Ariadne’s Thread: Links
The following links are to other places on the Web which deal with literature, with an emphasis on postmodernism and experimental fiction. Links to sites dealing with specific authors may be found on the Libyrinth’s author pages, not here. If you know of any other good literature or postmodernism sites, please mail them to us.

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Literature Sites


Internet Public Library – “The first public library of and for the Internet community.”

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies – A resource for medieval studies based from Georgetown, this excellent site focuses on medieval arts and literature. It of particular interest here because of their use of a labyrinth metaphor!

Literary Research Checklist – A wonderful Web-resource from Valencia College, this site organizes literary links for students.

Voice of the Shuttle – Woven by Alan Liu, this page is based from the University of California and serves as a “Web Page for Humanities Research.”


The BookWeb – A good reference to literature and magazines, the BookWeb is maintained by the American Booksellers Association. Authors – A massive directory of authors with links for further exploration.

Writers Free Reference – An extensive list of free reference web pages on the Internet useful to writers.

Yahoo Literature Index – The section of the Yahoo directory that deals with literature, this page has dozens of links to websites that deal with literature and fiction of all types.


Arts & Letters Daily – A site with a wide focus that includes modern philosophy, literature, and art, this daily site collects links from all over the Web.

Bohemian Ink – Once a great resource, Chris Ritter’s “Bohemian Ink” site is now out of date, but still has a good collection of rusting links. Culture + Experimentalism = Revolution!

The Center for Book Culture – This organization houses Dalkey Archive Press, the Review of Contemporary Fiction and CONTEXT magazine. Their new site is a work-in-progress with future plans including the continued addition of casebook studies, and detailed biography and critical overview pages for each of Dalkey Archive’s authors.

Cipher Journal – Maintained by Lucas Klein, this site is devoted to the art of translation.

New! The Complete Review – This site archives and summarizes book reviews, and has a penchant for complex writers.

Dead City Library – This haunting site is an archive of weird and surreal literaure, and is maintained by a fellow who has the coolest name in the world: Björn Quiring.

Doom Patrols – By Steven Shaviro, this is an online version of his work on postmodernism entitled Doom Patrols, a “theoretical fiction about postmodernism and popular culture.”

The Electronic Labyrinth – “The Electronic Labyrinth is a study of hypertext technology, providing a guide to this rapidly growing field. We are most concerned with the implications of this medium for creative writers looking to move beyond traditional notions of linearity and univocity.”

Invisible Library – A resource about books that only appear in other books....

Literary Kicks – Levi Asher’s award-winning resource on the Beat writers has grown into a thriving community dedicated to all forms of nontraditional writing.

Little Blue Light – Evan Goodwin’s site indexes biographical and critical information about writers from Beckett to Villon.

The Mediadrome “Words” Page – A site that discusses entertainment, history, food and literature. It’s literature department focuses on discussions of language and practice in modern prose and poetry.

Spoon – A page full of links, information, and mailing lists, “the Spoon Collective is a group of Net citizens devoted to free and open discussion of philosophical issues.” This includes many postmodern and post-structuralist writers such as Baudrillard, Lyotard, Foucault, and many others.


Elegant Variations – A “Literary Weblog” by Mark Sarvas.

New! Kül: That Sounds Cool – Aaron Riccio’s opinionated blog offers criticism on film, theatre, and contemporary literarture.

MadInkBeard – Derek Badman’s literature blog focuses on Oulipo.


Evergreen Review – The homepage for the famous “little magazine” Evergreen Review, long connected to Samuel Beckett.

HoBO Magazine – Inspired by film and literature, HoBO is a pop culture magazine from Vancouver that touches on photography, fashion, travel and the environment.

New! Like Water Burning – Witty and pan-genre, Like Water Burning is a print literary journal of fiction and non-fiction based in Long Beach.

Literal-Latté – A journal of prose, poetry and art with an eclectic range, including experimental and postmodern writing.

Modern Fiction Studies – “Devoted to criticism and scholarship of fiction in all of its guises and manifestations, the journal emphasizes theoretical, historical, interdisciplinary, and cultural approaches to narrative.”

