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Recruiterbox is the easiest way to receive and manage job applications to your company. It is more efficient than email and simpler than any other recruitment software.

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When Groupon entered China, Recruiterbox's recruitment software enabled us to manage nearly 500 interviews per week on the way to become the fastest growing country team in the fastest growing company (Forbes 2010) ever.

- Fabian Kast, Groupon China

The challenge: Hire a bunch of great people for our new store. We needed a way to keep track and organize thousands of applications across numerous departments coming in from different sources. 

The solution: Recruiterbox!

- Ken Tsang, Director of Technology, Standard Market

Why you will love using recruiterbox

1. Create jobs once. Update everywhere

Create an opening and reflect it on your company website or on a careers-page hosted by us. Broadcast jobs to search engines and share them on your social media accounts. 

2. Structure your recruitment process

Create a (customizable) set of steps according to your recruitment process and track candidates as they flow through the stages of your hiring funnel.

3. Assign responsibilities to your team

Invite your colleagues to work on recruitment. Have people responsible for candidates in specific stages, forward candidates and collect shared feedback.

4. Customized questionnaire for applicants

Create a completely customizable application form to collect richer information from applicants beyond the resume.

5. One stop for candidates from all sources

Collect all job applicants at one place, whether they come via email, job-boards, your careers page or even folders.

6. All recruitment information in one place

Discuss candidates, share evaluations, attach documents / notes to candidates in one place. No more information buried under a pile of email.

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See what makes Recruiterbox better than most recruitment software

Truly web-based applicant tracking

Unlike most applicant tracking systems, Recruiterbox is completely web-based. There is nothing to download, install, update or maintain.

The most intuitive recruitment software

Disillusioned with software that is cumbersome to use. Recruiterbox is built to get out of your way and get the job done.

Completely transparent pricing & terms

Recruiterbox pricing is all-inclusive. There are no hidden charges, installation costs, long term contracts or binding commitments

Check out all our features

Do you use email & spreadsheets to manage your hiring today? Here is why you should consider recruiterbox.

More efficient than email & spreadsheets

If you receive job applications in your email, you know how tedious it is to download & open each attached resume. Also, searching through attachments is impossible. Spreadsheets can help you structure data, but are also not ideal for resume tracking.

With Recruiterbox, all applicant information is gathered and made searchable in one place.

One-stop Resume Management

Often, candidate information is spread across files, emails, notepads and memory. Recruiterbox helps you to gather the resumes from multiple sources and manage them from a single place. Now you can source, track and hire candidates with ease.

Automated Applicant Tracking

Most of the time in hiring is spent in emailing candidates, assigning people to interview them, or simply screening applicants from a pile.

Recruiterbox helps you minimize the time spent on administrative tasks. Spend less time "managing" hiring and more time actually hiring.

Customizable recruitment process

Each company and its hiring methodology is unique. Recruiterbox helps map your recruitment workflow in to completely customizable stages. You can easily create / edit these stages and assign them to people in your organization.

Hire as a team

Recruiting involves discussion & sharing candidate evaluations, scheduling interviews and delegating tasks - in short, team work.

Recruiterbox lets you easily organize and share all reviews and communication around a candidate. It also keeps track and notifies you of important events and tasks.

New to Recruitment Software? Here's what you need to know

What is a Recruitment Software anyway?

Recruitment Software - also often called as applicant tracking system (ATS) - is a tool that enables companies to electronically handle their recruitment needs. Recruitment softwares are used by both large enterprises and smaller companies, but vary in functionality and features depending on the needs of the company. A Recruitment software is very similar to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, but is designed specifically for recruitment tracking purposes.

What are the types of Recruitment Software?

Almost all companies use some kind of applicant tracking system or recruitment software to handle job applications and to manage resume data. Some smaller firms use email and/or spreadsheets to manage this, but most companies use a dedicated ATS for recruitment specific needs. In large enterprises, recruitment software may be offered as one of the numerous modules of a complex human resources suite or Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

The older recruitment softwares are typically installed within the company premises and have a one-time installation cost. In recent years, the ATS is expanding into small and medium enterprises through software as a service offerings (SaaS). With SaaS, companies can now pay for recruitment software on a pay-as-you-go basis. This has been instrumental in increasing the penetration of ATS in smaller companies.

What does a Recruitment Software do?

The primary job of a recruitment software is centralizing all the information about a company's recruitment efforts in a database. Applicant Tracking Systems are designed to add structure to the processing of resumes and applicant information. Applicant data is either collected from internal applications (through the front-end), located on the company website or is extracted from applicants on job boards. Some modern ATSs allow applicants to be sourced from the company's own database of past job applicants.