Master Cayenne Pepper Pricing List

If you are interested in buying or getting more information about any particular cayenne pepper product below, simply click on any area associated with the product. You will then be transported the the relevant page for that product.

Be advised that the "quantity" drop-down box and "add to cart" options do not work as this is a master graphic file. For the record, I recommend the organic options.

cayenne pepper capsules - 100 per bottle Cayenne Pepper Capsules - 500/bag Cayenne Pepper Powder 160k 1lb Cayenne Pepper Powder 90khu 1lb Cayenne Pepper Powder 40SHU 1lb Cayenne Pepper 90k SHU 4oz Cayenne Pepper 40kSHU 4oz Organic Cayenne Pepper 35k shu 2.2 oz Organic Cayenne Powder 35k shu 2oz Organic Birdseye Peppers 110SHU 1 lb Cayenne Pepper Extract Organic 1 oz Cayenne Pepper Extract Organic 4 oz
Here are some other options that you might find interesting. The organic cayenne powder 35k HU (heat units) one pound is a good option for beginners.
              organic cayenne pepper 90k SHU 2 oz       organic cayenne pepper 90k 1lb    organic cayenne pepper 35k SHU 1lb     organic cayenne pepper 160k 2 oz                 

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