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Longreads and essays

It’s Really Hard to Be a Good Guy With a Gun
The universe of scenarios in which carrying a gun seems prudent or useful just keeps shrinking, even as the legal freedom to wield personal firepower keeps expanding. A gun-lover’s personal essay.

Naked and Unafraid: Baring Witness at a Christian Nudist Festival
The loudest and most visible form of American Christianity deems our fleshy human tabs and slots to be the nasty equipment of sinmaking. But it’s not the only Christianity around. My personal tale of nekkid revelations.

Inside the American Id: Chilling With the South’s New Secessionists
My Saturday with the League of the South’s extraordinary gentlemen.

Why Facebook Kept Up Photos of a Marine’s Bloody Suicide
His suicide throws into relief the difficulties social networks face in creating a one-size-fits-all policy to moderate photographs and status updates.

Elliot Rodger Was a Product of America’s Gun Culture
When you’re the one holding the guns, every cliché you utter sounds profound, every action you take seems good, and every problem is somebody else’s.

In Defense of Your Racist Sexist Uncle
Your racist, sexist uncle is throwing you a lifesaver. Don’t let yourself drown in a turbid sea of Updikean suburban malaise. 

Is Ratfucking Journalism Dead?
The right-wing gotcha industry is in disarray.

Are You a Good “Liberal,” or a Nasty Evil “Progressive”?
A lesson in conservative framing, i.e. “bullshit.”

In Defense of Masturbation
There’s a touch of that same old troubling Victorian “muscular Christianity” in today’s manly anti-fapping movement.

A Hot Dog Is Most Definitely a Sandwich, America
Ontology, anti-consumerism and snark on the Fourth of July.

Fuck You. I’m Gen Y, and I Don’t Feel Special or Entitled, Just Poor.
There are delusions at play here, but they are not our generation’s. 

Fuck Green Day
Twenty years ago, Green Day dropped Dookie on an unsuspecting human race.

An Elegy For the White Male College Student


David Frum’s Apology for His Nutty Theory Links to More Nutty Theories
A classic of the “sorry, not sorry” genre with a little tinfoil millinery thrown in.

Kissy Congressman Confesses to Texting Stranger: “I Messed Up”
An exclusive.

The NY Times Killed its Gun Report After the Writer Asked for a Raise
Internal dissent and exploitation on Andy Rosenthal’s op-ed staff.

NSA Spook-Turned-Twitter Pundit Goes Dark After Dick Pic Surfaces
He’s a professor at the Naval War College and a leading conservative foreign policy pundit. What the hell was he thinking? Is Sure This Adidas Shirt’s an Islamo-Mexican Terror Rug
If these invisible jihadis can cleverly disguise their prayer rugs as fading and torn Adidas soccer jerseys, what else can they do?

U.S. Army Mistakenly Mails Israel Missile Agreement to a Gawker Reader
An interesting window into how much bureaucracy the U.S. military dedicates to serving its allies’ weaponry needs. And also, how easy it is to email that data to some Gmail user who reads Gawker.

Lefty Writer Chris Hedges Is a Habitual Self-Plagiarist
Some egregious examples, and some new samples of him cribbing from others.


What’s Happening in Iraq and What May Come Next, Explained
ISIS and the unraveling of America’s great experiment.

Are Ukraine’s Jews Screwed?
A long look at a history with a short fuse.

How Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptists Are Christians, Explained
He’s dead. Now what the hell did he believe, again?

How Venezuela Became a Warzone
It’s not just Ukraine.

What the Hell’s Going On in Ukraine, Explained
Euromaidan as it happened, and how it happened.

The Treason Case Against the Last U.S. Taliban Hostage, Explained
Who is Bowe Bergdahl, and what happened to him?

Here Is Video of a Pressure-Cooker Bomb Exploding, and Here Is Who Knows How to Build Them
Improvised shrapnel munitions are easy to build with books from gun shows. I know; I did it as a teen.


Jameis Winston Isn’t The Only Problem Here: An FSU Teacher’s Lament
We love the game. We love the players, too, even when they scare us.

