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Your source for research and news on the
health benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut oil truck carrying refined coconut oil in the Philippines photo

A coconut oil truck is a common sight on the roadways in the Philippines. Unlike the US where coconut oil has been hard to find in recent years, coconut oil has been a big part of the diet in the Philippines and many other tropical cultures for thousands of years. is the Internet’s oldest resource for published research on the health benefits of coconut oil. Beginning in the year 2000, we have been the main source of information linking to peer-reviewed research¬†on coconut oil as well as publishing coconut oil testimonials showing how coconut oil has changed people’s lives!

Coconut oil¬†is an edible oil that has been consumed in tropical places for thousands of years. Studies done on¬†native diets high in coconut oil consumption¬†show that these populations are generally in good health, and don’t suffer as much from many of the modern diseases of western nations where coconut oil is seldom consumed anymore.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits Infograph

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

So how are people using coconut oil? What are some of the health benefits of coconut oil being reported? Some of the most recent research has come from people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, with reports of people improving or even¬†reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s by using coconut oil, as drug trials on Alzheimer’s drugs continue to fail. Alzheimer’s is now seen as a type 3 form of diabetes, and for years we have seen positive results from people with both type 1 and type 2¬†diabetes in using coconut oil. We have also seen a lot of reports of coconut oil health benefits from those suffering from hypothryroidism, as¬†coconut oil helps boost metabolism¬†and raise body temperatures to promote thyroid health. Restricting carbohydrates and increasing coconut oil in the diet has also led many to report¬†losing weight with coconut oil.¬†Candida¬†sufferers also report health benefits with coconut oil as research now confirms, and those suffering from various skin diseases are also seeing tremendous health benefits by applying¬†coconut oil directly on the skin. The benefits of¬†coconut oil for healthy hair¬†are also well known, and other healthy benefits of coconut oil included fighting off¬†bacterial infections and viruses. Coconut oil is also increasingly being seen to¬†benefit athletes and fitness trainers¬†giving them an advantage in sustaining energy levels longer without drugs or stimulants.

Coconut Oil Research

While some people falsely accuse coconut oil of being a “fad,” the fact is that it is a traditional oil that has been consumed for thousands of years in tropical cultures, and the research on the health benefits of coconut oil has existed for a very long time. Lauric acid, for example, has a long history of use in combating pathogens, and this research has been around for more than 50 years. Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of lauric acid. So while we do publish a lot of people’s experiences with coconut oil, the evidence is not strictly anecdotal.¬† We have a very extensive section on this website dedicated to¬†peer-reviewed studies¬†on the health benefits of coconut oil that are accessed primarily through Pubmed. This section is updated frequently as new research is published.

Cover image of Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives, and how it can change yours!

Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives, and how it can change yours! Over 100 testimonies and 85 recipes.

Coconut oil was once prevalent in western countries like the United States. With a long shelf life and a melting point of 76 degrees, coconut oil was a favorite in the baking industry. But a¬†negative campaign¬†against saturated fats in general, and coconut oil in particular, led to most food manufacturers abandoning coconut oil in recent years in favor of hydrogenated polyunsaturated oils that come from the main government-subsidized cash crops in the US, particularly corn and soy. These hydrogenated oils contain trans fatty acids. The polyunsaturated oils were not a big part of the diet of previous generations, so how has the health of Americans changed now that polyunsaturated oils¬†are for the most part all one finds on supermarket shelves across the US? We encourage you to take an honest look at the research presented on this website, and consider the “other side” of the story, whether it be¬†coconut oil,¬†saturated fats,¬†cholesterol, or the new¬†vegetable oils!

Coconut Oil Testimonies

The website contains the Coconut Diet Forums, which is a compilation of discussions of people discussing the health benefits of coconut oil over a 10+ year period. This was the first Internet discussion group started back in 2001 by Brian Shilhavy, while still living in the Philippines at the time. There are over 17,000 messages covering a wide range of coconut oil health topics, with contributions from many of the early leaders of the coconut oil movement that brought coconut oil back into prominence in the early 2000s. There are currently over 100,000 subscribers.

With today’s social media, however, you will find many of the the most current testimonials about the health benefits of coconut oil by following the¬†Coconut Health Twitter¬†account, the top Twitter account covering the health benefits of coconut oil, or by following the discussions on the¬†Coconut Health Facebook Page,¬†the top Facebook page discussing the health benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut Oil News

You can find all the latest coconut oil news published throughout the Internet at Health Impact News, in the Coconut Health section. Brian Shilhavy is the editor of Health Impact News, and he tracks the news throughout the Internet each day to cover the top stories related to the health benefits of coconut oil, as well as other alternative health news. Published studies that appear in peer-reviewed journals will be logged here, on, on our peer-reviewed coconut oil research page. We have also added a coconut oil news section here on that can be tracked via an RSS reader to stay up to date on all the latest news regarding coconut oil.

What is the Best Type of Coconut Oil?


There are many different types of coconut oil currently in the market, using a variety of different terminology by the vendors to describe their product. We sort it all out for you here: What Type of Coconut Oil is Best? How to Choose a Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil Recipes has the largest collection of coconut recipes found anywhere on the Internet. There are recipe sections for Coconut Oil recipes, Gluten Free Coconut Flour recipes, Coconut Cream Concentrate recipes, and many others. There are hundreds of coconut recipes, all kitchen tested and submitted by coconut users who love coconut. There are many cooking and baking video demonstrations as well, helping you to learn how to use coconut oil in your everyday cooking and baking. Here is one video overview showing many of the ways one can use coconut oil in a healthy diet: includes the original body of research on coconut oil that was published in 2000, originally at, and started the current coconut oil revolution in the U.S. and around the world! We continue to be the leading website on the most current research on the health benefits of coconut oil.

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288 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Home

  1. Ryse on said:

    Hi! I just wanted to ask if it would be as effective and beneficial if I use refined/bleached coconut oil for oil pulling? Cause VCO is far more expensive. Please reply, your advice will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks and more power to this informative site!

    • Admin on said:

      Yes, refined coconut oil should work fine for oil pulling, as long as it is “clean” with no solvent extracts or other chemicals and is a pure coconut oil.

  2. Neicee on said:

    Another testimonial here. I have had issues with gluten since childhood. I finally decided I had to save my own life because most doctors/endos are clueless. First I read Gary Taubes, then Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly) and then Dr. Perlmutter’s Grain Brain. They all have one thing in common; eat no wheat/grains but use coconut oil liberally. I had already started years before and love it. Oddly, last December I had to make a business trip to Texas to sell a house – so was there for two months. Right returning home (1400 miles away) I came down with the dreaded H1N1 virus. When I woke from sleeping 36 hours I was dehydrated, starving, and looked like a truck ran over me. Even my lips were cracked and bleeding. I ordered a full pot of coffee from room service and got out my travel supply of coconut oil. Then, I got in the shower and finished off rubbing all the dead skin off (high fever?). Kept up coffee with VCO for another day. My lungs lost the tightness, my head cleared and by the 4th day I went to emergency room. They scratched their heads because the symptoms matched but they said there was nothing to test. It took another two weeks to feel normal but I’ll never be without it, ever.

  3. Mary King on said:

    I have been on coconut oil for about three months and am quite pleased with the results. My candida is all but gone and I’ve had no herpes outbreaks. I eat the coconut oil off the spoon three times a day. I think my tablespoons are more like twice the amount so I’m actually taking about nine tablespoons a day. I put it on my face at night and also do the oil pulling. I am very happy with the results and plan to continue my intake.

  4. Manoj M on said:

    I was born in India but have lived in US for 40 years now. I need no convincing about the goodness of Coconut and its oil. For thousands of years, people have used coconut oil for cooking and frying food along with preparation of many food items that use coconut oil, coconut milk or raw coconut or copra as an ingredient.
    Ayurveda describes coconut as an essential item for health. Nowadays I simply put a table spoon of coconut oil in my takeout-prepared food regardless of what it is, meat, chicken, rice, vegetables, curries, salads, etc.

    • Manoj M on said:

      I also like to add that I use coconut oil for my hair and skin. I also enjoy deserts made with coconut such as icecreams, sweets, etc.

      • paula swain on said:

        I am using it on my skin…58 and looking I use in food!

  5. Mary King on said:

    I am currently using coconut oil as an anti-viral for my chest allergies, a cure for both yeast and herpes, and for help in absorbing calcium and magnesium needed for bone density. I also have been using it to swish for 20 minutes a day – oil pulling – and I put it on my face every morning. I feel like the coconut oil is fighting a brave battle against conditions I have had for over 50 years. I’m 75 now and I’m eating two tablespoons three times a day right off the spoon. My facial eczema is clearing up. My yeast and herpes are gone, my gums are in better shape and overall I feel better. Thank you for this wonderful website. I will be using it for research for years. There is so much to know about coconut oil. I had no idea until I was lucky enough to find you. Thank you so much for all your help!

  6. Sheila on said:

    I have visited many websites stating how great Virgin Coconut Oil is and several other sites stating how it is all a myth, how it is actually bad for you, and that there hasn’t been any real medical research to claim that Virgin Coconut Oil is good for you. I would like to believe it is good for you, but I do I know for sure?

    • Admin on said:

      Well virgin coconut oil is a food, not a drug, so why would you expect any expensive medical research to be done on it when no one can patent it? There is plenty of research, however, and you can read it yourself in our peer-reviewed research section:

      We also have a good article exposing some of the misinformation the medical community likes to spread about coconut oil:

      • Sheila on said:

        Thank you that helps alot!

      • cara on said:

        I have a request. I have noticed that all of your information materials such as your articles, are all on your website. which is If it is really a miracle food then why do some other websites that are medically researched and have other credentials from different websites and studies? Why does this website just have research from just this website? It seems more bias and opinion than cold hard facts, facts that have been found on other research websites not just your website. If something is too good to be true it most likely is.

  7. Robert on said:

    What is the difference between organic and virgin coconut oil? Or is there a difference?

  8. Janet Burke on said:

    I have started to use coconut oil in our two dogs diet… labs…and the older one has had an eye issue and a sty the sty is starting to go down and the eyes look so much better just after 3 days…I have been using it topically around the eye area for that. I am amazed . any additional comments on dogs / cats is much appreciated.

  9. Regie Vecchi on said:

    My 10-year old American Pitt Bull, Minnie, has been suffering for almost 2 years with on-off Furuncolosis and yesterday I decided to google AGAIN about this disease and got here where I read And read some more And decided to go out and buy a jar to try on my Minnie. I started last night with 2-times 1-table spoon and today her paws are looking SO much better i cannot believe! today she had all 3-times 1-table spoon and I can see the wounds closing down. I am really thankful for all the comments here. I also wanted to encourage people to try it. Minnie has been on and off of antibiotics for almost 2 years, but few days after the dosage ends she would start with the purple balls with blood and pus again. Did I mention shampooing her paws EVERY night?! yea.. i love her and can say I would do anything thing to make her more comfortable.. specially to see her pain free. I also started taking the oil. I’ve had frequent yeast infection. But to that I cannot say if the results will be as positive as it has been for my Minnie!! thank you all!!

  10. Adelph on said:

    Using virgin coconut oil for the past 4 days: believes cognitive functions have started improving already with observed increased levels of focus and stabilization of moods. Concentration and meditative efforts seem heightened. There’s exists a semblance of an increasing tendency of improved ability of ordered thinking, planning and carrying out physical and mental tasks. Driving skills seems to get better as each day passes. Paying much more attention to details.

  11. Joe S on said:

    We discovered Virgin Coconut oil several years ago. My teenage daughter had been sick for two weeks and not getting any better. Finally after several trips to the doctor she was diagnosed with mono. We were told there was nothing we could do and just wait it out as it could take weeks or months to clear up. I went online that night (Friday) and found testimonials regarding coconut oil. Went out the next day and bought some. By Monday she was feeling better. By wednesday she felt almost normal. Friday we went to the doctors and had he re-tested. The mono was gone. They checked her spleen to make sure it wasn’t enlarged (a symptom of mono), and it was normal. She is a soccer player and was back out to practice by Monday. Truly an amazing turnaround. We gave her two to three table spoons a day with yogurt. Now we always have a jar of Virgin Coconut Oil in the house, as it has so many benefits.

  12. Jodie on said:

    I have been using Coconut oil topically, on my dogs food as well as for cooking. However, after reading all of this I also would like to take it orally to get more of a benefit of this amazing oil. I have purchase capsules which I take daily but now see i am not getting full benefit. But not sure i can just eat 3 tablespoons of it as most people are saying. Isn’t it like a spoon full of shortening? I will try it in my coffee as suggested but again a teaspoon in coffee isn’t 3 tbsp daily as recommended. I don’t need the link to recipes etc. just want to know if that is really what people do is just “eat” tablespoons of it. Thank you. I love the effects of this amazing oil!

    • Admin on said:

      Yes, some people do just eat coconut oil off the spoon, but most probably do not. Smoothies are quite popular, as is putting in on oatmeal. It really is not that hard to get a few spoonfuls in each day via recipes.

    • Dona Kreutzer on said:

      I’m like you, I can’t eat spoonfuls of coconut either so I add it to everything I eat including cold creamy foods I just mash with a fork or spoon to make it soft but not melted it blends well that way. I take it for diverticulosis and dry skin mostly but have felt better and younger than when I was in my 40′s. Experiment and enjoy.


      • Gai Dulcie on said:

        I rub a spoonful of coconut oil into my dry cereal which is mostly oatmeal and add milk and fruit. It makes it taste even better and sometimes the cold milk makes little lumps of it harden and you get a yummy bite of coconut taste with the consistency of chocolate in your breakfast.

        • Crystal on said:

          It’s really good in warm chocolate milk..just warm the milk and warm the oil and mix and drink I find it very yummy

    • Chris on said:

      I use coconut oil in cooking, eat it a teaspoon at a time, add to hot water with honey and lemon and to hot chocolate. My dogs get a couple teaspoons a day as well. I have to smear it on the bottom of their food dishes so they don’t gulp it down all at once

    • teresita trinidad on said:

      Here in the Philippines we do take virgin coconut oil off the spoon thrice a day, a tbsp to our growing children and give it to our babies using a dropper as a supplement, makes them less susceptible to common colds and skin diseases. Very very good.

  13. Orlando Zambrana on said:

    I just recently started an intake of coconut oil because my brother have been using it for quite a while on his scalp and taking a couple of tablespoon daily and, unbelievably his hair is coming out. he is no longer loosing his hair, in the contrary, he is literally growing hair and he is feeling stronger while exercising.

  14. Essy on said:

    Coconut oil healed my daughter’s ring worm on 3 days. good product.

  15. Sylvia on said:

    I am interested in frying with the coconut oil. My question is can the oil be used more than once or should you discard it after one use?

    • Admin on said:

      Generally it can be used more than once. You might need to filter it first, however.

    • Liz on said:

      I mostly do french fries in coconut oil and then filter it through a coffee filter for reuse. I use it for three or four times but usually end up frying fish or something with a panko coating after which I then put it on our dogs food a bit at a time. I even spread a little onto hotdog or hamburger buns before toasting them on the grill. Same with any grilled sandwich.

  16. MARI on said:

    My husband has been told he has Parkinson’s
    Is there any info regarding coconut oil benefits?

  17. alex on said:

    coconut oil is good for syphillis desease

  18. cassie on said:

    i have a jar of coconut oil and i used it in my hair but know that i know its good for acne i will be using it alot more and will moisterize my face along with it clearing my acne problem thanks so much coconut oil ur the best

  19. Robert on said:

    I am pretty sure that I have candida overgrowth and possibly fibromyalgia. Does coconut oil help fibromyalgia? How much should I take?

  20. Angela on said:

    I am planning to start the coconut oil pulling, can you please let me know why it is necessary to rinse for so long 15 to 20 min if not longer. 15 min is a long time pls advise.

  21. Helen on said:

    Hi – My 6 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with an immune condition where her immune system is attacking her red blood cells. It’s causing inflammation in her stomach which is hurting her, and a friend recommended we try coconut oil to help calm the inflammation. There is no medical treatment for this condition so I am desperate to find something that might help. Is coconut oil likely to be a good idea, or is it known to boost the immune system (which wouldn’t be good)?

    • Admin on said:

      Any food can claim to “boost the immune system” because any (real) food provides nutrients to the body. Coconut oil is a food, and has been consumed in tropical countries for thousands of years. There is almost no risk. People who start out eating too much might experience diarrhea, but that just means they are consuming too much. So there is no more risk than any other safe natural food, and potentially coconut oil could provide huge benefits.

