Living Dentons

Here are some pictures of us -- living Denton Family researchers!
(My, aren't we the most attractive family?!?!)

Sue Montgomery with her daughter, Darcy Dunaway Cole
January 2002

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Steve Denton
Steve is a descendant of David and Elizabeth Gwin Denton

Our Australian cousin, proud grandpa, Billy Ralph Furm Denton, Jr. has shared this
new photograph of his family, taken in October 1999.
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Chantell Sharmain Jessie, Daniel James and Joshua Billy
Chantell was delivered at home by her daddy and her Grandpa!

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Stelle Denton Anthony


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Here is a photograph of Mary Morris Goldman and her husband Gilbert.  Mary is the granddaughter of Mary Emily Denton and William Wesley Cornwall.


Barbara Denton Brassell
Barbara is the daughter of Henry Roe and Aline Officer Denton and granddaughter of Henry Clay and Elizabeth Jane Carter Denton.  Henry Clay was the son of Robert Ward and Emily Roe Denton.

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Barbara and Marion Denton
Christmas 1998.

Jim Denton is a long-time Denton researcher from Mobile, Alabama.

Here's our cousin, Carol Jean Denton Smith from Oregon!

Thanks to Roy Denton for sending the following pictures of his family!

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Here is the family of is of Steve and Cynthia Denton.  (Cynthia is fourth cousin to Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and 36th cousin to Queen Elizabeth!)  Steve, of course,  has us Dentons for cousins!  The picture shows Steve and Cynthia with son Gary in the back.    Son Jeffrey is to the right and daughter Kathleen is in the middle.   This branch of our family is very accomplished and live in California. 

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Dean Denton, who has sent many pictures of his ancestors, has also sent this current photo of his family!  The back row from left to right are:  Dean's sister Sandy LoDolce with her daughter Maria, Dean's sons Jeff and Andy and his wife Nancy, Dean himself and his brother Rob.  Middle row shows Dean's aunt Hazel Denton, Theresa LoDolce, Catherine Denton (Dean's Mom).  In the front row is Dean's daughter Laura Denton and Catherine and Lisa LoDolce.

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Thanks to Nelson and Tracy Denton for sending this picture of their wedding!  From left are John Robert Young, Simon Denton Young, Claire Alayne Young, Nelson and Tracy, Nelson's mother Marion Valerie Pugh Denton, his sisters, Liane Alayne Denton Young and Valerie Janine Denton. 
This is the family of R. A. Denton & Son Pipe Organs!

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Here's Lewis Denton! 

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Here is our Aussie Cousin, Bill Denton's family at home in Australia:   (Clockwise from upper right)  Billy Ralph Furm Denton, Jr. (our Aussie cuz) and his children, Kyleen Michelle, Shereen Danielle, grandson Daniel, son Paul with his son Joshua.

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Here is Bill's mother with her two great-grandchildren, Daniel James and Joshua Billy, taken recently in Australia.