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There are countless reviews of books, music, films, and theatrical productions spread throughout the author pages of the Modern Word; but some book reviews have been especially written for Spiral-Bound, have a greater depth or complexity than normal, or have been published elsewhere as featured reviews. This page will archive those reviews, some of which may not be found on individual author pages. If you are looking for a specific book or music review related to a Libyrinth author, please refer to the Site Map and select the appropriate section for the related author: Works, Criticism, Music, Film, etc. Reviews of short fiction, anthologies, and zines may be found at the Sideshow.

Selected Recent Reviews
Against the Day
by Thomas Pynchon
The Road
by Cormac McCarthy
H.P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life
by Michel Houellebecq
Oulipo Compendium
by Harry Matthews & Alastair Brotchie, eds.
New Impressions of Africa
by Raymond Roussel
by Thomas Bernhard

Review Archive


Auster, Paul
Oracle Night

Banville, John

Barth, John
Coming Soon!!!

Barth, John
The Book of Ten Nights and a Night

Thomas Bernhard

Brandeis, Gayle
The Book of Dead Birds

Brock, Geoffrey
Weighing Light: Poems

Byatt, A.S.
A Whistling Woman

Carey, Peter
My Life as a Fake

Carson, Tom
Gilligan's Wake

Cave, Nick
And the Ass Saw the Angel

Cervantes, Miguel de
Don Quixote

Danielewski, Mark Z.
House of Leaves.

Deb, Siddhartha.
The Point of Return

DeLillo, Don

Dick, Philip K.
Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick

Eco, Umberto

Esterházy, Péter
Celestial Harmonies

Gaddis, William
Agapé Agape

Haddon, Mark
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Houllebecq, Michel
H.P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life

Hughes, Rhys
A New Universal History of Infamy

Joyce, James
Dubliners (Harper Audio)

Kelman, James
Translated Accounts

Kelman, James
You Have to Be Careful in the Land of the Free

Kinney, Martha
Fall of the Heartless Horse

Kitchen, Judith
The House on Eccles Road

Knipfel, Jim
The Buzzing

Mathews, Harry & Alastair Brotchie
Oulipo Compendium

McCarthy, Cormac
The Road

Montero, Mayra
Deep Purple

Moore, Alan
Voice of the Fire

Pynchon, Thomas
Against the Day

Roussel, Raymond
New Impressions of Africa

Saramago, José
The Cave

Smith, Zadie
The Autograph Man

Stephenson, Neal

VanderMeer, Jeff
City of Saints and Madmen

Vargas Llosa, Mario
The Feast of the Goat

Walcott, Derek
The Prodigal: A Poem

Wallace, David Foster

Weiss, D.B.
Lucky Wander Boy

West, A.B.
Wakenight Emporium

Graphic Novels

Moore, Alan & José Villarrubia
The Mirror of Love

Thompson, Craig


Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases


Borges, J.L.
This Craft of Verse

Conley, Tim
Joyces Mistakes

Corngold, Stanley
Lambent Traces

Eco, Umberto
Belief or Nonbelief?

Eco, Umberto
Five Moral Pieces

Haft, Adele; Jane G. White & Robert J. White
The Key to "The Name of the Rose"

Hurliman, Lesha & Numsiri C. Kunakemakorn, ed.
Without Covers: Literary Magazines at the Digital Edge

Kernan, Sean
The Secret Books

Kuspit, Donald
The End of Art

Lewis, Roger
Anthony Burgess: A Life

Nel, Philip
The Avant-Garde and American Postmodernity

O'Brien, Edna
James Joyce

Radford, Gary
On Eco


James Joyce's The Dead


Mulholland Drive


Smith, Zak
Pictures of Girls