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Welcome to the Garden of Forking Paths, one of the most intriguing areas of the Libyrinth of Allexamina. Here you will find access to the garden planted by J.L. Borges, the Argentine writer, poet and philosopher. Although I tend the garden as well as I can, beware: among these sprawling labyrinths you will find illusions most seductive and truths most elusive. Let me show you around.
Look, here – a beautiful poppy, yes? But some say that it has the power to unravel time. And here: yes, this narcissus-flecked pool. The locals contend that if you gaze into its depths too long, you are in danger of merging with your reflection and losing all sense of Self; for your image becomes that of all men. And there, a gallery of mirrors most enigmatic; and hanging here, by this coin: the skin of a most unusual tiger....
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A Poem by Oscar Wilde – Previously available only in Spanish, Suzanne Jill Levine translates this 1925 Borges essay.

The Zahir and I – A story by Borges translator Andrew Hurley.

Secret Images – Unpublished Borgesian photos by Sean Kernan.

Fuentes on Borges – Notes on Carlos Fuentes’ Borges centennial lecture.

New Modern Word forum! – Come discuss Borges and our other featured writers at our new forum, The Fictional Woods.

Señor Borges and the Maid – May 12, 2004, IPS. Borges’ housekeeper of 35 years writes a book about the author.

Intricate Puzzle – March 4, 2004, Miami Herald. Christine Dolan discusses Blind Date with Mario Diament.

Forking Paths – March 11, 2004, Miami New Times. Ronald Mangravite’s smart review discusses the Borgesian elements of Blind Date.

Borgesian Book Reviews – The Modern Word recently held a contest on reviewing imaginary books. The winning entries are online here.

If you have any Borges-related news, or information about Borges-related conferences, seminars, exhibitions or events, please email the Garden!

Borges: A Life
Edwin Williamson’s new biography of Borges. (Review fothcoming)
Borges Poster
A poster of Borges from the “Latino Writers” series. ($10)
A New Universal History of Infamy
A review of Rhys Hughes’ update of a Borges classic.
I, unfortunately, am Borges
A brief biography of Borges, with a timeline and an explanation of historical events that helped shape his writing.

Games with time and infinity
A complete bibliography, with a short synopsis and review of his major works. Includes collaborations, poetry, and works available only in Spanish.

Any time something is written against me, I not only share the sentiment but feel I could do the job far better myself
Reviews for Borges’ works, both contemporary and recent releases.

Nothing, nothing, my friend; what I have told you: I am not sure of anything, I know nothing
An archive of interviews with Borges.

To refute him is to become contaminated with unreality
Analysis, biography and criticism: a list of books about Borges and his works.

Random combinations of letters that have meaning – a collection of unsettling and profound quotations from Borges’ works of fiction, nonfiction, and lectures. In another universe, these are probably recipes, or instructions on how to build a bicycle

Poetry always remembers that it was an oral art before it was a written art. It remembers that it was first song
Borges on audio cassette and other spoken-word media.

A Film was once called a “biograph”; now we generally say “cinematograph.”
Cinema and documentaries relating to Borges of his work.

Cascades in music, gentlest of all time’s shapes
From pop to classical to tango, this section explores music inspired by Borges.

How easy it would be not to think of a tiger!
An online gallery of Borges images, photographs, and original surreal postcards.

One generation of Tlönists would be enough
(Borges as an Influence)
From magical realists to comic surrealists: other artists and writers who have been influenced or inspired by Borges.

The Crimson Hexagon
(The Books Borges Never Wrote)
A fictional bookshelf, containing all the volumes Borges never wrote. I give you my word, however, that they are just as valid as the books he did write.

A book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships
(Online Papers)
A collection of links to academic papers and essays about Borges and his work.

Reality may avoid the obligation to be interesting, but hypothesis may not
(Online Articles)
A collection of links to articles about Borges and his work.

Whoever reads my words is inventing them
(Online Communities: Mailing Lists, Clubs & Newsgroups)
Online communities devoted to the exploration of Borges and his work.

His descendants still seek, nor will they find, the one word that contains the universe
(The Jorges Luis Borges Center)
A few words about the best Borges site on the Web, the JLB Borges Center in Denmark.

He was not working for posterity or even for God, whose literary tastes were unknown to him
A very comprehensive catalog of Borges works and Borges-related titles, directly available for ordering online through Amazon.com and other online booksellers.

A translucent network of minimal surprises
(Offsite Links)
More books from the Library of Babel: links to other sites around the Web pertaining to Borges.

There is no intellectual exercise which is not ultimately useless.
(FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions)
Do you have a question about Borges, this Web site, or the fellow who runs it? Try the Garden of Forking Paths FAQ file first.

How easy it would be not to think of a Quail!
Send email to the Great Quail – comments, suggestions, corrections, criticisms, submissions . . . all are welcome.

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