  22. bubslie on said:

    I have read all these questions and felt I must post about my amazing experience with VCO. I am 35 years old and severly hypothyroid. I was on thyroxine at very high does for 5 years before I started looking for an alternative. My Dr said my levels were all right however I was still extremely lethargic and suffered from “brain fog”. I started out taking 2 tablespoons a day and instantly felt the effects. It was so energising that I couldn’t take it before bed or I wouldn’t sleep. I upped my dose to around 3 tablespoons, eating it off a spoon, adding it to my coffee (yum!), with jam on toast, baking with it, rubbing it on my skin instead of moisturiser… even using it as personal lubricant! After 3 months I went back to the doctor as I was getting night sweats and losing weight. I dropped my medication by 1/2 to support the work the VCO was doing. All the bad side effects were reversed and I’m taking less drugs. I’ve been taking it for over a year now, at times with Apple cider vinegar and I’ve just started taking fish oils again. I feel I will take this oil for the rest of my life and I will tell my story to anyone who asks!

    • Sue on said:

      thank you for your story; I too can report a similar one except I do still take Levothyroxine, although my dose was cut down. Like you I tell anyone who wants to hear about coconut oil and again like you I believe I will be taking it for the rest of my life. Thank you.

    • Michelle on said:

      It’s delicious in coffee! I was having stomach issues with flavored coffee so I switched to regular and add a teaspoon of coconut sugar and a teaspoon of coconut oil and my coffee is so Yummy! :) My stomach issues are gone!

  23. V, Saxon on said:

    I see some websites sell coconut oil in pill form, is this as effective as the oil?

  24. Kendra on said:

    What is the difference between unrefined coconut oil and fractionated coconut oil?

    • Admin on said:

      Fractionated coconut oil is the process of removing certain fatty acids, usually the small percentage of unsaturated fatty acids. This is commonly done in tropical climates where they want to keep coconut oil more solid in higher temperatures. Unrefined is a bit ambiguous, and can mean different things.

  25. Ayleen Flores on said:

    Hi i would just like to ask if refined bleached coconut oil is good. we have canola oil at home and i had just found out that it is bad for our health. now i looked for coconut oil in the supermarket yet i only got the refined bleached one. does this contain the mcts that vco has? thanks! oh and by the way, after browsing thru this site, i became a believer. i had just started using vco recently so i cannot yet say if it does wonders for me but i really want to incorporate it in my meals minus the coconut taste.

    • Admin on said:

      Yes, the refined coconut oil (RBD) still has the MCTs in it and is a good oil.

  26. Bee on said:

    I’m not finding my question/answer that I posted recently. I’m trying again.
    Does refrigeration of coconut oil diminish the health benefits of the oil? Sometimes I would like the oil to be spreadable when it’s in a liquified state (warm weather) but I hesitate to refrigerate it. Please advise. Thank u. bee

    • Admin on said:

      No, refrigeration does not affect the coconut oil at all.

  27. sarah on said:

    I love coconut oil! It is the best thing i have ever used for my dry skin and overall health !

  28. Tiffany on said:

    I heard coconut oil gets rid of the herpes virus? Is this true?

  29. CH on said:

    I would like to use VCO to help my 10 years old son to cure his h. pylori infection (upper abdominal pain every evening after dinner). Is VCO good for that? what is the recommended daily dosage for kid? Many thanks.

  30. Lucy Hennessey on said:

    Hi, I went on-line for coconut oil for my dog and they show “coconut oil for dogs” do I have to buy this or can I just buy the virgin coconut oil so that I can use it, as well as my dog. Do I have to buy 2 separate oils, one for my dog and one for me?

    • Admin on said:

      Great question. You do NOT have to purchase a separate coconut oil for pets, because they are exactly the same. Due to labeling requirements in certain countries, it may not be allowed to market coconut oil for pets for human consumption, but there is no difference. Just look for how the coconut oil is made to determine the type of coconut oil you wish to purchase.

      • Brooke on said:

        I use it in my dogs food every day! In the summer it runs in , in the winter I scrape some into her food. She eats it all! She only gets dry food too! She had hair loss due to biting flies and I was freaking out! Read about coconut oil and she was cured! Now her fur has a shine.

  31. David on said:

    How do MCT’s hold up to microwave radiation? If I microwave my food with coconut oil in it, will the MCT’s breakdown or does it matter?

    • Admin on said:

      Good question, and a very controversial topic. We don’t know. If you want to be safe, don’t microwave coconut oil.

  32. jean on said:

    Yes, I just bought some oil in the vitamin section. I got it home and it is solid, and says to store in refrigerator. Then it is rock solid. How do I take a tablespoon a day? did i get the wrong thing? HELP!

    • Admin on said:

      Coconut oil never needs to be refrigerated, unless you are making hard candy or something.

  33. David Francis on said:

    20 years ago I was knocked out in a vehicle accident. Since then I have suffered chronic fatigue with random and generalized aches. Social activity also became awkward. In 2005, I spent the year in Iraq and have since suffered chronic depression, reduced executive function and my previous troubles have multiplied. I am definitely trying the coconut oil. I just got my first jar and I actually like the stuff. I read in the article about Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypothyroid and several other ailments. I’m curious what you think coconut oil can do for brain injury. I do understand you’re not doctors but I’m also certain that my M.D. and my psychiatrist can’t tell me much about coconut oil.

    • Admin on said:

      Coconut oil along with a ketogenic type of low-carb diet can definitely improve cogintive functions. Please do some research into the dangers of anti-depressants as well and their side effects. Also, there is a lot of research on gut health and depression/cognitive function. You will want healthy probiotics in your diet. Research the GAP diet.

    • Megan on said:

      I was in a car accident too and suffered extensive head injuries. Being on a nutritionally ketogenic diet, of which coconut oil is very much a part, makes a huge positive difference in my cognitive functioning. I highly highly highly recommend experimenting (try 30 days) with this way of eating

  34. Olivia on said:

    Hi, I was wondering if coconut oil is good for psoriasis?

  35. Jessica on said:


    I have a bottle of liquid coconut oil that I bought from a massage supply outlet store that says it is 100% pure & natural caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractioned coconut oil) as the ingredient and I am wondering if it would be safe to use in cooking. When I bought it the man at store said it was exactly the same as any coconut oil you would buy anywhere but it makes me a little nervous as I know it was intended to be used as massage oil. Thank you!

    • Admin on said:

      This is NOT the same as pure coconut oil. It has been “fractionated.” So depending on the process used to do the fractionating, and what possible chemicals were used, it is not possible to know if it is safe to consume if it was not meant to be an edible oil.

  36. Sue Neirynck on said:

    My husband has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). I saw many comments regarding coconut oil and alzheimer’s and some regarding Parkinson’s. Do you have comments from anyone who has tried coconut oil for ALS?

    • Judy on said:

      I read your comment about your husband having ALS. I work with someone who has ALS. He has been taking coconut oil now for over a year. He used to be in a lot of pain especially in his legs. He would take at least 3 pain pills back then. Now he takes none. He told me he also puts coconut oil all over his body and stays in the shower for quite some time. I would definetly give it a try! My mother has Dementia and we are just starting her on coconut oil, it’s suppose to help with Alzheimer’s also. Hope this helps your husband.

  37. Nachiket on said:

    We in India has long tradition of using coconut oil for cooking and indeed for our hairs. It makes hair grow fast, healthy and shiny. As in some part of India we face very dry and cold atmosphere, so to avoid skin cracks mostly we use coconut oil.

  38. kathleen on said:

    I have heard coconut oil is good for your teeth could you comment on this and any benefits for arthritis?

      • Diana on said:

        I make toothpaste with coconut oil and do oil pulling. The best thing I have ever used and it kills the bacteria in your mouth. Don’t swallow if you oil pull though, you will be swallowing the bacteria that the coconut oil is getting rid of.

    • ted on said:

      It did cured my Arthritis for both knees. I just had one table spoon before bed and it healed my Arthritis for two weeks. Now I can play Tennis fir three sets, easy. I will be 69 years old by next month. O yes, it also eradicated my portion baldness. I am still taking a table spoon before bed to keep my bowel movements smoothly.

      • jerrod on said:

        YES! I get constipated a lot and had lots of troubles with this. since I began using coconut oil, I now very “smooth” flowing BM’s and no more pain when going. I have introduced my parents to this well as my father seems to be getting a little forgetful at times, and has type 1 diabetes.

    • Doug on said:

      After 6 weeks of oil pulling with coconut oil I went to my dentist for a cleaning and she ask me what I was doing that there was no or very little build up. When I told her she was going home to Google it. I’ve been taking it for about 2 months and I am starting to feel it working, my teeth and gums are healthier, my blood pressure is 116/67, and my sugar was 89. I have heart failure and diabetes among a lot of other stuff. My arthritis is improving a lot getting full motion back in my neck. This stuff works!!

  39. carla on said:

    was there a research about virgin coconut oil considered as wonder oil because of its therapeutic activity such as antioxidant action??…pls reply

  40. connie morrison on said:

    what effects does coconut oil have with diabetes ….