New York Review of Books – The NYRB Web page, which is currently archiving its past articles and reviews.

paperplates – This magazine features book and film reviews, and makes its content available for downloading as a PDF.

The Paris Review – The homepage for The Paris Review contains excerpts from current issues and an index of back issues.

Rain Taxi – A highly literate and free-spirited journal of reviews, interviews and articles. Has a very “Libyrinthine” sensibility. Highly recommended!

Rattapallax – Taking its name from Wallace Steven’s sound of thunder, Rattapallax is a wonderful magazine of poetry.

The Times Literary Supplement – The homepage for the TLS, Britain’s premiere source of book reviews.

Book World – Book reviews and literary features from the Washington Post. Requires registration, which is free.

Online Zines

The Beehive – This attractive site is a “hypertext hypermedia literary journal.”

Booklsut – “Bookslut is a monthly web magazine and daily blog dedicated to those who love to read. We provide a constant supply of news, reviews, commentary, insight, and more than occasional opinions.”

Blithe House Quarterly – Dedicated to emerging fiction from gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered authors, BHQ actively seeks out the experimental and surreal.

Café Irreal – A wonderful and visually intriguing magazine devoted to exploring and publishing imaginative “fictions of the irreal” in the tradition of Kafka and Borges.

Compulsive Reader – The Compulsive Reader is for lovers of all things literary. There are reviews of new release literary fiction, feature articles on books, book reviewing, author interviews, literary criticism, a free e-zine, monthly competitions, and lots more. Maintained by Maggie Ball.

CTHEORY – “CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major ’event-scenes’ in the mediascape.”

Eggplant – “From Prague to Arizona, Eggplant is a migratory web installation dedicated to art, humor, culture and reflection.”

eye-rhyme – “eye-rhyme is a journal of experimental poetry and short fiction published randomly throughout the year. Our sole ambition is the display and defense of Good Writing and a respect for the effort which this high standard of quality entails.”

Fantastic Metropolis – An exciting and quite handsome magazine, FM focuses “upon those murky edges of genre and non-genre works, which explore the vague recesses of fiction and Humanity, the fantastic and the horrific.”

GirlSpeak – GirlSpeak is a “pro-woman, Web-based literary and visual arts magazine.”

La Idea Fija – A literary Web-based magazine from Argentina, dedicated to publishing rare, cult, out-of-print, or experimental texts. (Spanish)

Identity Theory – Calling itself “The Athens of the Internet,” Identity Theory is a freestyle hypertext venture mixing author interviews, experimental fiction, poetry, classical writings, and other forms of digital expression.

New! The Ledge – Based in the Netherlands, “The Ledge is an independent platform for international literature. At the heart of the site is a series of interviews with authors, translators and critics from around the world.”

Locus Novus – This handsome site makes great use of Flash and Web technology, and describes itself as “a venue for collaborative works by contemporary short fiction writers, graphic designers and visual artists. The writing is experimental. Art is non-commercial.”

Modernity – “A Critique of Visual Culture,” this zine serves “as a forum for debates and dialogues that grapple with the competing interpretative strategies in play in current scholarship.”

PostModern Culture – “An Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism.” This electronic publication is served by the University of Virginia, and is a very thorough work with many thoughtful articles. – One of the Web’s oldest and best-established magazines devoted to modern culture.

Small Spiral Notebook – This new online literary magazine calls Kafka a favorite writer, and welcomes “decadent prose.” Based in New York, it has an irresistible name.

Word Riot – Word Riot is a literary site with an emphasis on pushing the envelopes of form, and has a wondeful section on Flash fiction.

Readers & Writers

Gotham Writer’s Workshop – Offers online classes in creative writing for teens and adults.

Great Books Foundation – The Homepage for this organization devoted to exploring great works of literature.

New! Literary Political Action Committee – LitPAC is a literary political action committee that supports progressive congressional candidates. Monthly readings are held in San Francisco, New York, Boston, and other major cities.



Grove Press – The U.S. publisher of Beckett, Grove Press has a long history of publishing controversial and avant-garde works.

The Modern Library – The homepage for Random House’s distinguished imprint, publishers of Ulysses and Moby-Dick. The site contains reading group guides and an e-newsletter.

