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Paul J. Flory (Tree - Distance to... - Progeny - Nearest Nobel - Oldest ancestor - Extended family)
Institution:Stanford University
Area:Polymer chemistry
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Bio/note:(1910 - 1985)
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1974 was awarded to Paul J. Flory "for his fundamental achievements, both theoretical and experimental, in the physical chemistry of the macromolecules".
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   Herrick L. Johnston grad student 1934 Ohio State University
(The photo-decompositions of nitric oxide)
   Bruce E. Eichinger grad student 1967 Stanford University
(The thermodynamics of polymer solutions)
   Robert A. Orwoll grad student 1967 Stanford University
(The thermodynamics of the liquid normal paraffin hydrocarbons and their binary mixtures)
   Alan E. Tonelli grad student 1968 Stanford University
(I. The configurational statistics of polylactic acid. II. Optical anisotropy in vinyl polymers.)
   Wilma K. Olson grad student 1971 Stanford University
(The configurational statistics of polynucleotide chains)
   Gary D. Patterson grad student 1972 Stanford University
(Depolarized Rayleigh scattering and the mean-squared optical anisotropy of molecules in solution)
   Marshall Fixman post-doc Mellon Institute
   Ken A. Dill post-doc 1981 Stanford University
   Jean François Michael Oth post-doc 1955-1956 Cornell University
   David A. Brant post-doc 1962-1965 Stanford University
   Paul Schimmel post-doc 1966-1967 Stanford University
   Ulrich W. Suter post-doc 1974-1975 Stanford University
   Wilmer G. Miller research scientist 1964 Stanford University

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