The Accessibility Essentials Series

The original Accessibility Essentials Series provided step-by-step advice and guidance on using everyday technologies in a more inclusive way.

It was designed to be a valuable resource for teaching and learning staff enabling them to produce accessible and interactive materials using familiar software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Titles in the 2003 and 2007 series included:

  • Making Electronic Documents More Readable;
  • Writing Accessible Electronic Documents;
  • Creating Accessible Presentations; and
  • Making the Most of PDFs.

These are still valuable resources but of course, new versions of Microsoft Office  are released on a regular basis.

In this fast moving environment, we need to be flexible so we can respond to changes and provide advice more quickly. We also want to make sure that this advice is not presented in isolation but is delivered through our website so that visitors can easily access other useful and relevant information.

New Resources

The Resources area of our website has been redeveloped for this purpose. By clicking on the Resources tab you will find a series of web pages that provide the same type of advice found in Accessibility Essentials.

Landing pages give a broad introduction while the pages below that give advice on particular issues.

Then, if there is anything you need more specific guidance on, you can follow the links in the text to more detailed information. Where needed, we provide guidance for different versions (ie. 2003, 2007 and 2010).

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