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AVC Board approves latest updates on 2014 and 2015 competitions

Mr. Shanrit, SEC Chairman, makes the proposals at AVC B/A meeing

Incheon, Korea, April 29, 2014 –The latest updates on the various competitions scheduled fro 2014 and 2015 with a busy season coming up this year were approved recently by AVC Board of Administration.

The B/A meeting pointed out that 2014 will be a very busy seasons as we have nine official events both in volleyball and beach volleyball, and three major multi-sports games in the AVC territory as well. “We must work together to ensure all the events run successfully and smoothly.”

The B/A meeting approved AVC SEC following proposals:

●  To change AVC Boys’ U18 and Girls’ Girls’ U17 from the even year to odd year from 2017 in order to reduce the competitions in even year which is the year of Asian Games, World Championships and Olympic Games.

●  To limit the participating teams for AVC official Championships to 16, but a free open entry will apply if an organizer is willing to take more than 16 teams.

●  To make some adjustments of the competitions schedule from 2015 in order to avoid the conflict with the FIVB events as much as possible. The adjustments are as follows:

1. The 18 Asian Senior Women and Men Championships in 2015 must finish their competition before June 15 and first week of August respectively as FIVB has decided to hold the Women’s and Men’s World Cup from August 22 to September 20 0f 2015.

2. The Asian Club Championships, which act as Qualification Tournaments for World Club Championship, will be held now before April 15 as the dates of the World Club Championships now move to early May.

3. The U23 Championships for men and women will be held before May of 2015 in order for the qualified teams to have enough time to apply for entry visa and to issue the air tickets.

As for Beach Volleyball, AVC B/A noted that 2014 is a busy beach volleyball season while the preparations have already started for the second edition of AVC Continental Cup.

A total of 13 legs of beach volleyball tournaments are scheduled to be organized across the AVC region in 2014. Nine tournaments have been confirmed with fixed places and dates while the rest four are pending confirmation for the dates.

The timeline for the second edition of AVC Continental Cup which is the qualification tournament for 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The qualification process will be staged in four phases starting from June 1, 2014 and the finals are scheduled for June 20-26, 2016.

The details are as follows:

1st Phase, June 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014 (may be extended to March 31, 2015 for Oceania Zone).

2nd Phase (Zonal Championship): January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

3rd Phase (Semi-Final): March 21, 2016 – May 30, 2016 (FIVB recommends May 1, 2016 –June 19, 2016).

4th Phase (Continental Cup Final): June 20-26, 2016.

The B/A strongly stressed that AVC must work hard to have more teams participating in the Continental Cup and requested efforts in all five zones have to be made in order to realize the aim of increasing participating teams.

In addition to the Asian tour and Asian BV Championship, there are three major multi-sports games in the AVC territory in 2014, with 2nd Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China on August 17-27, 17th Asian Games on September 20-29 in Incheon, Korea and 4th Asian Beach Games on November 16-23 in Phuket, Thailand.



1.  2014 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship in Manila from April 8-16 (Q/T for 2014 Men’s Club World Championship)

2.  2014 Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship in Thailand from April 17-25 (Q/T for 2014 Women’s Club World Championship)

3.  The 17th Asian Women’s U19 Volleyball Championship in Chinese Taipei on July 16-24 (Qualification for 2015 Women’s U20 World Championship)

4.  The 4th AVC Cup for Men in Kazakhstan on 18-24 August (Qualification for 2015 World League)

5.  The 10th Asian Boy’s U18 Volleyball Championship in Sri Lanka from September 5-13 (Qualification for 2015 World Boys’ U19 World Championship)

6.  The 4th AVC Cup for Women in China from September 6-12 (Qualification for 2015 World Grand Prix)

7.  Volleyball Tournaments of 17th Asian Games in Korea from Sept. 18-Oct. 4

8.  The 10th Asian Girls’ U17 Volleyball Championship in Thailand on 11-19 October (Qualification for 2015 World Girls’ U18 World Championship)

9.  The 17th Asian Men’s U20 Volleyball Championship in Bahrain from October 17-25 (Qualification for 2015 Men’s U21 World Championship)

Other events:

1. 32nd Arab Men’s Club Volleyball Championship in Libya in February

2. 33rd GCC Club Men’s Volleyball Championship in Bahrain in March

3. 16th Arab Women’s Club Volleyball Championship

4. The 26th Asian Men’s Pacific Cup in Japan in June

5. The 17th Princess Cup in Thailand in June

6. The 12th VTV Cup Women’s Volleyball Invitation in Vietnam in July

7. The 18th SEA Jr. Men’s & Women’s Championships in August

8. 2014 AVC Eastern Zone Women's Volleyball Championship in Hong Kong in August

Beach Volleyball:

1. Khanom Beach, Thailand (Open) on April 9-11

2. Samila Beach, Songkhla, Thailand (Open) on April 14-16

3. Ha Long, Vietnam (Open) on April 25-27

4. Jin Jiang, China (AVC Championship) on June 5-8

5. Hong Kong (Open) on October 23-26

6. Bangka, Indonesia (Open) on December 4-6

7. Khanom Beach, Thailand (AVC Qualification to Youth Olympic Games) on April 4-6

8. Incheon, Korea (17th Asian Games) on September 20-29

9. Phuket, Thailand (4th Asian Beach Games) on November 16-23


Volleyball Events:

1. 2015 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship in Kazakhstan in April (Q/T for 2015 Men’s Club World Championship)

2. 2015 Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship in Vietnam in April (Q/T for 2015 Women’s Club World Championship)

3. The first Asian Men’s U23 Volleyball Championship in Iran in May (Q/T for second Men’s U23 World Championship)

4. The first Asian Women’s U23 Volleyball Championship in Philippines in May (Q/T for second Women’s U23 World Championship)

5. The 18th Asian Sr. Women’s Volleyball Championship in China in June

6. The 18th Asian Sr. Men’s Volleyball Championship in Saudi Arabia in last week of July

Other Events:

1. 9th VTV Binh Dien Cup Women’s Volleyball Invitation in March in Vietnam

2. 11th VTV Cup Women’s Volleyball Invitation in July in Vietnam

3. The 2015 Pacific Games in August in Papua New Guinea

4. 2015 Eastern Zonal Men’s Championship in Mongolia

5. The 28th SEA Games Volleyball Tournament in December

6. The 2015 Oceania Championship