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Advantages Over Traditional Money


What are the differences between cryptocurrency and regular bill-and-coin money? The Pandacoin Crypto Crash Course will take a close look at digital currency's advantages.
Traditional money such as the Dollar, Euro, or Yen, all have something very unfortunate in common. These currencies are uncapped, centralized, and regulated. This means that these traditional currencies are regulated and controlled by a central establishment which can print as much of the currency as they see fit. In the United States, this establishment is the “Federal Reserve”, a private company which prints money and controls the supply of the dollar. The system as described above provides a few key weaknesses.

What Makes a Cryptocurrency Worth Having?

What makes a crypto currency worth having

Two questions that seem to be asked most often about crypto currency are, “What is it, you can’t make money out of nothing”, or “Isn’t that just like a penny stock”
Two questions that seem to be asked most often about cryptocurrencies are, “What is it, you can’t make money out of nothing”, or “Isn’t that just like a penny stock”. The concerns of those who inquire are of course are valid, and here these concerns and a few others shall be addressed.As for the first question, which essentially asks, “why is it worth money and what reason do I have to invest” the explanation may be a little technical. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is released via the decryption of an algorithm. As this algorithm is decrypted, chunks of coins called “blocks” are found, like digging through dirt to find gold. When each block is found, the coins contained in that block are released to whomever found them.

Risks of Cryptocurrency - Part 1 - What Makes the Network Secure?

Risks of Cryptocurrency

What are the risks inherent in investing in cryptocurrency? Pandacoin's Crypto Crash Course will fill you in on the precautions to take before you take the plunge.
Whether you have just heard of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin from the media or you have been keeping an eye on them for a while, you might be trying to figure out whether or not it would be a good idea to involve yourself. Here, we will be reviewing both the advantages and risks of cryptocurrencies as they compare to government backed fiat currencies (Dollars and Euros etc).

Different Ways of Buying Bitcoin


 There are different methods of buying Bitcoin, whether varying levels of speed, security and ease. Pandacoin's Crypto Crash Course will walk you through the different ways of buying Bitcoin so you can get started in the exciting journey into the world of cryptocurrency!
If the step by step guide to buying Bitcoin doesn’t offer an option that is palatable to you, there are a few more options you might consider.The following three are examples of services which might help you to convert your traditional currency into bitcoins, to then be converted into whatever cryptocurrency you would prefer: