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A letter written by
Robert Lee Denton (1901-1992)

Bob was the son of Horace Bruner and Mattie Denton.
Horace's parents were Thomas and Mollie Newman Denton.
Mattie's parents were Calvin and Nancy Emma Vaughn Denton.

Thanks so much to Tom Perry for sharing this letter
from his cousin to the family.

(Apparently the family had a tradition of a 'round robin' letter that was constantly being forwarded around the members who added information and pictures.)

Midland, Texas
November 7, 1990

Dear Denton Kinsmen various:

About thirty years ago, more or less, I heard about the 'Round Robin letter' from Bess Perry, but I never saw one until today when Marge Denton let me read the one at hand.  I now take the liberty of adding a few lines and a picture and I'll turn it all back to Marge for forwarding.  Seems that I know Uncle Will's children and that is about all, who participate in the "RR" letter.

I think I can enjoy it -- I believe I am the only DOUBLE DENTON in the family.  My mother was a Denton -- a sister to Aunt Sallie Queener, Uncle Will, Uncle Henry Denton, Uncle John Denton, aunt Bertha Toomey, all of whom have passed on.  I talk by telephone with Mildred Denton white in Knoxville, Tennessee, Johnye Queener -- correction, Johnye Denton Queener McClure.  (The name Denton was given to Johnye as part of her Christian name -- she still lives in Sacramento.  I correspond with her and Vivian Queener, Robert's widow.  I visited Johnye several times in Etowah, Knoxville, El Paso and Stockton, Cal.  (I've traveled much of my life, and railroaded 16 years.  I'm still a railroad buff -- if any of you is a rail buff I'd like to know it -- I write railroad stories -- have one in the current December issue of Trains Magazine.)

Uncle John Denton, Buford Queener, and Lynn Denton all worked at one time for the L&N Railroad at Etowah, Tenn.  I made two trips to East Tenn. when I was 8 and 11 years old, with Uncle Henry Denton who then lived in Prosper, Texas.  Years later, I worked a year & half for Southern Rwy., Asheville div.  I was a telegraph operator & station agent until the Big Depression hit me in 1935 -- then I went to Magnolia Pipe Line -- worked 33 years for them and Mobile Oil Co.  Now I'm working part time for Navajo Refining Co. of Artesia, New Mexico as Crude Oil purchaser.

I nearly lost Faye this year.  An attack of aneurysm hit heron Dec. 30, 189.  She was too old for surgery, so she was in the hospital and nursing home here until Sept. 18.  8-1/2 months.  (We've been in Midland 47 years.)  She is recovering nicely and has nurses aids with her most of the day.

I was about Roy Denton's age -- visited him a full month in Clyde Texas, June 1915.  then again in Eckert when most of Uncle Will's children were in Eckert, also Uncle Henry.  Again on honeymoon in 1922.  visited Horace and Esther in Portland in 1955, after Oil Scout's Meeting in Victoria, BC then spent part of a day at Roy's in Idaho.  While driving from Banff, Alberta.  On the train from Calgary to Vancouver when Mt. St. Helens made its3rd blow, and I heard yesterday that it is again steaming!

I've found Dentons nearly everywhere.  Midland has from 5 or 6 to 12 or 13.  Never found one here related until Bill and Marge arrived last year.  We enjoy them.  But bill seems to have 'too many' schools.  Keeps him busy.

We were at Bess' anniversary at Cisco, Texas.  I think it was # 50.  Some of the sisters were there.  last one I saw was Willie at Grand Jct. a few years ago.  We saw Jean (I think) in Alamosa a few years ago -- I was driving then -- on a train when I saw Willie.

Last Oct. 7th * was 89.  Faye 85.  She won't be able to travel as we once did.  That ailment is still dangerous.  About our family:  We have 3 daughters, 7 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.  Oldest dtr Nelleva Hallmark lives in Tyler, Texas, has one daughter and 4 grandchildren.  Next is Doris Graham.  Her husband is a pharmacist -- she had four girls by a first husband who died in 1975.   Dtr. #3 is Maurine Wells.  her husband is Dr. Richard Wells, taught in Okla. University and retired this year.  Maurine worked in school system, also retired this year.  (Doris lives here.)  Maurine lives in Norman, Okla. She has two children and no grandchildren.  (Correction -- Doris has 9 grandchildren - 3 in Indianapolis, 5 in Slidel, Louisiana, 1 in Tyler, Texas and one in Midland.

I think this about covers everyone.  Except James Perry.  When he and Bess moved to Tye, Texas, one morning I was going thru there and I saw him on a ladder at one end of his house.  I called to him, "Maybe you don't know who I am!"  His reply was typical.  "I might not know which one, but I've been in my wife's family long enough to know a Denton when I see one!"

      Robert L. "Bob" Denton