Highly secure, low latency Internet anonymity

About Luminati

Luminati is the world's largest anonymity network. Use it to route your data through any of our millions of IPs that are located in every city around the world.

Luminati's anonymity network is a Peer to Peer network through which consumers browse the web anonymously by routing their requests through other Luminati users. The Luminati network has grown to millions of nodes and is rapidly growing larger.

Luminati's anonymity network enables you to crawl the web through millions of IPs located in every city around the world. Our customers use Luminati for competitive pricing intelligence, market research, and for secure communications.

Integrating Luminati in to your system is simple - route your HTTP, HTTPS or ALS requests to any one of our "Super Proxies", and it will route it through our millions of end nodes. You can insert headers in to these requests that will instruct the Super Proxy through which country to route through.

"Its like Tor, only much bigger, much faster and more anonymous."

Luminati Benefits

How is Luminati better than alternative solutions?

  • All countries – Luminati is the only network that provides you with IPs in ALL countries in the world! (except N. Korea)
  • Real anonymity – the proxies in the Luminati network are regular PCs, laptops and phones, and thus are not identified as proxies or as Tor network nodes
  • Super scalable – Scale up to millions of IPs and back down to a few without costs or re-configuration
  • Super speed – Much faster than Tor (similar in speed to regular Internet)
  • Highly secure – VPN connection from your Super-Proxy to any of millions of nodes 'in the wild' reduce the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks, snooping, or control of end nodes (as may be the case in Tor)
  • Highly accurate – Sites that identify you as a proxy may provide you with misleading information. Luminati's Network is comprised of real devices, not proxies and not Tor end points
  • No overhead – No need to employ staff for managing proxies
  • Simple – Set the Super-Proxy as your crawler's proxy, and go!
  • Proxies in every city – Reroute through any city in the world (coming soon)!
  • Supported protocols – Supports HTTP, HTTPS and TLS

How to Guide

Using the system – Overview

  • Setup – Set the Super Proxy as your proxy, and it will relay your requests through a Peer on the Luminati network
  • Choose – You can specify to the Super Proxy which country the Peer should be at, when to change IP within the country and set other parameters
  • Control – The control of these parameters is done either by inserting special HTTP headers to the HTTP requests you send to the Super Proxy, or by routing through ports on the Super Proxy that are mapped to various countries
  • Try before you buy – Luminati provides you with a free 7 day trial of the system. Sign up now to start
  • Billing – You pay only for the traffic you route through Luminati, regardless of how many different IPs you use

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Here’s how the Luminati platform’s security compares to alternative solutions:

  • Proxies that reside in data centers: These are typically marked as proxies and blocked or deceived by target sites (i.e. they may send inaccurate information to these to deceive). Also, by snooping on the data center that they reside in, your information can be exposed.
  • Anonymous proxies on the web: There are typically thousands of ‘free’ proxies that are available at any given day. However, these are often managed by entities that are interested in snooping on covert traffic. Also, these are typically very slow and unreliable.
  • Tor network: The Tor network’s advantage is that it routes your request through several nodes before reaching the exit node (Luminati does a one-hop route to the exit node). However, according to various sources many or most of the Tor network’s exit nodes have been deployed by agencies seeking to monitor the traffic through the Tor network. In addition, the Tor network is very slow compared to the Luminati network, and the traffic through the Tor network is identifiable, and often blocked by your target site.
When you either request the IP to be changed through the Luminati API, or when the IP becomes unusable (for example if the Tunnel is no longer idle).
Luminati service is fast, and can provide you with an almost unlimited effective bandwidth. Here's why: Luminati has tunnels all over the world so can provide a direct "line of site" between you and your target site without detours. Because Luminati has an almost unlimited number of IPs, your crawler can run any number of multiple concurrent sessions to provide an effective high bandwidth at high speeds where each session uses a different tunnel. The proxy you receive for testing is based in the USA. In case your target site is in the US you will not see latency. However, if your target site is outside the USA, this will make your requests slower. Your production proxy will be in any country (or countries) of your choice and thus should not incur any significant latency for your requests.
Make sure that the country you are routing through is either the country that your client is in, or the country of your target web site. Also, you can ask for a different IP for each different URL on the page you are loading (by opening different sessions for each), and thus speed up the total page load time.
  • Specifying additional parameters of the ‘end node IP’, e.g. city and IP range.
  • Allowing the customer to host the Luminati Super Proxy on premise.
  • Choose IP by average length of idle time.
  • Choose IP by speed parameters (bandwidth, latency).