Another Conman

We have written in the past that Karen de la Carriere associates with some individuals with shady backgrounds. David Edgar Love is one of them.

Karen doesn’t want to know that she is supporting an individual who has been a thief, a conman and a drug dealer for most of his life.

Karen is also not bothered by the fact that David Love didn’t provide for his children from his previous marriage. Not surprising at all given that Karen disinherited her own son and banned him from speaking to her ever again. However, when he died she exploited his death by feeding gullible reporters her fabricated story and crocodile tears.

But, David Love was no so lucky when a 911 called backfired on him ending him getting arrested the he Jerome Police Department in Arizona. See the transcript of the 911 call here, where David Love is slapping, cursing, threatening and verbally abusing a defenseless young woman.