Penguin Classics – A venture by Penguin Books, this Web site is dedicated to classic literature.

Vintage – A Random House imprint devoted to adventurous fiction, Vintage publishes, among others, Kobo Abé, Philip K. Dick, William Faulkner, Gabriel García Márquez, and Vladimir Nabokov.

Small Presses

New! Centipede Press – Publishers of horror, fantasy, and science fiction, Centipede Press prides itself on producing gorgeous hardcovers.

Eraserhead Press – In their own words: “wickedly surreal, insanely absurd, post-postmodern, offbeat and nasty, exotic speculation, darkly intelligent, psycho-sexual anarchism, experimentalism of the wildest variety.” You have been warned.

FC2 – Founded in 1974, Fiction Collective Two is “an author-run, not-for-profit publisher of artistically adventurous, non-traditional fiction.”

Fugue State Press – This independent New York publisher puts out works of experimental and “advanced” fiction.

Hippocampus Press – Hippocampus publishes classic horror and science fiction, with an emphasis on the works of H. P. Lovecraft and the “Lovecraft Circle.”

Night Shade Books – Night Shade Books is dedicated to publishing “Writing which inspires a sense of awe and wonder. Writing that explores the fantastic. Writing that at once challenges and redefines a reader's expectations.”

Prime Books – Established in late 2001 by Sean Wallace, Prime Books specializes in publishing literate works of science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror.

Six Galley Press – An independent publisher that firmly believes modern literature is central to the Good Life! Run by Tim Miller, 6GP puts out Jacob’s Ladder, a wonderful annual anthology.

Small Beer Press – Founded in 2000 by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link, Small Beer publishes high-quality works of “interstitial” fiction.


Advanced Book Exchange – ABE is the world’s largest network of independent booksellers. If you are looking for an out-of-print title, try here first!

Alan J. Miller – Specializing in publications of the Limited Editions Club, the Easton Press, the Franklin Library and the First Edition Library as well as signed and inscribed books. Books – The Web’s largest bookstore, almost anything in print may be ordered online here.

Blackwell’s Online Bookstore – Another online bookstore, Blackwell’s is based in the UK.

BookSense – A site for independent booksellers, with daily features, interviews, and reviews.

New! Freebird Books – Located a block away from The Modern Word’s secret volcanic lair, this Brooklyn bookstore makes life in Red Hook much more pleasant than Lovecraft would have you believe.

A Mystical Unicorn – A used bookstore run by Lucie MacDougall and based out of Canada.

Paul Evan’s Rare Books – This independent store specializes in works by Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group.

Schoenhof’s Books – Specializes in non-English books.

Electronic Texts & Hypertextual Fiction

Project Gutenberg – The Internet’s original archive of dowloadable, electronic texts. – Contains e-texts to dozens of classic and modern works of literature and criticism.

Digital Fiction – This gorgeous site explores the frontiers of Internet literature through Flash.

The Electronic Book Review – The ebr claims to be “promoting print/screen transformations and weaving new modes of critical writing into the Web.”

Grammatron 1.0 – Mark Amerika’s ambitious hypertext novel.

Hyperizons – Maintained by Michael Shumate at Duke University, Hyperizons holds a collection of hyperfictional works and essays on the theory of hypertextual literature.

Michael Joyce – The “former homepage” of Michael Joyce of Vasser College, the eminent hyperfictional author.

Edward Picot’s Hyperfiction Page – A site devoted to hyperfiction, with original articles, works, and copious links.

The Online Books Page – Links to texts available for online perusal, the Online Books Page contains a very useful search engine.

Other Sites of Possible Interest

Labyrinthos – A website devoted to labyrinths and mazes of all kind, this site boasts an excellent design and information on subscribing to a yearly journal.

NewPages – “NewPages is the Portal of Independents! News, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary periodicals, alternative periodicals, independent  record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more.”

Roger Reynolds Homepage – Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this modern composer has written many avant-garde works based on texts by Joyce, García Márquez, Borges, Kundera, and others. . .

Wikipedia – An ongoing project to create a free, online encyclopedia. Submissions are welcome!

–Allen B. Ruch
20 October 2006