    • Admin on said:

      Coconut oil is a key component of a healthy diet to fight diabetes. Please see our article with testimonies here:

    • cheryl on said:

      my husband is using organic virgin coconut oil for diabetes along with his medication.he could not keep his blood sugar low enough so i researched online and found out about coconut oil.his doctor did not want him to keep takeing it but we think she is not educated about the real facts.i have learned that the coconut oil that was bad was the refined oil not the unrefined oil. you must be sure to use the organic virgin coconut oil. do your own research.then decide.that is what i did.

      • Admin on said:

        Refined coconut oil is not bad, as long as it is not hydrogenated. But in the US market, hydrogenated coconut oils are pretty much non-existent except maybe as an ingredient. But Virgin Coconut Oil is better than refined.

        • Eyrie on said:

          Thank you for your comment about refined and not hydrogenated coconut! My kids don’t like the taste of coconut in their eggs and other fried things. I want them to get the MCTs and got some refined oil but worried about the refining process. I will continue to use the VCO in as many other things as possible!

  41. Elizabeth on said:

    Can you tell me how long one can keep and store virgin coconut oil…..and will it get rancid?
    This web site is great!

    • Admin on said:

      Coconut oil can be stored for years without going rancid, as long as you don’t introduce moisture.

  42. Virginia on said:

    I just bought “Organic Coconut oil” Expeller Pressed. Is this still good to use, for the health benefit? Thank you…

    • Admin on said:

      Yes, any organic coconut oil is good. “Virgin” coconut oils are less processed, but refined coconut oils still retain the medium chain fatty acids.

  43. Marlene Alexander on said:

    I would like to know if coconut oil helps hormones

  44. Leah on said:

    I have been taking coconut oil by mouth everyday for a few months now. I was just told that it will clog my arteries in the long and cause serious problems. Is this true????

  45. Kimmi on said:

    I want to start using coconut oil in savory cooking but I don’t like the flavor it gives. Is it ok to use the neutral flavored oil instead? or does that make it a bad fat?

    • Admin on said:

      No, deodorized coconut oils are not “bad fats.” They are still healthy, and healthier than most other oils you could use in cooking.

  46. Karen on said:

    Some of my mom’s dementia meds have helped for a while and then faded away. Some have helped a bit and then plateaued, with no additional improvement. I would like to see testimonials about the long-term use of coconut….Are the improvements sustained or do they fade away in the long run like with the meds? Do patients continue to improve or do they plateau at some point? For example, I would like to hear about how Dr. Newport’s husband is doing currently after using coconut oil for several years now?
    Thank you for your response.

  47. Marilyn Miller on said:

    I am 78 years old. I have been taking alzheimer medicaion for the pass 7 years. I can tell my memory is failing and I’m more confused. My question is should I quit taking the current medication and olnly go with the coconut oil. Also I would be interested in dousage I should be taking.

    Thank You: Marilyn Miller

    • Admin on said:

      Marilyn, the Internet can be a very poor place to get medical advice. Always consult with a heath care professional before making any major decisions about medications. As far as amount of coconut oil that people find helpful for Alzheimer’s, please review our Alzheimer’s section and the reports there:

    • cheryl on said:

      i can tell you that my aunt is using organic virgin coconut oil for her alzheimers along with her medication and she is doing great since she started using the oil. her doctor just told her. what ever your doing, just keep doing it. research it yourself.

  48. Cindy on said:

    I’m taking virgin coconut oil to lose weight but I’m not sure how much to take. Can anyone help me with this? And how long will it take for me to see results? Thanks! This site is a god send, I appreciate all the information provided here.

    • Admin on said:

      The amount of coconut oil to consume will vary depending on your own body size, and what you are replacing in your diet with coconut oil. Just adding coconut oil to your diet may not result in weight loss. Read more here:

  49. sheri on said:

    how do I use coconut oil to help cure candida?

  50. shirley on said:

    my 8th month old son has a problem in pooping. Then some of my friends advice me to give him a virgin coconut oil. Do you it can really help him to poop everyday? How much vco should I give him? Thanks…

    • Admin on said:

      Some have reported success in better bowel movements by consuming coconut oil, others have not. You could always try since it is just a food… Start with a large spoonful.

    • Ian on said:

      You’re son is likely deficient in magnesium. Supplementing with magnesium citrate powder everyday will help keep things flowing. Magnesium is found in many green vegetables but kids just don’t eat many vegetables. Magnesium supplementation is linked to so many health benefits.

      • MBRose on said:

        I would NOT suggest giving an 8 month old infant magnesium supplements. Most of his diet should still be from breast milk with the addition of some home made babyfoods at this point.
        As an DNP educated nurse I agree that most adults in this country are lacking in magnesium and should likely take a supplement; but not an infant under one year old. Apple juice will likely lossen his bowels if needed. He may also need some vit D drops added to his meals, but not much else if he is getting a good, wholesome diet.

        • RIO on said:

          If the baby is on formula or has been switched to a new formula, this may be making him constipated…..when my son was about 5 months old, we switched formula’s and he was so constipated I had to push his BM out with a q-tip! Never made that mistake again….Also, if you are starting to introduce solid food into the diet, it may be something you are feeding him. Remember to give 1 new food per week to see how the baby takes to the new solid food you are introducing into their diet. Hope this helps….

  51. my name kyle on said:

    how do you use this coconut oli for everything that is listed above?????

  52. George on said:

    My wife came home from the supermarket with a jar of coconut butter rather than the coconut oil I asked for. She said a comparison of the labels lead her to believe the butter would be better for me because it has vitamins and fiber in it. I need advice on that. Can you provide same? Thanks!

    • Admin on said:

      You get all of the coconut with coconut butter, or ground coconut. But you would need to consume about 30% more to get as much coconut oil as you would if you were consuming straight coconut oil. Besides the fiber and nutrients, there is also sugar in coconut – something to keep in mind.

  53. Diane on said:

    Could coconut oil help with dyslexia and all the associated learning difficulties that go with it. My son is severely dyslexic.

  54. Cheryl on said:

    I am currently taking 800 mg/day of high grade fish oil. My question: should I discontinue the fish oil if I want to start ingesting coconut oil?

    • Admin on said:

      No, you should not discontinue using fish oil. Fish oil is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which coconut oil is not. The two oils are complimentary.

    • Ian on said:

      800 mg is nothing. You don’t absorb all the fish oil anyway. If you want better absorption take it with other fats and consider increasing your dose a few grams or eat more fish during the week.

  55. juana on said:

    I was wondering, when I read how people are using the coconut oil for their skin, are they just using the solid form and spreading in on, or liquid form? Or does it matter? I have some in the cupboard I just received for cooking. I also just received soft gels to take internally. Can the oil be squeezed out of them to apply to the face?

    • Tia on said:

      In answer to your specific question about skin care, yes I use coconut oil directly out of the bottle on the skin and it has had amazing results for everything from soften, soothing sensitive/irritated skin, making old hands look young and beautiful again to healing wounds and strengthening skin. I take coconut oil right out of the bottle I use for cooking in the kitchen instead of lotion. It really is a wonderful oil and I am excited and grateful to have found it.

  56. Sharilyn Apodaca on said:

    I’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes. I’m 68 yrs old, 5’2″, 124 lbs and very active. How can coconut oil be beneficial in regulating blood sugar ? How long before one would see an actual result? Can it be used in popping popcorn or saut√©ing foods?

    • Suzanne on said:

      Try popping corn with coconut oil – the flavour is AMAZING!!

  57. Andrea on said:

    Can coconut oil help with stretch marks?

    • Admin on said:

      Yes, rubbing coconut oil into the abdomen during pregnancy to help with stretch marks is a common practice in the Philippines.

    • Susan on said:

      Yes, but take a zinc supplement. I had a 10 lb 4oz baby without one stretch mark! Zinc feeds the skin.

  58. Dovo Uzo on said:

    I would never recommend anyone to use coconut oil pills. The best way to use it is in your cooking. Instead of using soy oil or sunflower oil use coconut oil in your cooking and also use a quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric powder along with your pepper powder or chilli powder while cooking. Use it daily and it will provide all the necessary healing molecules to your body.

    • Marcelo on said:

      I’m a great fan of turmeric I add daily to my smoothies along with a portion of gelatine, virgin coconut oil, acai pur√©e, and canna butter ( which I make with coconut oil instead of butter). Having incredible results on my chronic illnesses.

