July 19th, 2013


If you’re not following Adam Weinstein on Twitter, you’re missing a truly masterful performance as he retweets some of the best of the racist, conspiracy-theorist wingnuttery from around the interwebs in the wake of President Obama’s comments on Trayvon Martin’s death and the George Zimmerman trial.

Thanks! Diving into this madness is not for everyone. But I consider it kinda important to flush out the mildewy buildup on society’s machinery every now and then.

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July 15th, 2013

"I’d expect nothing less from a member of your tribe, after all, didn’t you guys trade Jesus for a bag of nickels?"

I only received one piece of fan mail today. But I thought it worth sharing, since it’s exemplary.


Subject: i’d expect nothing less

Dear Weinstein:

Do you give this much coverage to the random attacks on white people all across the country at the hands of blacks and browns?  Did you ever stop and think that maybe George Zimmerman did act in self defense?  I wasn’t there the night of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin incident that led to Trayvon’s death, and neither were you.  I’m not sure why you make it a point to write personal attacks against George Zimmerman in your articles, when  you don’t know for sure what happened that night.  Young black males TERRORIZE every town and city in America that has a substantial black population, yet you dedicate weeks on one trial because the alleged victim is black.  Who’s really the racist?  I’d expect nothing less from a member of your tribe, after all, didn’t you guys trade Jesus for a bag of nickels?

Brian J. Riece Jr.


Why do I do what I do? Not for riches or fame, God knows.

I just want people who think like “Brian J. Riece Jr.” to be flushed out into the open. If they can’t stop being racist fools, than maybe at least they can be made to feel that their place in culture is marginal, radical — that the future is not theirs, that nobody in the marketplace of ideas will buy the putrescence that they’re selling, and that there are costs to being hateful boors.

That’s my hope, anyway. Maybe I’m wrong. Will we let them have the future?

July 12th, 2013

Another letter-writer on the Trayvon photo. This one… well, it speaks for itself.


your gawker article


…is a complete and total joke.  Your Columbia University education obviously didn’t teach you that in America a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.  You wouldn’t know journalism if it smacked you in the face…this was a blatant partisan left wing smear, full of falsehoods and grounds for a lawsuit.

Let’s discuss a few facts - concrete, undeniable facts.  Trayvon Martin had THC in his system while in the confrontation with Zimmerman, numerous texts discussed his propensity for fighting and starting fights, getting suspended from school, and making inquiries about illegally acquiring a gun.  He then in a phone conversation with a friend called Zimmerman a “crazy ass cracker”  - a ignorant, racist term for a white person.

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July 12th, 2013

An important letter I got in response to the Trayvon photo post.

Dear Adam,

I added the fact that I never email writers in the subject in the hopes that you understand how much your article moved me.  But probably not in the way that you think.

I am absolutely filled with sorrow that you put Trayvon’s murdered body on a big website the way you did, and for the REASONS you did.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad you’d like to incite anger.  As a Black woman, I am angry. livid. distraught.  BUT, you should have asked permission from Trayvon’s parents.  They should have had that right.  Trayvon and his parents had no respect/hand in how he was portrayed in the mind of his ignorant murderer.  That decision cost him his life.  He was killed because Zimmerman saw him as a dangerous Black body.  He was not human.  Not a person with a family.

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