FSU Investigates Jameis Winston, Charges 2 Teammates In Rape Case
It had not previously been known whether FSU had initiated what’s called a Title IX investigation. Now we know.


Nobody Puts Tammy Duckworth in a Corner
Her opponent in her race for Congress, Rep. Joe Walsh, calls Obama a “tyrant” and belittles her military service. Bring it on.

How the NRA and Its Allies Helped Spread a Radical Gun Law Nationwide
Years before Trayvon Martin was killed, gun lobbyists conspired to give Stand Your Ground shooters immunity everywhere.

The $1.45 Trillion Fighter Jet—and the Florida Deficit Hawks Who Love It
One of the Pentagon’s most-criticized expenditures is warmly welcomed in tea partier Rick Scott’s Sunshine State.

Trayvon Martin’s Death Extends Sanford’s Sordid Legacy
The founder wanted to ship blacks to the Congo. Baseball’s Jackie Robinson was run off. Now a slain 17-year-old is the Florida town’s latest racial calamity.

Nuclear Weapons on a Highway Near You
Big rigs with bombs are secretly cruising America’s interstates. But how safe are they from terrorists or accidents?

Chuck Palahniuk Goes to Hell
The bad-boy author of Fight Club and 11 other novels on his latest book, Damned.

How Pricey For-Profit Colleges Target Vets’ GI Bill Money
The GI Bill has long been veterans’ ticket to the middle class. But it has also become a cash cow for corporate colleges.

Can You Nuke a Hurricane?
Every time extreme elements head our way, somebody suggests lighting up a Fat Man or Little Boy. Crazy enough to work?

Cop Walks Into a Bar And…Arrests You. For Having a Drink.
Texas’ bizarre, racist liquor laws.

The Pentagon’s PTSD Denial
How killing scars soldiers—and their loved ones.

Stop the Press Releases!
As newspapers recruit “citizen journalists” to fill their pages, flacks and hacks find an opening.


Countdown to Fatherhood: A Manifesto
One dad-to-be looks into the abyss, and the abyss looks into him.

Remember When Miami vs. Florida State Was College Football’s Marquee Matchup?
Neither do we. SEC football is “Smokey and the Bandit”. ACC football is “Deliverance”.


Why I quit the Republican Party
Once called the future of the GOP, Latino outreach director Pablo Pantoja tells Salon how intolerance made him bolt.

Cut Karzai off — and send the cash to the 9/11 museum
Despite our differences, most Americans think the CIA funding Karzai is an outrage. So is charging admission at ground zero. Here’s an idea we can all support.


Dan Choi Can’t Be Reinstated to the Army
The gay soldier, who’s campaigning against DADT, was never kicked out. But his return to drill is still kind of a big deal.

Joe Wilson’s Dirty Health-Care Secret
He was really for government-run health care before he was against it. And now he’s for it again.

Cease Fire
A vet reflects on the proposed military smoking ban.


Peace Conference at Navy Limits Pranks


(A full listing of my NY Mag blog posts is here.)

Flight Protocols
The playbook for abetting escape from the most uncertain parts of our world.


Diplomats and Guns
Chinatown mystery: Why did officials from the bloodiest country on earth stock up at a local gun shop?

Who’s Buried in Atlantic Yards?
A resistance movement drowns its sorrows in a Red Hook pub quiz.

McCain Campaigns in Grand Central
Wait! Is that Henry Kissinger? Nope, just a bomb-sniffing dog.

Hitchens on Spitzer’s Lust
Why else do men run for public office? The opinionator explains over wine.


"How do you deport three-fifths of a family?"
One undocumented immigrant’s race against the clock, told in real time by the Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo.

Making ‘investigative a priority’ in South Florida
How the Sun Sentinel assembled a Pulitzer-worthy “I Team” in the middle of Hurricane Tribune.

In Florida, a joint bureau, a unique beat, and a sharp scoop
Partnership gives papers a chance to chase big stories—but can’t guarantee they’ll get read.

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