  59. sam on said:

    I also forgot to tell you guys that i refrained from using trans fat oils/vegetable oils…i make my own cooking oil.extracted from pork fats (LARD) this is also the traditional oil we use here in the Philippines hundreds of years before trans fat Crisco oil was introduced…and people here who lived before the 50′s lived a very long healthy life,also avoid fructose w/c is so prevalent in processed foods, it will only lead us to several forms of illnesses…..FYI…try it guys.

  60. sam on said:

    Hi guys, I’m from the Philippines…i am 45 yrs old and a health conscious person, maybe because of the fear of having many age-related illness… long before i’ve known coconut oil, i see to it that i’m eating the right food… this sarted during my 30′s when i studed i’m an RN but works in a call center at IBM….hehe,.it’s very seldom if not never, that i get a fever year round and i attribute that to being indulged in citrus fruits especially calamansi which happens to be abundant here in our country. The only problem i have so far is the very watery and itchy athlete’s foot/fungal problem i inherited from my family,luckily, when i accidentally surf the net i saw the site that talks about VCO and saw the benefits it brings to our entire body including fungal bacteria so i did not waste any time and bought coconuts,extracted the milk with it’s own water,and made my own oil in the traditional way…i started applying the oil to my feet and after around 25yrs of burden, the itchiness banished just after a day of application, it’s a MIRACLE! Up until now since i’ve known about coconut oil last June 2012, i never looked back and applied it daily to my feet…now all the scars and discoloration the itchiness caused faded away. I also eat the oil 3x/day w/a table spoon and it developed muscles in my skinny built, before taking it last June i was around 120 lbs it added 15 lbs in 3 months added to myself esteem,isn’t it great! Well of course I eat nutritious foods and maintained my love for calamansi….try it guys and good luck to us all who seek illness prevention/cure and delaying aging. :-)

  61. Nicole on said:

    I recently bought some coconut oil that is not refined. I would like to start taking a couple tbs/day and would also like for my son to start taking it since he needs help remineralizing his teeth. He is 7 and I am unsure of how I can get him to take it and also how much to give him… any thoughts… I’d like to not have to cook with it daily for him to injest it… like possibly something I can add to it to make it taste better in a spoon. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Barbra on said:

      I have an 8 year old son who has a daily breakfast of 2 slices of toast with coconut oil on it and organic honey on top of that. Instead of honey I have also used jelly. You can increase the amount of coconut oil as he begins to like the taste. Sometimes a little cinnamon on top is yummy too.

  62. Marcia on said:

    If someone is allergic to coconut, does that mean that they would be allergic to coconut oil?

  63. Edwin on said:

    I recently bought myself a box of VCO softgels, however, I’m not sure of the dosage because it is listed as 500 mg per softgel. Please give me advice on the dosage and on whether I should take as many as its equivalent in the bottled liquid form. Which packaging do I save more money?

  64. Jan on said:

    Applying coconut oil to the skin give the same results as ingestion it?

    • Admin on said:

      There are great benefits to applying coconut oil to the skin, but not the same as ingesting it. For example, lauric acid is converted to monolaurin in the digestive process.

  65. Kristy on said:

    I have recently started using coconut oil for the health reasons. I noticed, however, that my coconut oil liquified in my pantry which, apparently, must be >76 degrees. Is it okay for it stay in liquified form? Should I keep it in the fridge instead? Are there any issues with it going back & forth between solid & liquid form? Thanks for any info.

    • Admin on said:

      No, there are no issues with coconut oil being liquid or solid. It doesn’t matter.

    • Admin on said:

      No, it does not matter if coconut oil is a solid or liquid.

      • Pam on said:

        Is it ok to keep Coconut Oil in the fridge?

        • Admin on said:

          Coconut oil will get hard in the fridge. No need to keep it there.

  66. Rodney Downsling on said:

    Hello, I am 67 years old with Alzheimer’s, and have been using a virgin coconut oil called Memory Oil for a while now. And I believe this Memory Oil is doing its job, and I am remembering quite a bit now to be completely honest. I have it in my morning coffee, in my pastas, spaghetti, on my bagels, and etc. and I am in love with it, for it is also healthy and is cheaper than allot of oils I’ve seen. This oil should be more recognized!ÔĽŅ It is just amazing. Thank you.

  67. Lisa on said:

    I was just told by a family member that coconut oil will kill head lice. Is this true?

      • Tuan on said:

        Yes, that’s right. Old Vietnamese use coconut oil for anti lice effectively.

    • SMA on said:

      My cats recently had lice. I got rid of them with a spray that contains lauric acid as its active ingredient. Lauric acid content in coconut oil is 50%. It kills the lice by destroying their protective wax layer. The lice then simply dry out and die. Lauric acid/coconut oil is also a very effective insect repellant, works great against ticks.

  68. Rex on said:

    Has coconut oil had any beneficial affects as far as epilepsy or tinnitus?

  69. Jam Mhilbie on said:

    What do we get from fresh coconut milk?, because I usually use this for making desserts at home. Thank you very much and hope to hear your reply soon.

  70. Mary Peery on said:

    Does coconut oil help with hypothyroidism and high heart rates

  71. Jean on said:

    l have Celiac Disease, autoimmune thyroid disease with a goiter and two nodules, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease in my neck, and am post menopausal. I started seeing a chiropractic neurologist about 6 months ago, and he put me on a very restrictive diet for a couple of months along with a supplement that heals the gut. In that diet I could use only coconut oil. I fell in love with this oil. I too use it on my body and take at least a tablespoon three times a day. My favorite way (very addictive…it is so yummy) is on a piece of gluten-free toast. As soon as the toast is golden brown, I take it out of the toaster and start spreading the oil on it slowly so it can melt as i spread it. I make sure I get at least a whole Tablespoon on the toast. You can eat it with a little jam or jelly, but I really like it plain. It is very yummy with jam though or honey. The Gluten-free breads are very course and dense, so they work great for this. They don’t get mushy at all, but remain crunchy even when thoroughly saturated. Must eat while still warm to keep oil from solidifying again. This is an excellent way to get the oil in you three times a day. :) I have lost 13 lbs and I feel great these days, and my blood pressure has now stabilized back to 110/70 like when I was in my 30′s. I am about to turn 60. I’m hoping when I have my lipids and thyroid levels checked again in two months that I will see improvements in these areas as well. I‚Äôm also scheduled to do a repeat ultrasound of my thyroid and I hope to see a reduction in the nodules and goiter.

    • Lisa on said:

      I use the coconut oil on my toast, after I read your post. I use the St. Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread and it too is really dense and it gets all crunchy and the slight taste of the coconut with the cinnamon and raisins is really tasty and a great breakfast.

  72. SharonG on said:

    Have there been any studies done on the effects of coconut oil and Lupus or Parkinsons Disease? My father was a very healthy 80 year old until he had surgery for an aortic aneurysm; since then he is weak, losing balance, can’t walk and has been told that he now has Parkinsons and/or Lupus and has been bombarded with very strong medications that only seem to make him worse from all the side effects. Can you send any documented studies and easy ways of consuming the oil.

  73. Brian on said:

    Im 18 and I was diagnosed with mononucleosis yesterday and I have read that coconut oil could possibly help make the recovery process faster since no medication can. I was just wandering if you knew anything about this. This is day 5 of having it and I’m supposed to have it for a month. Since your spleen gets enlarged with mono it was said that coconut oil made it back to normal size faster then it would naturally and that it would make you feel better. Any bit of information is helpful. Thank you

    • r lively on said:

      Virgin coconut oil goes after all things bacteria even micro, the small stuff……It states in many reports I’ve read that it even clears up parasites , herpes,and HIV. Anything that is a Fungus or Bacteria or Microbical. It is high in fat but it is the good fat [spelling] Medium-chain Tri-gles-er-ride ,the fat that does not store in the body ,but the body uses it for energy and burns it up ,many runners use it for running marathons in that it gives a person stamina and endurance….Its running around $15.00 a pound at some health food stores ,you can buy on-line for less.You start noticing a differance around two pounds consumed ,it’s good for your hair,skin and nails ,and its one of the worlds best Pro-biotic through my time using it.

      • Maggs on said:

        Can Coconate Oil cures HIV? Does anyone know of any cases of such?

