultimate Machining Plainfield, IL
  • V Brothers Machine Corp. Cicero, IL
  • R.A. Zweig, Inc. Skokie, IL

How expensive can these overcharges be? For one of the above instance, $23,439 was the refund we produced. And for another we got back $51,851. It all depends on how much premium your shop pays for workers' comp each year, and how many years you've been overcharged.

And remember, our service involves making no change in your insurance agent or your insurance company.

Why not call Advanced Insurance Management at 1-800-288-9256 or email and at least discuss what's involved in having AIM check over your premium charges? It could be the most profitable call you make all year.

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  • Advanced Insurance Management LLC
  • 3230 South Harlem Avenue,  Suite 203
  • Riverside, IL 60546
  • contact us:phone: 800-288-9256