        • Admin on said:

          Chris Dafoe mentioned some cases a few years back, and there was a trial done in the Philippines in the late 1990s. See:

  74. Charlotte McFarland on said:

    My mom has dementia, all of her siblings, have been or were diagnosed with Alzeheimers. Dad saw an article on the 700 Club about coconut oil. Mom had been taking Aerosept(spelling) which left her in a daze all the time. So we weened her off Aerosept and started giving her virgin coconut oil 1000mg capsule, she has taken 120 softgel over the course of a month. There has been a difference in her. (For the better) I started taking these also. But started sleeping worse. I got on this site and saw that capsules are not as affective as the oil itself. But my question is: Mom already has loose stool and also I read that coconut oil is good for weight loss, Mom eats a lot of sweets, which she never did before, she is never hungry, she has lost a lot of weight already, she really doesn’t need to lose any more weight.Mom will be 79 years old this Sunday. What is the amount coconut oil she should take?

    • Admin on said:

      Coconut oil only sometimes leads to weight loss, depending on what it is replacing in the diet, or just being added. But it often increases muscle mass if weight is lost. If you watch the video round table discussion with doctors discussing diet and coconut oil for Alzheimer’s here: you will learn that “sweets” in the form of refined carbohydrates are very dangerous. Amounts of coconut oil consumed vary, if you read the testimonials on this site, but most try to work up to an amount from anywhere between 3 tablespoons a day to 9 tablespoons a day.

  75. Rachel on said:

    I’m hypoglycemic, and a nutritionist recommended that I try consuming coconut oil to stabilize my blood sugar throughout the day. Has anyone with a metabolic disorder seen improvement after consuming it? How do you eat it every day, besides cooking with it? Could I put it in a salad in lieu of olive oil? Thanks.

  76. Antonio Ela on said:

    I am a 66years old male, a prostate cancer survivor, had chemotherapy (Docetaxel +Velcade) in 2008 and in November 2010 started taking a study drug MDV3100 (androgen signalling inhibitor) until January 2012.

    I have been taking 2 tablespoon 2x a day of VCO since February 2012 and here are the results. In November 2011 I had my blood chemistry and my triglycerides was 417 and HDL was 43, my cardiologist prescribed Lipway SR which I didnot take. On July 4th I had my blood chemistry again and my triglycerides is now 107.7 and HDL is now 88.14. However today my PSA is 11.27. All other blood indicators are normal. God is good!

  77. Leonora Calvin on said:

    .Yes , coconut oil works great. I am a black woman who grow up in the small island in the Philippines, where there is an abundant of coconut tree. As a little girl my hair was very kinky. Everyday I used coconut bar soap for bathing and for my hair, then my grandmother would squeeze a fresh coconut oil on my hair ,massage it on my scalp then she would rinse it out. Lotion did not exist in the island unless you go to the city. So coconut oil was also my lotion and for cooking our food. I remember I have the most beautiful healthy looking curly hair and a very soft black skin. I am now 65 years old living in California and I own a coconut tree plantation in the Philippines that I inherited from my grandmother. I also know how to make coconut oil. My wonderful true experience with coconut oil.

  78. Jacqueline on said:

    I have had heart palpitations for years now. I started taking virgin coconut oil and they went away immediately. Is it better to take non virgin coconut oil, virgin or extra-virgin.

  79. John on said:

    Is palm oil and coconut oil the same thing?

    • Admin on said:

      No, they are not the same thing. Palm oil comes from a completely different palm tree than coconut oil does.

  80. florence on said:

    can it be applied to eye area, (both under and above the eyes) would it be to oily?

    • Admin on said:

      Some people do apply coconut oil to the eyes, but usually prior to going to bed, or at least when you are not going to be driving or need to see clearly for a while, as it can take some time for the coconut oil to soak in. Here is one testimony:

  81. Julia on said:

    So, if I’m understanding correctly, heating the coconut oil (such as in cooking) does not change the composition of it as it does in other oils – right?

  82. JAMA on said:

    This stuff truly works!!! Im black, i had horrible razor bumps from the barber clippers and applied the coconut oil and the razor bumps began to fade away. This stuff is great for the hair too!!!!

  83. Sarah on said:

    I have had a horrible looking rash on my neck and chest since I was pregnant with my last daughter (over a yr). It would get all itchy as soon as I got hot and it was get really red and NOTHING seemed to get ride of it. I already used coconut oil in my cooking but only had the refined kind. I was looking for something online to use for my neck and so I found the coconut oil! Just using it for one day I realized it was fading!!! I’m on day 5 and its seriously barely visable at this point!! No itching or redness with temp changes! I have since been using this on my face as a lotion and the fine lines are seriously diminished, as well as using it as deoderant which is working very well!! I would scream this out from the roof tops if I could! This wonderful oil offers so much!!

  84. Cat on said:

    Ive heard that coconut oil is good in fighting lipid covered viruses. What about the non-lipid ones. Would coconut oil still help those types of viruses? If so in what ways?

    • Admin on said:

      I am not aware of the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil having any effect on non-lipid coated viruses. If anyone finds any research to this effect, please share it.

  85. Emily on said:

    I am interested in introducing coconut oil into my diet and getting all the health benefits but I am wondering how I should go about this. How much should I have each day? Also does cooking or baking with coconut oil give you the same benefits as eating it at room temperature?

  86. Valorie Hunter on said:

    As someone who lost a parent to Alzheimer’s, it felt like a gift from the gods when I first heard about taking coconut oil to prevent the disease. I bought my first jar immediately and have been taking it faithfully since. I can’t say that I have noticed any changes in my health and mental well being but who knows what the long term benefits will be.

    When I found your page on facebook, I became an immediate fan. Thanks for all of the great information!

    • Cathy M. on said:

      I have been postmenopausal for 11 yrs now, but for a number of years have been experiencing emotional ups and downs, depression, foggy mind, disoriented, etc. Just started on bio-identical hormones again currently trying to find the right dosage. It’s hard! I read all the different questions and answers above, but not one was on hormone imbalance. Actually, maybe there’s an imbalance somewhere in my body causing the hormones to be imbalanced. What are your observations and views on using coconut oil? (I only use some coconut oil for cooking definitely not using the amount a lot of people have stated.)

  87. Jacky Manchester on said:

    I have known about the benefits of coconut oil for a long time, but not for all these issues. Thank you so much. I will be more diligent to begin using it faithfully. So easy to just let information slide. I am a caregiver for 2 92 yr olds, one with Alzheimers. I am going to stock up on the oil and use it, I do all the cooking. I know I can incorporate it into my cooking without detection or there will be objections.

  88. Susan Duncan on said:

    I have recurring colitis..can coconut oil help?

  89. Terryb on said:

    Can eating coconut replace coconut oil?

    • Admin on said:

      It can. If you eat dried coconut, it is about 65-70% coconut oil. But you are also getting fiber and sugar. Make sure there is no added sugar. There could also be preservatives.

  90. juan carrillo on said:

    does coconut oil help get rid of acne

  91. kasey on said:

    My daughter is 20 months old and has a yeast infection that even with the Rx nystatin will not go away. My husband read about the benifits of coconut oil for yeast. Can you tell me more about this?

      • Dorothy De Witt on said:

        A tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and 4 drops or more of oregano oil mixed with it taken twice a day will kill yeast, mold, and fungus infections. I have used this for dry mouth for I am prone to get this because of the dry mouth. It works great.

  92. Tracey on said:

    I had been given a medication commonly used for migraines. I had an unfortunate reaction to the medication after the doctor increased my medication despite of the side effects that I was already experiencing. I was hospitalized with stroke like symptoms. I am fortunate that I did not have a stroke. I was tested for other diseases (which I do not have) because the doctor is convinced that this could not be the result of the medication. Thank God that all tests came back normal. The doctors now stand and scratch their heads with my symptoms because they can offer no explanation as to exactly what happened to me. They are convinced that my symptoms could not possible exist this long after stopping the medication. I suffer with confusion, very slurred speech, unsteady gait, impaired cognitive functions, and slowed psycho-motor skills. This has been a battle since March 1, 2012.

    My husband heard of coconut oil on a local Pittsburgh talk show (thanks Quinn) and we have decided to give the coconut a try. I just read a post that Alzheimer’s was reduced with consuming 2 tbs of coconut oil 3 times a day for one of the readers. I will start with 1 tbs 3 times a day and keep you updated. Perhaps it will also help my headaches and migraines.

  93. Rose on said:

    Does coconut oil have to be refrigerated? Mine says it does, my brothers says it don’t. I put it in the frig but would like to take it back out, if it can be out is it ok to do so once its been in the frig? Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Admin on said:

      No, coconut oil is a tropical oil and does not need refrigeration. It will remain stable at room temperatures for years, if it is kept away from moisture.

  94. Lynn on said:

    Hi, I use virgin coconut oil on my face and body, and consume it. (love it!! ) BUT!!! I’ve done some research on virgin coconut oil and it does increase thyroid and testosterone levels… and stimulate hair growth. My concern is- that I don’t want my testosterone to increase,- and stimulate hair growth( at least not on my face and body) or stimulate thyroid and I don’t take it for weight loss.
    I really don’t want to stop using coconut oil for these reasons… I would like some feed back…

    • Admin on said:

      There is no research that we are aware of that states coconut oil leads to facial and body hair growth. Look at the tropical cultures in Asia that consume coconut oil as their main dietary oil, such as Filipinos, and you will see that they do not have a lot of facial hair. How many Filipnos have you ever seen with full beards, for example? The testimonies on hair growth and coconut oil that we have seen have been for hair on top of the head. As for stimulating the thyroid, that is definitely a benefit and not a negative. Saturated fats in general (not just coconut oil) do stimulate hormone production. But this is a positive, not a negative, as our modern day culture and diet is low in saturated fats and high in “hormone disrupters.”

  95. Lebo on said:

    I have only started using coconut oil on my skin not very long ago, and my wrinkles have already gone, my skin is smooth and supple. My skin discolourations is slowly but surely disappearing. I have been dealing with uneven skin tone for many years! I had only started adding a teaspoon to my cup of coffee and it tastes great! I am glad to hear it is ok to use it hot beverages!

    Hoever I really want to know how coconut oil helps with Autism. I have a son in his mid twenties, who had learning disability disorder, and is still challenged in many ways, especially with communication and comprehension. Can coconut consumption help?
    Thank you.

    • Admin on said:

      We have one story here about a mother with a child diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder, and their results with coconut oil. You can read it here.

  96. randi mitchell on said:

    What are the benefits of giving your dog coconut oil?

  97. Ellen on said:

    What may be the reason some people have digestive upsets (i.e. loose stools) from eating coconut flour or coconut oil?

    • Admin on said:

      We have never actually heard of anyone having digestive issues with the coconut flour, but it does happen with coconut oil. It is usually because people get excited from reading about the health benefits and start taking too much. One should start out slowly with coconut oil, and incorporate it into food.

  98. Queta on said:

    I bought coconut oil, but in the ingredients it says “Refined, bleached, deodorize coconut oil”, and I heard that bleached products are not very good. Does it make a difference in coconut oil? I really want the health benefits of it, how can I use this oil I bought and what kind to buy do you recommend.

    • Admin on said:

      The “bleaching” done in RBD coconut oils is NOT a chemical process. It is a filter process through clay. It is harmless. RBD oils are fine, especially if no chemicals were used in the extraction process. RBD coconut oils are not harmful, but in the refining process some nutrients are probably lost. Virgin coconut oils do not go through the refining process. However, be aware that there is no industry standard or governing body regulating the term “virgin coconut oil”, and some marketers may be selling RBD coconut oils under the “virgin” label. Recent research shows that the traditionally-made virgin coconut oils are highest in anti-oxidants. Article here.

  99. Neil Walker on said:

    I can’t seem to click on the idividual links providing information on the various benefits coconut oil provides. I would like to know more about the benefits to hair, im slowly losing mine and hope it may help slow the process. This is only one of the reasons I’ve started to use the product obviously!!!!

  100. Liz Edgarton on said:

    I have micro bacteria in my lungs and see a doctor at National Jewish Health in Denver. We’ll see if this has any effect on them. My brother lived one year older than I am now; everyone in my family died at ages a lot earlier. I’d like to make a family statement because I feel so great!!!!!

    • Admin on said:

      Let us know the results!

  101. Joni Barnhardt on said:

    Hello, thank you for your website. Question for you…as a person replaces the other fats in their diet with coconut oil, what should happen to their blood values in testing? I need to be prepared for when my doctor objects to changes in my testing! Thank you.

    • Admin on said:

      There is really no way to answer that, as there are so many “blood values” and so many factors that affect it.

      • Joni Barnhardt on said:

        OK, to narrow it down, how do total cholesterol, LDL, HDL change?

        • Admin on said:

          There is no standard answer to that Joni. It is different for everyone. You can read some testimonials regarding cholesterol levels and coconut oil here:

          There was one study done in India in 2009 comparing refined coconut oil to virgin coconut oil produced by the “wet milling” process and its effect on “lipid metabolic and antioxidant status in cholesterol coadministered rats.” The abstract is here:

          But please understand that many of these studies on coconut oil and its possible effect on cholesterol levels usually start with the assumption that high cholesterol levels cause heart disease, and that is a premise that is NOT supported by the science. Read the research on cholesterol here:

          • Joni Barnhardt on said:

            Thanks very much!

  102. Jo Zelechowski on said:

    Is one tablespoon of the “oil” the same as one tablespoon of the “solid?”

    • Admin on said:

      Yes, one tablespoon of coconut oil is the same whether it is oil or solid.

  103. Tammie on said:

    Hello! This is my second time leaving a reply and I thank you for your rapid responses. It’s nice to know your there to help. I am now taking Tropical Traditions virgin coconut oil as well as my fish oil. Can I expect any negative side effects of combining the two? Also, is there a more beneficial or not as beneficial time of day to take my coconut oil? Thanks!

    • Admin on said:

      Combining coconut oil and fish oil should have no side effects. It is like eating coconut and fish at the same meal. If you are not allergic to either one individually, combining them should have no effect. Time of day is a personal choice. Some people find that coconut oil gives them too much energy in the evening if they have problems sleeping.

  104. fatboy on said:

    I take 3 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil a day by itself. i noticed 1 tbsp is 14 grams of fat or 22% of daily value and 63% daily value of saturated fat.. is it safe? it good fats right? i eat other things too

    • Admin on said:

      The percentage of daily recommended saturated fat is set by the U.S. government guidelines. So if you trust their recommendations on diet, you should stay away from saturated fats as much as possible. Of course that has been the dominant dietary philosophy for the past 50+ years, and look at the results in the U.S. Tropical cultures that consume coconut oil consume much more saturated fat than Americans do, yet they don’t have the obesity rates anywhere near to what the US has. Research for yourself so you can set your own goals and guidelines that are best for you. Everyone is different. If you read the testimonies published here from people consuming coconut oil for things like Alzheimer’s and ALS, you will find that they consume very large amounts of coconut oil (even more than 3 tbsp) and have good success with that. But that does not mean that is the proper amount for everyone.

  105. Lourdes Quiroga on said:

    Does Coconut Oil help thyroid problems?

  106. Maribel on said:

    I have a question, can we add coconut oil to hot drinks like coffee and tea? Thanks

  107. Gary on said:

    hello, can coconut oil help with the pain from shingles, if so how mush should I take?

    • Admin on said:

      The Internet is not the best place for specific health advice. We can only comment on what others have reported, as well as any research. We cannot comment to your specific situation. There was one study published in 2011 on the “anti-inflammatory activities” of virgin coconut oil. The study did find that virgin coconut oil exhibited anti-inflammatory activity in acute inflammation, but not chronic. The study is here:

      A search in the Coconut Diet forums for “shingles” does return several discussions of the subject over the years that you could read:

  108. amie on said:

    We just found out about the benefits of using coconut oil.
    We have two sons with autism and bought a bottle of refined coconut oil at the store in hopes that it could help our boys. After reading up a little more on the topic, I was wondering if the refined will be as beneficial as the unrefined oil. Should I get rid of the refined?

    • Admin on said:

      No reason to get rid of the refined coconut oil. It is not bad. But if you are looking for the highest therapeutic value, virgin coconut oil is better.

  109. Laura F. on said:

    Looking forward to better health benefits by using coconut oil!

  110. Marla on said:

    I just have a question… Is coconut oil in the pill form just as good as the actual oil?

    • Admin on said:

      No. Coconut oil is a food, and if you read the testimonies from people who are using coconut oil to help them with certain conditions, you will see that they consume anywhere from 2 to 9 tablespoons of coconut oil per day. The largest softgel one can make is 1000 mg (1 gram). 1 tablespoon is 14 grams. If you do the math, you will see coconut oil pills are merely a clever marketing scheme.

      Not only that, if you were to consume large amounts of soft gel capsules, what else are you consuming besides the coconut oil inside them? These large gelatin capsules are made from bovine (cows), and we don’t see anyone advertising organic grass-fed derived gelatin capsules. (If they are “vegetarian” capsules, then they are soy-based.) So any toxins currently existing in our cattle industry (growth hormones, antibiotics, etc.) will also be in these gelatin capsules. Also, in the encapsulation process it is standard practice to use mineral oil. Mineral oil is basically petroleum.

  111. Debra on said:

    I just recently started taking coconut oil internally and yesterday started using it as if it were a body lotion. Not only do I feel SO MUCH BETTER since using coconut oil for a month but just after 1 day of using coconut oil, yep the same oil I consume, on my skin it is so much softer then the chemical laden junk I was mixing and using on my skin!!! And the smell is a wonderful side kick!!

    Another good benefit for the coconut oil is that it decreases your appetite! A good way to kick your sugar craving for all the horrible nasty junk that is out there is to take coconut oil (in its solid form) and dip it in coconut sugar. OMG it is wonderful tasting, almost addictive lol. I am thinking if I added a few almonds to it I would have my own version of Almond Joy candy without the nasties that I do not want from their candy.

  112. Bob NeSmith on said:

    My wife thinks that coconut oil’s changing between liquid and solid changes the makeup and benefits. I don’t think this is true. Can you clarify?

    • Admin on said:

      The benefits of coconut oil are the same whether liquid or solid.

  113. Katie on said:

    Can you tell me the difference between coconut oil, virgin coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil?

    • Admin on said:

      Virgin coconut oils are less refined, as they start out with fresh coconut, and not “copra.” There is no difference between “virgin coconut oil” and “extra virgin coconut oil.” There are several different methods of producing virgin coconut oil, however, and independent research and testing show that traditionally produced coconut oils are the highest quality. See this article:

  114. Tammie on said:

    I take fish oil daily and just heard of coconut oil. It seems the two have similar effects on the body. Why would coconut oil be better for me than fish oil?

    • Admin on said:

      Actually, fish oil and coconut oil are not similar at all. One comes from a plant, the other an animal. One is saturated, the other is polyunsaturated, etc. However, the two definitely complement each other. Fish oil is not stable and easily oxidizes, while coconut oil is stable and does not oxidize. Coconut oil provides medium chain fatty acids which fish oil does not have, but fish oil provides Omega 3 fatty acids that coconut oil does not have. So one does not replace the need for the other.

  115. Rachel boyer on said:

    My seven year old daughter fell down the stairs when she was 3 and got a small “strawberry” scar across the bridge of her nose that I just hated. 2 weeks ago I started rubbing coconut oil over it. I do it three times a day, counting to a hundred as I rub, and leave it pretty greasy. It is starting to lighten already and I couldn’t be happier.

  116. Helene on said:

    Coconut oil helped my dog who would scoot her bottom on the floor. After putting about a teaspoon in her food (she weighs about 48lb) she stopped scooting and it also helped in her constipation.

  117. sharon mcbride on said:

    my son was in an accedent and broke 17 bones. do you think coconut oil would help?

    • Admin on said:

      Coconut oil is a food and is helpful for anyone. It may not heal bones, but it could provide nourishment and help fight off infections. Hope he gets better soon!

      • Anna on said:

        I recently read that coconut oil helps the body to absorb calcium and magnesium which help build bones so it may be useful in helping broken bones to knit.

        • Admin on said:

          Good point Anna. Dr. Mary Enig addresses the calcium absorption issue:

          “Research has shown that coconut oil is needed for good absorption of fat and calcium from infant formulas. The soy oil (47%) and palm olein (53%) formula gave 90.6% absorption of fat and 39% absorption of calcium, whereas the soy oil (60%) and coconut oil (40%) gave 95.2% absorption of fat and 48.4% absorption of calcium (Nelson et al 1996). Both fat and calcium are needed by the infant for proper growth. These results clearly show the folly of removing or lowering the coconut oil in infant formulas.” Article Here:

  118. SHARON on said:

    what type coconut oil is best for cooking…I have heard not to use x virgin but refined for cooking it doesn’t have coconut taste to it. unless it was in a dessert I don’t think I want the flavor in say …eggs

  119. Saira Rafiq on said:


    I have read about the wonders of coconut oil but i’m not sure exactly how i should start taking it. For some reason i was expecting it to be liquid and not solid. If i wanted to take a tablespoon every morning would i just take a spoonful from the jar or do i liquidate it first, as silly as it sounds…

  120. Rsri on said:

    Is virgin coconut oil good in pregnancy. I am hypothyroid and using synthroid in pregnancy.

    • Admin on said:

      Coconut oil is a food that has nourished billions of people for thousands of years. It is not a medicine. It is the main dietary oil used in tropical countries where coconuts grow. If one is already consuming coconut oil prior to pregnancy, there would be no reason to stop. Any dietary changes during pregnancy should be discussed with your health care provider. Some people who begin consuming coconut oil have problems in the beginning, such as diarrhea, if they are not used to a high fat diet. This is particularly true of westerners who have been led to believe that a low-fat diet is best. The Internet is not really the best place to get specific health advice.

  121. anupom on said:

    is coconut oil is good for hair?

  122. `louise on said:

    can you buy coconut oil in a health food store

    • Admin on said:

      Yes, most health food stores would carry it these days. You can also purchase coconut oil online.

  123. P. Grant on said:

    Can a type O use coconut oil?

    • Admin on said:

      ALL blood types can use coconut oil. Coconut oil has nourished billions of people for thousands of years of all blood types. Any theory that only certain blood types can consume coconut oil is not backed by any solid research or evidence.

  124. Carolyn Haney on said:

    I was told by a homeopath Dr. who also had cancer, to take a Tbsp. of coconut oil in the morning and night to help coat my nerves and protect them from the damage of chemo. At this same time I happen to tear my rotator cuff and it hurt so bad I struggled to turn the key an dopen a door. After taking it for 1 day, my shoulder was just fine. I was not expecting that to happen. Never even occured to me. But I am thrilled.

    I just finished my final round of chemo and have always needed a cane for several days after to support myself. This is the first time I did not.

    I was already using it on my skin and have decided to make it apart of my everyday regime.

    • Admin on said:

      Thank you for your testimony regarding coconut oil Carolyn!

  125. Lisa on said:

    My friend has tree and peanut allergies. Would consuming coconut oil have the same adverse affect as other tree nuts and peanuts??

  126. Janet on said:

    Thanks so much for your reply regarding coconut flour. I will check the recipes.

  127. Janet on said:

    I saw an ad somewhere for coconut flour….does it have any merit? If so, it would be doubly helpful for me because I am gluten intolerant.

    • Admin on said:

      Coconut flour would have little or no coconut oil, as the coconut oil is removed from the coconut meat to make coconut flour. Coconut flour is a good gluten-free alternative to gluten flours. Learn more about coconut flour and find many recipes here: Coconut Flour Information and Recipes

  128. Elsa Zukowski on said:

    I have a Grandmother who passed away from Alzheimers, and I am concerned for my self as well as family members. I would like to try coconut oil. What is the way that there has been most success? Do the coconut oil pills offer the same benefit?

  129. wanda on said:

    I would like to say that coconut oil has definitely helped my son’s can eat it raw, small bites of it to begin with. i occasionally make biscuits with coconut oil, and, it works far better than shortening, lol. almost addictive. as for alzheimers dz and parkinson’s dz, please, if u are on fb, come to occupy pharma; you can learn a lot there about how to help yourselves.

  130. shawnda on said:

    I told my dad who has suffered 2 heart attacks, stints, balloons, and is on high blood pressure meds to use coconut oil. His Dr told him absolutely not. Can you tell me more?

    • Admin on said:

      Doctors generally do not know much about coconut oil, because they have not done their own research. You need to educate them and present them with the studies that show saturated fats are not implicated in heart disease to begin with, and that coconut oil raises HDL, but not LDL. There is a lot of research here on this site that you can point them to, if they are willing to research these issues for themselves.

      • Michelle Harris on said:

        Same response I received from the dermatologist. She told me coconut oil was terrible to put on your skin because it breeds bacteria. When I asked her how come all three members of my family have better skin condition now she couldn’t provide me with an answer. I think some doctors are trained with modern medicine and simply refuse to open their eyes to anything but that.

  131. james botsford on said:

    Tell me more about coconut oil and Alzheimer’s. I’m in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

  132. trying it on parkinson's disease asap, on said:

    i am doing a self study on the effects of coconut oil on parkinson’s disease

    • Admin on said:

      Let us know how it goes! We would be interested in publishing your results. We need to hear more stories about how people with Parkinson’s react to coconut oil. We have quite a few success stories of coconut oil and Alzheimer’s.

  133. stanley richards on said:

    does coconut cream concentrate have the same benefits as coconut oil. i would like to know if you can help

    • Admin on said:

      Coconut Cream Concentrate is ground up coconut. It is similar to a nut butter. So it contains more than just coconut oil: it also has fiber and protein. It is about 65 to 70% coconut oil.

  134. sharon on said:

    I am African American. How should I use coconut oil on my hair/scalp? How often

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